How to Watch The Traitors UK 2022 Online for FREE From Anywhere

By Ipsita Kabiraj / October 30, 2023

The Traitors is an unscripted competition series where the ultimate reality game of suspicion, treachery, and trust is played by 22 strangers. We are excited to stream it online and have all the important information regarding The Traitors UK 2022, so let's check it out.

We will see 22 contestants take part in the show, including a magician, cheerleading coach, author, BMX athlete, spa therapist, and more, and they all must choose who they can rely on. They all hope to win up to £120,000, but first, they must work together to finish extraordinary physical and mental challenges. If you want to know more about the format of the show, keep reading this article!

The Traitors is modeled on the Dutch format De Verraders. There's also an Australian and US version of the show, and you can check out The Traitors Australia and The Traitors US online for free.

Here we will give you all the information regarding when, where, and how to watch The Traitors UK 2022 online from anywhere for free, including details about the host, cast, filming location, prize money, and episode guide.

When and Where to Watch The Traitors UK 2022

The Traitors UK 2022 premieres on November 29, 2022, on BBC One, and you can also stream the 12-episode season on BBC iPlayer (available only in the UK).

How to Watch The Traitors UK 2022 Online From Anywhere

Watching your favorite shows online has become a lot simpler in recent years; all you need to do is be in your own country and have access to a provider that offers the content. If you are in the UK and have a subscription to the BBC iPlayer, you can easily watch the title online. However, you cannot access your streaming library while visiting other countries since it is geo-restricted. But don't worry if you're experiencing difficulties with this - you can use a VPN to watch The Traitors UK 2022 online, which will change your IP address and make it appear as though you're at home.

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How to Watch The Traitors UK 2022 in the UK for FREE

UK residents can access the show for free on the BBC iPlayer without even having to make an account. The Traitors UK 2022 will be broadcast on BBC One, but it will also be available on the streaming service shortly afterward.

You can also check out other BBC titles on the platform, such as The Power Of The DoctorThe PactI Can See Your VoiceStuckLadhoodUnbreakableInside ManThe EnglishOti Mabuse: My South Africa, Agatha Christie: Lucy Worsley on the Mystery Queen, etc.

You can use a secure VPN to watch The Traitors UK 2022 while traveling abroad. This tool will remove all geo-restrictions you may face; just pick a server from your home country when you turn on the VPN.

How to Watch The Traitors UK 2022 in the US, Canada, & Australia

Unfortunately, no US, Canadian, or Australian release date has been announced, and BBC One and BBC iPlayer are unavailable outside the UK. There is, however, a quick solution: simply use a reputable VPN to connect to a UK server, and then access BBC iPlayer to watch The Traitors UK 2022 online from wherever you are. For more information, learn how to watch BBC iPlayer outside the UK for free.

The Traitors UK 2022 Contestants

The Traitors UK 2022 Format

Upon arrival at a magnificent Scottish castle, the host secretly chooses a small group among the 22 contestants to be "traitors," after which the other "faithfuls" are "murdered" by the traitors. However, if a "faithful" successfully exposes a "traitor," they can be "banished." The goal is to avoid being murdered or banished.

The Traitors meet in secret each night and decide to kill one of the Faithful; either way, the player is gone the next morning when the gang gathers for breakfast. Then, the players vote to banish a player they believe to be a traitor at a subsequent meeting of the Round Table, where everyone is present. They will next choose someone who will reveal whether or not they are a Traitor or a Faithful. If all of the players are Faithful after the game is over, the few surviving players will split the prize money, but if there is still one Traitor among them, he or she will receive the entire amount.

The Traitors UK 2022 Episode Guide

Episode 1: Tuesday, November 29, 9.30 pm

Claudia Winkleman greets 22 strangers as they arrive at a beautiful castle in the Scottish Highlands to play the ultimate reality game of detection, backstabbing and trust.

Episode 2: Wednesday, November 30, 9.15 pm

Claudia reveals who has been murdered during the night by the traitors. As the players head to the round table for the first dramatic banishment, will the faithful be able to catch a traitor?

Episode 3: Thursday, December 1, 9 pm

There are tears and anger over the breakfast table as the identity of the second person to be murdered by the traitors is revealed.

Episode 4: Tuesday, December 6, 9.15 pm

The players are given the chance to add a potential £10,000 to the already growing prize pot, and with a tense round table on the horizon, one player has an extremely difficult decision to make.

Episode 5: Wednesday, December 7, 9 pm

With the traitors set to murder again, the faithful are even more determined to catch a traitor in the act.

Episode 6: Thursday, December 8, 9 pm

The players focus on building the prize pot in a mission that sees them sink to new depths of despair. But that’s the least of their worries, with an explosive round table on the horizon.

Episode 7: Wednesday, December 14, 9 pm

One of the faithful is keeping a huge secret from the group, but a dramatic confession at the round table changes the game.

Episode 8: Thursday, December 15, 9 pm

The faithful nervously wait to see who the traitors murdered overnight. After another mission to increase the prize pot, Claudia throws a huge twist into the game.

Episode 9: Friday, December 16, 9 pm

The previous night has left the players with more than just a hangover. With one player already regretting their actions, and relationships tested, accusations soon start to fly.

Episode 10: Tuesday, December 20, 9 pm

As the ultimate psychological reality show continues, and the number of players keeps on dwindling, another of the faithful does not make it to breakfast - but who has been murdered?

Episode 11: Wednesday, December 21, 9 pm

It is the penultimate day of the game, and for the players left in the competition it is a race to the final, as everyone considers their survival.

Episode 12: Thursday, December 22, 9 pm

In the biggest mission yet, the finalists are given a last chance to add more money to the overall jaw-dropping prize pot. But who will be victorious?

Who is the host of The Traitors UK 2022?

Strictly Come Dancing’s Claudia Winkleman will host The Traitors UK 2022.

The Traitors UK 2022 Prize

The prize pot of The Traitors UK 2022 is worth up to £120,000.

The Traitors UK 2022 Filming Location

The Traitors UK 2022 was filmed in a castle in the Scottish Highlands.

Who are the Winners of The Traitors UK 2022?

Aaron, Hannah, and Meryl (The Faithful) won The Traitors UK 2022 and will go home with their share of the £101,050 prize pot.

The Traitors UK 2022 Trailer

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