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ExpressVPN Not Working with Omegle? – Here’s What You Can Do!

By Novak Bozovic / May 17, 2024

After 14 years of service, Omegle shut down its operations in November 2023. That said, you can no longer access Omegle's website, which also means you need to be wary of its clones. Some of the most popular alternatives are Chatroulette, ChatHub, and Emerald Chat - but we highly recommend exercising caution when using any video chat service that pairs you with strangers.

The chances are that you're using a VPN to bypass an Omegle ban. As you probably know, this one-on-one chat website works by registering your IP (instead of prompting you to register via a username and password). With that said, we understand how frustrating it can be when ExpressVPN doesn't work with Omegle – which doesn't happen all that often (luckily). 

In terms of Omegle, the trick is to create a secure and leak-free VPN tunnel using ExpressVPN, replacing your IP address with a new one (provided by your VPN). This is a very technical process that might go sideways at times, so let's talk about how to make ExpressVPN once again work with Omegle. 

How to Fix ExpressVPN 'Error Connecting to Server' Issues When Using Omegle 

After plenty of research, we’ve prepared a series of quick solutions for times when ExpressVPN doesn’t work with Omegle. Without any further ado, let’s jump right in.

1. Try Using a Different ExpressVPN Server

Picking a Server Location Manually in ExpressVPN

Since Omegle bans IP addresses, you can use a VPN server to replace your IP with a new one. And even though ExpressVPN comes with many servers, you might encounter a banned IP. So, you’ll want to try another option, as explained below. 

2. Try Switching to a Different VPN Protocol

It’s true that ExpressVPN offers a range of different VPN protocols. With that said, using a more secure protocol will help you hide your IP more effectively. So, here’s how to fix 'ExpressVPN not working with Omegle' issues by picking a different protocol. 

3. Use ExpressVPN’s Web Browser Extension

ExpressVPN Extension on Mozilla Firefox

As mentioned earlier, the trick to making ExpressVPN work with Omegle is to create a safe VPN tunnel (without any IP leaks). With that said, you can protect yourself against a broader range of leaks by using ExpressVPN's Web browser extension, as explained below. 

4. Clear Your Web Browser Cache, Cookies & History

Just about every website keeps a log of your recent visits in the form of cookies. So, even if you try using a VPN, these cookies can tell Omegle that you’ve tried visiting the website before, which helps Omegle block your access. With that said, you might think that ExpressVPN doesn’t work with Omegle – but those cookies and your history files could be the culprit. 

Our recommendation is to clear your Web browser’s cache, cookies, history, and any other files that might be on your computer. In other words, you should do a full sweep. To help you with this, we've produced a helpful guide on how to clear cookies on the most popular browsers, so make sure to take a look.

5. Flush Your Device’s Cached DNS Data

Flushing DNS Cache via macOS Terminal

This piece of advice goes hand-in-hand with the segment just above. Your goal here should be to delete any traces of information that might prompt Omegle to block your access. To do a full sweep, we also recommend flushing your computer’s DNS data. In turn, this will reset your Internet connection. 

First, we’re going to tell you how to flush DNS data on Windows. For this purpose, we’ll need to use the command prompt, so here’s what you need to do. 

Of course, we’re sure that some of you use a Mac as well. We don’t want to leave anyone out, so here’s how to flush DNS dana on macOS computers. 

Today's mobile devices are very transparent in the way they let third-party services use your location data. With that said, if ExpressVPN doesn't work with Omegle on your iOS or Android device, you'll want to turn off your device's location settings. 

7. Restart Your Router/Modem

And lastly, there's another way to reconfigure your Internet connection, especially if Omegle shows you an 'error connecting to server' message (even while using ExpressVPN). This last piece of advice will instruct you to restart your router/modem. 

To help you with this, we've produced a dedicated guide on how to reset/restart your router properly. However, there’s one thing to keep in mind. We recommend going with restarting, which won’t return your router to its factory settings (in other words, we don’t recommend you to reset your router in this case).

This is where we conclude our guide. We sincerely hope that we have managed to help you resolve problems with ExpressVPN not working with Omegle. If there’s anything you’d like to say, don’t hesitate to post a comment below. And also – thanks for reading!

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