How to Watch Drunk, Driving, and 17 Online from Anywhere

By TechNadu Staff / April 15, 2023

If you are looking for something with just the right tinge of drama and thrill, coupled with some real-life inspiration, then the movie Drunk, Driving and 17 fits the bill. Let’s find out if Drunk, Driving, and 17 is worth your time.

The upcoming thriller Drunk, Driving, and 17 focus on the life of a studious and efficient high school student, Kim, who checks off all the characteristics of being a good girl. 

Kim’s popularity and her values to own up to her responsibilities at such a tender age endear her to those around her. Add upon that, Kim’s impeccable academic record makes her an honors student. However, her practically thriving life takes a downturn one fateful day. Kim commits one fatal mistake that could potentially undo the fortress of her so far perfect life. 

Kim joins her boyfriend at a house party thrown by his parents, with alcoholic beverages available for all. At first, she avoids it as much as she can but eventually succumbs to peer pressure and starts taking long chugs of drinks. The mood at the party visibly sours when an inebriated Kim, adamant to drive under the influence, hurriedly leaves the premises. This stint lands Kim in a horrific accident that nearly kills off her classmate. 

The film then fast-tracks into the aftermath of the accident and how devastating consequences unfurl as they unravel Kim’s life bit by bit. It would definitely be a treat for those who seek thrill, suspense, and teenage angst with unpredictable twists and drama in a promising and captivating plot. 

So keep scrolling and learn when, where, and how you can watch Drunk, Driving, and 17 online from anywhere in the world.

When and Where to Watch Drunk, Driving, and 17

As the title suggests, viewers can binge-watch Drunk, Driving, and 17 on Lifetime. The movie, with a 1-hour 30-minute runtime, is set to be dropped on the platform on Saturday, April 15, 2023, at 8 p.m E.T.

How to Watch Drunk, Driving, and 17 Online from Anywhere

Viewers around the world can stream Drunk, Driving and 17 from the comfort of their homes by buying a subscription to a live TV or streaming platform. People residing within the US can easily watch the movie on the Lifetime Platform. Although, one would be geographically restricted from viewing the movie if they find themselves traveling or for any other reason. But you can unblock the geographically restricted content by using a VPN to watch Drunk, Driving, and 17 online, as it changes the user’s  IP address and allows access to the content back home!

There are too many VPN services out there, but the best VPN with superlative VPN services worldwide has to be ExpressVPN. The prime features are many, but first and foremost, ExpressVPN allows users to stream geographically restricted without compromising their privacy. In addition, coupled with unlimited internet bandwidth, this VPN allows the viewers to stream a range of content. With a sure-shot money-back guarantee, viewers should try ExpressVPN RISK-FREE for 30 days to enjoy watching their favorite series and movies.

You can subscribe to ExpressVPN (49% Discount and get 3 months FREE) and install the VPN app on your devices, as it's compatible with Android, iOS, and more. Once the app is downloaded, open and select a server of your choice within your home country and seamlessly stream Drunk, Driving, and 17 from anywhere in the world!

How to Drunk, Driving, and 17 Without Cable in the US

The movie Drunk, Driving and 17, inspired by true events, would be available to be streamed on Lifetime. Several online streaming platforms extend the offer to stream Lifetime’s content in their subscription schemes. So we have listed below all the potential platforms with their details. Here they are:

Due to license agreements, most streaming services are geo-blocked; nevertheless, you may watch Drunk, Driving, and 17 seamlessly when traveling overseas using a reliable VPN.

How to Drunk, Driving, and 17 in Canada

Canadian citizens can easily watch all of the available content on Lifetime via STACK TV. They can add STACK TV as a Prime channel to their Amazon Prime Video, either by paying $12.99 per month or subscribing to the monthly Prime membership for $9.99.

A 30-day free trial for Prime and STACK TV offers stands, and it remains to be seen when the movie is made available on STACK TV.

If you are a Canadian and are eager to binge-watch Drunk, Driving and 17 on the day of its release, you are advised to procure a super secure VPN to stream Drunk, Driving and 17 within Canada. Select a US-based server and stream the movie through any of the streaming platforms in the US.

How to Watch Drunk, Driving and 17 in the UK and Australia

Unfortunately, people from the UK and Australia cannot access Lifetime at the moment. However, in the past, Foxtel has streamed several Lifetime films and other content in Australia. 

That’s why UK and Australian citizens can always use a trustworthy VPN service and choose a particular streaming platform that provides access to Lifetime’s content.

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