NordVPN Gives Six Months of Free Services to Educators

By Bill Toulas / December 23, 2020

Responding to the peculiar and still ongoing pandemic situation that has forced almost all countries around the globe to renew their lockdowns, NordVPN announced the offering of its services for six full months without paying anything. The program is intended to cover the needs of educators who engage in remote teaching, protecting them and their online classes against hackers. So, if you work in academia, you may be eligible for this special offer, giving you six months of NordVPN, NordPass, and NordLocker.

NordVPN is a highly recommended VPN (virtual private network) solution that’s easy to use, fast, secure, and very well supported. Its downside is the high price, so it doesn’t apply in this case. NordPass is a password manager that follows a “zero-knowledge” architecture, high-end encryption, and a place to store your sensitive notes. It misses some of the more advanced features available on other solutions in the field, but it's awesome considering its young age.

Finally, NordLocker is a file encryption solution based on a zero-knowledge architecture again, enabling users to push their data on the cloud securely and have access through a multitude of different devices and platforms.

The internet firm says the eligibility for this special offer covers educators who are working in countries that are under a lockdown or severe restrictions. The application is made by providing a work email to prove a connection with the educational institute. Those who aren’t working in an educational establishment but still want to check out NordVPN may opt for the “standard” 30-day free trial - which is pretty generous, all things considered.

Remember, picking a free VPN service is not a good idea at all, even if it sounds like a simple solution to the problem. Free VPNs are subject to user data collection, abuse, and very often don’t honor their traffic encryption promises, leak the user’s real IP, and fail to protect people’s anonymity. If you insist on going for something free of charge, you should check out this list and select one of the choices we have cherry-picked for you.

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