Apple’s iPhone 8 comes with 15ft Long Wireless Charging System by Energous

Written by TechNadu Staff
Last updated June 16, 2021

Apple iPhone 8, now comes with the wireless remote charging system, that allows a user to charge their device up to 15 feet distance away from the transmitter. According to the rumor, a receiver system is built with the new upcoming iPhone 8, enabling the system to receive energy from the plugged-in transmitter for charging devices rather than using a normally connected charger. This makes the difference on the new iPhone 8 smartphone.

Energous, the WattUp® Wire-Free Charging Technology company is now working with Apple and trying to make things wireless. Energous CEO, Stephen R. Rizzone said that they are supposed to begin shipping by the end of 2017. But the plan changed after Energous signed a key strategic partnership, leading to a renewed focus on miniaturizing the technology before shipping it. The deal was made with Energous and gave its partner the right to be the first to ship its charging technology inside of phones, laptops, tablets, and certain wearables and accessories, so Energous' initial plan for battery phone cases has put on hold.

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Energous told Forbes that they will not share their partner's name and the company to which they are contracted with. According to Rizzone, the partnership was made with one of the largest consumers electronic companies in the world. They are encouraging the future wireless charging technology called "WattUp".

Energous wireless transmitter and receiver are not ready to start, but they are ready to sell the wireless charging pads,

There are several iPhone 8 rumors regarding this future technology and this makes sensational around the world. You can check this iPhone 8 photo gallery section for more leaked images.

We can expect a lot more feature like OLED screen display, Forged steel, and water resistance. But actually, what we expect we don't get in reality. That's the fact.

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