Apple New ‘Forged Steel’ iPhone, Leaked Sources reveal it

By TechNadu Staff / February 6, 2017

Apple new iPhone is to be launched in 2017 with all new features such as a transparent screentouch bar, rumours has it OLED Screen might be added to it. Several leaks for the past few months confirmed that 'new upgrades' are on its way including the new 'Forged Steel' iPhone (Whatever it might be called).

DigiTimes post reveals that apple had made significant changes to the Chasis with the components being shared between Foxconn Electronics and US-based supplier Jabil for making it.

It is to be adopted with stainless steel forging process instead of the traditional CNC techniques.

An aluminium back cover design that is seen on iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s will be abandoned by the reinforced glass in front and rear and adding the stronger metal chassis in the middle.

Forged Steel iPhone

New Look- Forged Steel iPhone Chassis

The key change is a switch from ‘billet milling’ to ‘metal forging’. Milling essentially cuts the chassis from a piece of aluminium, while forging essentially squeezes the metal alloy into the mould using extreme pressure. The benefit of this latter method is the metal is much stronger.

But One of the foremost reasons for apple using stainless steel for the metal bezel is to enhance the robustness, slash the prices and the production time.

The DigiTimes report states, "the cost of the forging process is 30-50% cheaper than the current unibody CNC machine process, while quality control is also more stable."

Even though it had improved the chassis, it won't be as military grade toughness with two toughened glass on the both sides it can only make the phone slimmer and thinner core to increases the structural integrity.

The Next-Gen iPhone will be manufactured by Foxconn and Pegatron Technology with the latest addition of new assembler Wistron. The Existing chassis suppliers, Catcher Technology and Casetek, will not be affected much since the internal parts and redefine in CNC machining for Chassis will be outsourced by them.

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