How to Watch Yellowjackets Season 2 Online from Anywhere

By Lore Apostol / October 30, 2023

Yellowjackets has a second season that's here, and below, you can find the premiere date, cast, plot, episode guide and release schedule, and every other detail you may be searching for. What’s more, the episode will be extremely easy to stream online, so keep reading to find out more.

Part survival epic, part psychological horror, and part coming-of-age drama, this is the story of a team of wildly talented high school girls' soccer players who survive a plane crash deep in the remote northern wilderness. The series chronicles their descent from a complicated but thriving team to savage clans while also tracking the lives they’ve attempted to piece back together 25 years later. What began in the wilderness is far from over. 

The Yellowjackets barely made it through summer, but as winter begins to bite, we’ll see if hunger and desperation turn into full-on psychosis. Meanwhile, in 2021, each survivor must determine if the darkness is coming for them or from them.

We’ll also see some new faces added to the cast, one of them being Elijah Wood. With this said, let's see when, where, and how to watch Yellowjackets Season 2 online from anywhere in the world you may be, even on the go or while traveling abroad.

When and Where to Watch Yellowjackets Season 2

Yellowjackets Season 2 premieres online in the US on Friday, March 24, 2023, on the Showtime network at 10 pm ET. The episode will release on demand and on streaming platforms for Showtime subscribers (only available in the US and Canada) on the series' premiere day. All 9 episodes have been released on a one-per-week schedule.

How to Watch Yellowjackets Season 2 Online from Anywhere

There are many live TV and streaming platforms available in your home country nowadays to easily watch content online, but these have geo-restrictions blocking your access in some territories. The Showtime platform is available only for US viewers and via third parties in some other countries, such as Canada. You can forget about this issue while abroad if you lean on a tool to change your IP address, so use a VPN subscription to watch Yellowjackets Season 2 online.

If you're looking for a tool to easily unblock several streaming platforms such as Showtime, Paramount Plus, Prime Vidoe Netflix, Hulu, and several others, we recommend you use NordVPN. This tool is the best VPN on the market right now and has thousands of servers worldwide, fast and stable connections, no bandwidth caps, and strong encryption protocols. Plus, you can even try NordVPN for 30 days RISK-FREE via the no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.

First, create an account on their website. You can get a huge price cut with the annual plan when you subscribe to NordVPN (69% discount and get 3 months FREE). To get started, fill in the required info and pay. Next, download and install the tool's native app for your device or system. Then, load the VPN app and run it via a server from a location with no geo-blocks. Finally, load the streaming platform to stream Yellowjackets Season 2.

How to Watch Yellowjackets Season 2 Online in the US Without Cable

Yellowjackets Season 2 is a Showtime original, so this is where you will be able to stream it, and you can log in to the service’s website or app via your TV provider credentials to watch the episodes if you have the network in your offering. Showtime costs $10.99 a month or $99 per year, and you get commercial-free on-demand content and live TV, and the option to download titles for offline viewing. New customers get a 30-day Showtime free trial.

If you want to bundle up and save up to 28%, you can also go for the Paramount Plus and Showtime bundle - with and without ads. The prices for this bundle start at $11.99 per month or $119.99 per year, and there's a 1-week free trial included as well for new customers.

You can also add Showtime to the Prime Video subscription as a Prime channel for $10.99 per month and get a 7-day free trial if it's the first time you add it. Plus, you can also subscribe to Showtime on the Apple TV App for $10.99 per month with a 30-day free trial for new clients or on The Roku Channel for $10.99 a month, and you'll also see a 30-day free trial here.

If you live in the US, you can also get Showtime as a Premium add-on with a few live TV and streaming services, so let's check out your options at the moment.

Traveling away from the US? These services are geo-restricted, but you will be able to unblock them while abroad with a safe and capable VPN app set to a server from back home. You can find more details in the segment above.

How to Watch Yellowjackets Season 2 Online in Canada

You will be able to watch Yellowjackets Season 2 online in Canada via the Crave streaming platform on March 24. The subscription price is $19.99 a month, and the service offers Showtime, HBO, HBO Max, and Starz. You also get a 7-day free trial upon subscribing if you're a new customer.

This streaming service is geo-restricted, so you will need to use a secure and powerful VPN since it won’t be available while traveling outside Canada. You just need to run the VPN in the background and set it to a server from back home before accessing the streaming service.

How to Watch Yellowjackets Season 2 Online in Australia and the UK

You will be able to watch Yellowjackets Season 2 on Paramount Plus. Know that you can either log in with a partner's credentials (such as through Apple TV) or create an account, and prices start at £6.99 / AUD 8.99 per month. New clients get a 7-day free trial on Paramount Plus.

This service is not available everywhere, so we suggest you lean on a powerful VPN tool set to a server located back home to access your subscription from anywhere in the world.

Yellowjackets Season 2 Cast

Yellowjackets Season 2 Episode Guide 

Yellowjackets Season 2 Official Trailer

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