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How to Download and Install NordVPN on Android TV

Written by Shummas Humayun
Last updated May 16, 2024

Since the NordVPN app is listed on the Google Play Store and comes optimized for TV screens, you can download and install NordVPN directly on Android TV. As you don't need alternative setups to make it work, getting started takes no more than a couple of minutes of your time.

The only requirement is to use Android TV 6.0 or later. Hence, we recommend updating your Android TV to the latest version before setting up NordVPN. Once you're done, you'll be able to enjoy all its benefits on your Android TV, such as unblocking geo-restricted streaming apps.

In this article, we'll take you through the steps to download and install NordVPN on Android TV.

How to Download and Install NordVPN on Android TV

It's incredibly easy to install NordVPN on your Android TV device, as you'll be downloading its native app directly from the Play Store. These are the steps you need to follow:

1. Sign up for NordVPN using your computer or a mobile device (iOS/Android).

2. On your Android TV, visit the Play Store and search for NordVPN.

3. Click on 'Get' or 'Install' and wait until the Play Store downloads and installs the app.

3. Launch NordVPN and select 'Log In.'

NordVPN on Android TV Home Screen.

4. Point your phone's camera to scan the QR code, and enter your NordVPN email and password.

Logging In to NordVPN from Android TV Device.

5. Select 'OK' when the on-screen prompt appears to allow Android TV to add VPN configurations.

NordVPN Asking for Connection Request on Android TV.

6. Click 'Connect Now' to allow the VPN to connect you to the nearest VPN server.

Home Screen NordVPN Android TV with Connect Now Option.

7. Scroll down to 'All Countries' to pick a server manually or 'Specialty Servers' for specialized servers.

NordVPN Server Selection on Android TV.

8. Review the 'Settings' section, where you can access extra features like switching the VPN protocol.

NordVPN Settings Panel on Android TV.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, setting up NordVPN on Android TV is a no-hassle procedure. Since the process relies on the Play Store, all you have to do is find the app, download it, and log in. After that, be able to unblock various geo-restricted streaming platforms on your Android TV, like Hulu, Disney+, and Max.

However, don't miss your chance to get the same level of protection on your other devices. That said, your next Web destination should be our central guide on how to install and use NordVPN - where we cover dozens of different devices and platforms.


Does NordVPN Work on Android TV?

Yes, NordVPN works on Android TV. You can install it on any media streaming device or smart TV running Android TV 6.0 or newer.

Is NordVPN Free on Android TV?

No, NordVPN is not free on Android TV. While you can download the app for free, you'll need an active subscription to make it work. Fortunately, NordVPN offers a 7-day trial on Android devices, which can come in handy if you want to test it.

That’s all! Now you know how to download and install NordVPN on any Android TV device. If you have further queries, please comment below. Thanks for reading. 

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