How to Set up and Use NordVPN Proxy on BitTorrent

BitTorrent is one of the most used torrent clients available right now, so you may encounter snoopers while uploading or downloading a torrent file. That's why masking your real IP is mandatory to stay safe while torrenting. You can install NordVPN on the device you're using for it or connect to NordVPN Proxy servers for a safe online experience. We've provided a step-by-step guide here to help you set up and use NordVPN Proxy on BitTorrent. Have a look. 

1. First, visit the NordVPN website.

2. Next, click the Grab the Deal button and pick a subscription to proceed.

3. Now, enter the required details to complete your purchase.

4. Once done, wait for a confirmation on your subscription.

5. Next, launch BitTorrent.


6. Choose Options from the toolbar and click on Preferences from the appearing list.

BitTorrent Preferences

7. Now, the Preferences window will open, click Connection from the left pane. 

Connection in Preferences

8. Navigate to the Proxy Server field now and click the drop-down button right beside 'Type:'.

9. Select Socks5 from the drop-down menu.

Socks5 in Proxy Preference

10. Next, fill in the Proxy field with one of the below-mentioned server IP addresses depending on your location preference-
NordVPN server and port

11. You've to enter 1080 in the port field now and check all the boxes next to Authentication, Use proxy for hostname lookups, Use proxy for peer-to-peer connections, Disable all local DNS lookups, and Disable features that leak identifying information, Disable connections unsupported by the proxy.

BitTorrent preferences for NordVPN

12. You've to type in your NordVPN service credentials after that; you can find your service username and password in your online account dashboard, under the Advanced configuration tab. 

NordVPN service credentials

13. Once done, you'll be connected to the NordVPN Proxy server in your preferred location.

14. Now, to confirm whether or not your real IP is masked, first click here.


15. Then, click the Magnet link.

Magnet Link

16. A new window will open now listing all the torrent clients you have on your device; choose BitTorrent and click the OK button. 

Launch BitTorrent

17. BitTorrent will be launched automatically; save the torrent file to your device and click OK

Save Torrent File

18. Now, the magnet link will synchronize.

ipMagnet Tracking Link synchronize

19. Go back to the ipMagnet website to check whether your real IP got replaced with the Proxy server IP you've picked.

ipMagnet IP address

20. If it has, you've successfully connected to the NordVPN Proxy server. 

That's all! Now you know how to set up and use NordVPN Proxy on BitTorrent. If you have further queries, drop us a comment through the below button. Thanks for reading!

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