How to Watch MasterChef Season 13 Online from Anywhere

By Lore Apostol / October 31, 2023

MasterChef Season 13 has set its theme to be United Tastes of America, and the season will debut soon on TV, but the best thing is that you will be able to stream the entire series online. We have the premiere date, episode release schedule, contestants, and other essential information you may be looking for, so keep reading to find out everything there is to know.

Gordon Ramsay will once again host the cooking competition, and he will be joined by resident judges Aarón Sánchez and Joe Bastianich.  The guest judges for the new MasterChef season include Daphne Oz, Graham Elliot, Susan Feniger, Tiffany Derry, Andre Rush, and Season 11 winner Kelsey Murphy.

The theme for MasterChef season 13 is United Tastes of America, where each of the home cooks will compete based on their region. The US has been divided into four parts: West, Northeast, Midwest, and South, and the home cooks will battle it out for their region.

As is usual each season, the home cooks will face a multitude of cooking trials, including a State Fair challenge, a series of iconic Mystery Box challenges, cooking a meal at Dodger Stadium, and the fan-favorite Tag Team event, where they must create a Michelin-star quality three-course meal! Only one home cook will win it all and take home the cash prize of $250,000 and the title of America’s MasterChef.

That said, let’s see where, when, and how to watch MasterChef: United Tastes of America online from anywhere in the world you may be.

When and Where to Watch MasterChef Season 13

MasterChef Season 13 premiered in the US on Wednesday, May 24, 2023, The episodes will air on FOX at 9 pm ET on Wednesdays, and each episode will also be available to stream the next day via Hulu (available in the US only).

We expect the latest season to have the same number of episodes as the previous, so we should see 20 episodes released as one episode every other week on Wednesdays. 

How to Watch MasterChef Season 13 Online from Anywhere

The many live TV and streaming services available in your home country nowadays that let you watch content online are geo-restricted and block your access in some regions. Similarly, Hulu and the live TV and streaming platforms that have a FOX live stream are not available outside the US. To avoid losing access to your subscription, we suggest you use a VPN subscription to watch MasterChef Season 13 online while traveling abroad since this tool helps you change your IP address to a US one.

Looking for the best VPN on the market right now? NordVPN offers thousands of VPN servers around the world, fast and stable connections, no logs, and great encryption protocols. What’s more, it works with many streaming platforms in a few moments, including Hulu, FOX, Sling TV, fuboTV, Netflix, Prime Video, and others, and you can even try NordVPN for 30 days RISK-FREE via the 30-day money-back guarantee policy.

You should keep in mind there’s a hefty discount when you subscribe to NordVPN (69% Discount + 3 Get Months FREE) on the company’s website. To get started, enter the required details to create your account and pay. Then, download the app made for your device or system by following the steps in your email. Next, launch the VPN app after the installation is complete and turn it on via a US server. Finally, access the streaming platform of choice to stream MasterChef Season 13 from anywhere.

How to Watch MasterChef Season 13 Online in the US Without Cable

Fans who live in the United States can stream MasterChef Season 13 on Hulu. The streaming platform will have the episodes the day after they air. You can choose between the ad-supported plan for $7.99 a month and the commercial-free tier for $14.99 per month. Moreover, there's a huge 30-day free trial on Hulu for new subscribers.

The American version of the show airs on FOX, and there are several live TV services available in the US that let you live stream FOX. Let’s see what your options are right now.

These platforms are not available outside the US due to geo-restrictions, but a secure and capable VPN app running background via a US server will help you remove any blockades while traveling abroad and watch the MasterChef Season 13 live stream.

How to Watch MasterChef Season 13 Online in Canada

If you live in Canada, you can watch the US MasterChef show on Wednesdays at 8 pm ET starting May 24 on CTV. You can also stream MasterChef Season 13 on the CTV website, and the CTV app, as the website and the app lets you watch the episodes on-demand after they air after you log in with your cable provider credentials.

Traveling away from Canada? Remember that all streaming platforms have geo-restrictions in place, so we recommend you use a powerful VPN tool to unblock these services and let you watch the show while abroad. Just select a server from back home for this to work.

Can I Watch MasterChef Season 13 Online in the UK and Australia?

No details on the famous cooking competition series premiering in the UK and Australia via any networks or streamers were announced, sorry!

However, you can still use a secure VPN set to a US server to unblock one of the streaming platforms mentioned in the US segment and watch MasterChef Season 13 online in Canada, the UK, Australia, and anywhere else. Just run the app before opening the streaming platform for this to work.

MasterChef Season 13 Contestants

FOX is not revealing the identity of the contestants until after the June 14 episode when all the white aprons have been handed out. We will update this section when the information becomes available.

MasterChef United Tastes of America Episode Release Schedule

MasterChef Season 13 Official Trailer

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