The Best iPhone 11 Pro Max Skins – Top 5 High-End Skins That Let Your Personalize Your iPhone!

Written by Novak Bozovic
Last updated June 14, 2024

If you’re after the biggest and the most powerful iOS phone, you have only one option. Yes, we’re talking about the iPhone 11 Pro Max. Powered by the A13 Bionic chip and coming with iOS 13, you can take full advantage of a beautiful screen to play games and shoot amazing photos. However, what about the backside? We’re sure you’ll want to keep it protected without affecting the phone’s appearance. With this said, you should consider getting a skin for the iPhone 11 Pro Max. However, which one should you pick, and is there a wide choice right now? Don’t worry, we have all the answers you seek. Let’s talk about the best iPhone 11 Pro Max skins.

Before we jump to our list of recommendations, there’s one thing to note. At the moment, you won’t plenty of different skins made by different manufacturers. However, two brands have come out on top right now, and those are Dbrand and Slickwraps. Therefore, we’ll focus on those these brands in this overview.

1. Carbon Fiber Series by Dbrand

Carbon Series iPhone 11 Pro Max Skins

We’ll start our recommendations for the best iPhone 11 Pro Max skins with the Carbon Fiber series. As you know, this phone comes with a highly sophisticated design. Therefore, we’re sure that many of you wouldn’t want to change it too much. So, we think the Carbon Fiber series is interesting because it doesn’t change your phone’s looks – while providing a touch of a new-age design. Also, you can choose from several different colors, including traditional ones like black and white, in addition to a series of vibrant colors.

2. Metal Series by Dbrand

Metal Series iPhone 11 Pro Max Skins

Next, we have a set of iPhone 11 Pro Max skins called Metal Series. More precisely, there are four skins in this collection, all of them featuring the same texture. What’s different is their colors: Titanium, Hyperblack Titanium, Gold and Copper. Depending on which iPhone 11 Pro Max you decide to pick up, all four of these have the power to complement your phone in a nice way. You can also decide if you’d like to cover the entire backside, or if you’d like to leave a cutout for the Apple logo and the new camera system.

3. Naked Series by Slickwraps

Naked Series iPhone 11 Pro Max Skins

In general, iPhone skins are a great way to customize your phone and make it your own. However, that’s not what all of us want – and there are those who simply want to protect their devices. This is where the Naked Series comes into play, designed to simply cover the backside of your phone – without adding a splash of color. In addition, you can choose from matte or glossy finishes, giving you some options for customization.

4. Marble Series by Slickwraps

Marble Series iPhone 11 Pro Max Skins

Our recommendations on the iPhone 11 Pro Max skins wouldn’t be complete without marble-inspired skins. Even though this phone is a true piece of luxury on its own, why not take things a step further? Therefore, the Marble Series is here to turn your iPhone into a piece of this luxury stone. There are a dozen different options to choose, which come in various grain designs and colors. And just like other Slickwraps skins, it’s easy to install and remove without any residue.

5. Honeycomb Series by Slickwraps

Honeycomb Series iPhone 11 Pro Max Skins

Finally, we reach the final option for the best iPhone 11 Pro Max skins. If you’re after something elegant and modern-looking, the Honeycomb Series will be a perfect choice. You get to pick from five different colors, all of which feature the same textured design. Like other skins made by this company, they protect your phone against occasional scratches and small drops feel great in hand and can be removed with ease. We’re more than sure you’re going to like it!

That would be all when it comes to the best iPhone 11 Pro Max skins. Don’t forget to tell us about your favorite in the comments section below. And also, don’t forget to subscribe to our social profiles on Facebook and Twitter. Thanks!

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