How to Remove Titles From Continue Watching on Discovery Plus?

If your OCD demands that your Keep Watching list on Discovery Plus only features those titles that you still want to watch, then you’re going to have a tough time on Discovery Plus. Let’s see if there’s any way to remove titles from Continue Watching.

Many times over the years, through numerous streaming services, we’ve all had this issue – we mistakenly click on a show or start watching one and then lose interest. And then, because of this, it just stays in your Continue Watching list forever and ever.

On Netflix, for instance, you can remove them via a specially made menu option. On Disney+, you can just go to the end of the movie or the last episode in the show, and once it’s done, it gets removed.

Sadly, on Discovery Plus, none of these options work for shows. We’ve tried moving the video controller to the end of the last episode of the series and then just found we still had to pick up from episode 2.

We did try this out with a documentary – a single episode – and that worked just fine. But, as we all know, we more often than not lose interest in shows rather than movies or documentaries. So, being unable to remove them at all is rather annoying.

Hopefully, they either add this feature sometime soon, or you just get used to a full list of stuff you won’t want to ever watch on Continue Watching. We do advise you to simply ‘drown out’ the titles you no longer want to watch with cool shows you do want to follow.



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