How to use iMessage special effects

By TechNadu Staff / January 30, 2017

Right After the launch of iOS 10 update apple had made its messaging platform iMessages much more expressive with special effects. Some of the effects included are Bubbles, Animations, and Handwritten note which makes it more lively and enjoyable to use.

Start using iMessages since it is different and replaces the conventional SMS/MMS messages as they are not encrypted. Here is how you can start using the special effects in iMessages.

How to use iMessage Special Effects

Step 1: Add Bubble Effect in iMessages with four cool new types.

Step 2: Make a Handwritten Note to your loved ones and with Hand-drawn doodles let out your creativity.

Step 3: Fullscreen Effects in iMessages. Add a variety of effects such a balloons, confetti and more.

Step 4: Respond with expressions, Tapback allows to add expressions into conversations.

Step 5: Digital Touch lets you add Tap, heartbeat or more with animation. Even add Sketches in photos and videos.

Step 6: Reduce Motion lets you take control of special effects and animations. Also turn off Auto-Play option.

Start Adding Bubble Effects in iMessages

iMessage Special Effects

Handwritten Doodles and Notes in iMessages

iMessage Special Effects

Send Full-Screen iMessage Effects

iMessage Special Effects
  • With full-screen effects, you can animate the entire screen with cool animations like balloons, confetti, lasers, fireworks and shooting stars.
  • To enable this, Type the message, then tap & hold button  send messageand touch the screen.
  • Swipe left to see further effects and you can send these attached with the messages by again tapping on the icon.  send message
iMessage Special Effects
Special Full-Screen Effects on iMessages

Above are the full effects available for use in iMessages.

Even Expressions do Speak on iMessages

iMessage Special Effects

Digital Touch 

Here is how you can send sketches, taps, or heartbeat on you iOS messages app. These are the top 6 things you can send.

iMessage Special Effects
Digital Touch – Sketch, Tap, and Heartbeat
iMessage Special Effects
Digital Touch – Fireball, Kiss, and Broken Heart

Digital Touch to users below iOS 10 will get a static image instead of an Animation. Heartbeat will be taken from Apple watch or through heartbeat sensors.

Enable/Disable Reduce Screen Motion on iOS devices

To turn on Reduce Motion, go to Settings > General > Accessibility and tap the slider for Reduce Motion. Few things that get affected when its ON are as follows.

iMessage Special Effects
Reduce Screen Motion

If you disabled Auto-play Message Effects you can play it manually by tapping on under the message.

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