How to Transfer Contacts From Android to iPhone 13, Mini, Pro, and Pro Max

By Novak Bozovic / October 4, 2021

When setting up your iPhone, you won't find too many options to transfer your data from an Android device (except the 'Move Data from Android' option, which appears on the 'Apps & Data' set-up screen). So, if you missed using that option, you now want to know how to transfer contacts from Android to your iPhone 13. 

With that said, know that there are 4 ways to move your contacts from any Android device to your iPhone 13. Check them out just below and decide which works best for you. 


The following content applies to all iPhone 13 models (iPhone 13, Mini, Pro, and Pro Max). Also, the same options apply to any other iPhone capable of running iOS 15. 

Option #1: Use 'Move to iOS' App to Transfer Contacts

Even though Apple's 'Move to iOS' app isn't perfect, it helps you transfer contacts, messages, photos, Web bookmarks, email accounts, and calendars. So, here's how to use it.


Before you start, make sure that Wi-Fi is active on your Android device. Also, Apple recommends plugging your Android and iOS devices into a wall outlet. If you're transferring a lot of content, ensure that you have enough free space on your iPhone. 

1. Make sure that your iPhone 13 is nearby. It needs to be on the 'Hello' screen

2. If you're already set up your iPhone, make sure to factory-reset the device.

3. Install the Move to iOS app on your Android device. Open the app

4. While setting up your iPhone, tap on 'Move Data from Android' on the 'Apps & Data' screen.

Move Data from Android Option While Setting Up iPhone

5. A 6- or 10-character code will appear on your iPhone's screen. 

6. Now, your Android will ask you to find your code. Tap on 'Continue.'

7. Carefully enter the code from your iPhone on your Android device. 

Connecting to Private iPhone Wi-Fi from Android

8. You'll be now asked to join your iPhone's Wi-Fi network. Make sure to do so. 

9. Select the data types that you want to transfer (make sure 'Contacts' is selected).

Selecting Types of Data to Transfer from Android to iPhone

10. Be patient and wait until the loading bar on your iPhone finishes. 

Transfering Data from Android to iOS Using Move to iOS App

11. Once the loading bar on your iPhone finishes, tap on 'Done' on your Android device. 

Transfer of Contacts Between Android and iOS Complete

12. On your iPhone, tap on 'Continue Setting Up iPhone' and follow the on-screen prompts.

Contacts Transfer Complete on iPhone

Option #2: Transfer Contacts Using Your SIM Card

Another way to transfer contacts from Android to your iPhone 13 would be via your SIM. Since your SIM card can store many contacts, that would be the most seamless way to transfer data between two devices. So, use the following steps. 

1. First, check if your Android phone can copy contacts to SIM

2. Launch the Contacts app and see if there's an option to copy your contacts. 

3. If you can't find that option, you can use an app like Copy to SIM Card

4. Once you copy your contacts, remove the SIM card from your Android phone. 

5. Then, here's how to put your SIM card into your iPhone 13, Mini, Pro, or Pro Max. 

6. With the SIM in your iPhone, navigate to Settings

7. Tap on Contacts and pick 'Import SIM Contacts.' That's it!

Option #3: Transfer Contacts Manually via VCF Files

Most Android phones let you share contacts manually via VCF files, which your iPhone can recognize and store. Here's what exactly you need to do. 

1. Navigate to the Contacts app on your Android smartphone. 

2. Look for a 'three lines' or 'three dots' icon to access additional settings. 

3. There should be an option that lets you import/export contacts

4. You need to pick 'Export to VCF file.' Pick any location to store the file. 

5. Now, send that VCF file to your iPhone (via email, preferably). 

6. On your iPhone, launch the Mail app and tap to open the VCF file

7. Your iPhone will let you add all contacts to the Contacts app. 

8. Follow the prompts you'll see on your screen. That's it!

Option #4: Sync Contacts Between Android & iOS via Google

The chances are that you've been saving your contacts on Google's servers, as Android has deep integration with Google services. You can take advantage of that to transfer your contacts to your iPhone in the following way. 

1. On your iPhone, navigate to the Settings app

2. Pick 'Mail,' and then select 'Accounts.'

3. Select 'Add Account.' Tap on Google's logo to get started. 

4. Now, provide your Gmail account credentials

5. When asked to pick the types of data to retrieve, make sure the 'Contacts' checker is on. 

6. Finalize the procedure, and your contacts will be synced with your iPhone. 


To learn more about your brand-new phone, make sure to check our latest iPhone 13 articles. That's where you'll find plenty of tutorials and step-by-step guides, teaching you about your smartphone's features. 

That would be all on how to transfer contacts from Android to your iPhone 13. If you have any questions, let us know via the comments section below. And lastly, thanks for reading!

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