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IPVanish Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2022 (LIVE NOW!)

Written by Novak Bozovic
Last updated November 11, 2022

When it comes to this year’s Black Friday, there’s no shortage of amazing deals from reputable VPN services. That said, if you need a solid best VPN that won’t let you down, we recommend taking a look at IPVanish. For a limited time, you’ll find an IPVanish Black Friday deal that lets you save 70%, making this VPN one of the most affordable options available.

As highlighted in our central guide to the best Black Friday / Cyber Monday VPN deals, IPVanish stands out in terms of its value. That’s even more important to highlight right now, as you can become a subscriber for only $3.19 per month. Also, you’ll get some extras as well.

Sounds intriguing, right? If it does, make sure to keep reading. We’ll walk you through the IPVanish Black Friday 2022 sale.

Does IPVanish Have Black Friday / Cyber Monday Deals?

Yes, IPVanish offers Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, already live and available. As part of its special offer, this VPN is now priced at $3.19 per month. That applies to the VPN’s annual subscription, so the total cost is $47.89.

Subscription Duration 1 Year
Price per Month $3.19/month
Total Price $47.89
Total Savings 71%

However, that’s not all you’ll get. IPVanish gives you 3 extra months added to your first billing period. That means you’ll subscribe for the next 15 months in total.

When Does IPVanish Black Friday Sale Go Live?

The IPVanish Black Friday 2022 sale is already live. So, don’t waste your time thinking IPVanish will lower its price in the near future. Now’s the right time to act – and keep in mind that we’re talking about a time-sensitive offer here.

Also, we don’t have any precise dates regarding until when the IPVanish Black Friday sale will be live. So, feel free to explore other options, but don’t forget to come back to IPVanish on time.

Which IPVanish Plan Offers the Black Friday Deal?

IPVanish’s 1-year plan offers the Black Friday deal. That subscription plan brings the steepest discount, as well as extra time added to your subscription.

It’s also true that some savings are found in the VPN’s 3-month plan. However, you won’t save as much, nor will you get any extras. Here’s a quick comparison:

  12-Month Plan 3-Month Plan
Price per Month $3.19/month $10.00/month
Total Price $47.89 $29.99
Total Savings 71% 9%
Extra Time 3 Months -

It’s clear which plan is part of the IPVanish Black Friday offer. That would be IPVanish’s 1-year plan (71% OFF). That’s actually a 15-month plan, as you’ll get 3 months extra.

How to Get IPVanish’s Black Friday Deal in 2022

Getting started with IPVanish’s Black Friday deal is easy. All you have to do is subscribe and then download its apps. These are the steps you need to follow:

1. Visit IPVanish’s website using your favorite Web browser (on your computer, tablet, or phone). Then, click the orange-colored “Get IPVanish” button.

IPVanish Black Friday Landing Page

2. Click on IPVanish’s 1-year plan. Once you select it, it will turn green.

IPVanish Black Friday Deals Selection

3. Scroll down and enter your email address.

IPVanish Creating Account

4. Pick a payment method and input the required information. Then, click “Subscribe Now” and wait until your payment is processed.

Selecting Payment Information IPVanish

5. You’ll now receive an email with further instructions and your credentials. Using those, you can download IPVanish’s apps and start using this VPN. That’s all!

How Much Do You Save on IPVanish’s 1-Year Plan?

At the moment, you’ll save 71% on the VPN’s 1-year plan. That means you’ll need to pay $3.19 per month, which is perhaps the lowest price of this VPN yet.

IPVanish is priced at $10.99 when you pay monthly. However, you’ll pay $47.89 in total for its annual subscription. That comes down to $3.19 per month – so that’s how you’ll save 71%.

Will You Get Extra 3 Free Months on IPVanish’s Black Friday Deal?

Yes, you’ll get 3 extra months as part of IPVanish’s Black Friday deal. Instead of subscribing to 12 months, you’ll subscribe for the next 15 months automatically.

Keep in mind that no other IPVanish plan adds extra time to your subscription. So, if you want the lowest price and all the extras included, subscribe to IPVanish’s annual plan.

What’s Included in IPVanish’s 1-Year Plan for This Black Friday?

Aside from bringing you the lowest price, IPVanish’s 1-year plan adds extra time while the currently active deal is live. Here’s everything you’ll get:

Final Thoughts

Thanks to the IPVanish Black Friday sale, you now have all the reasons you need to become a subscriber. We’ll also add that IPVanish is a solid VPN service, perfectly suitable for beginners and advanced users alike. It’s also a highly reputable VPN, so buying a long-term plan comes without any risks.

That said, we’ll remind you to act on time. If you wish to save 71% on IPVanish, make sure to take advantage of this offer while it’s still active. We’re positive you’ll be more than happy with your decision.


How Long Does the IPVanish Black Friday Sale Last?

The IPVanish Black Friday sale will last until November 25, 2022 (at the least). It will most likely continue through Cyber Monday as well, without any changes.

How Long Does the IPVanish Cyber Monday Sale Last?

The IPVanish Cyber Monday sale will last until November 28, 2022. We’re not sure if the offer will be extended beyond that date, so act on time.

That’s all when it comes to the IPVanish Black Friday 2022 deal. If you have anything to add, use the comments section below. Thank you for reading!

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