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You Don’t Need Cable TV Anymore, And Here’s Why!

Written by Novak Bozovic
Last updated May 19, 2021

Has it ever crossed your mind that you may not need cable TV to enjoy your favorite series and programs? There are several reasons why you could begin to consider ditching your traditional cable TV. After all, the quality, cost, and availability of original programs play a central role in Internet streaming services. In fact, there is evidence to prove that craving for quality and affordable TV services began to take a toll on the Television market as far back as 2013.

At that time, Bloomberg Business stated emphatically that the traditional television industry was facing out with the decline in the number of Americans paying for traditional TV services. This upset in the industry began to tilt the scale of the market trends in favor of streaming services.

You Do Not Need Cable TV; You Have Online Streaming!

While quality is essential, the cost of TV services is also significant in determining what is paid for. Today, a good number of subscription options are available when it comes to streaming services. And while satellite and cable subscriptions could cost up to $100 a month (especially when the initial trial periods are over), streaming television content could cost as little as $10 per month (or less).

Gone are the days when cable TV was heavily solicited. Online streaming has become the order of the day, and it doesn't look like it will cede its place anytime soon. Instead, we might start experiencing combinations of streaming platforms and options that suit habits and needs of different users.

You Don't Need Cable TV Anymore, And Here's Why!

With the introduction of original content by 21st-century businesses like Sling TV, Hulu, and Amazon, it is now certain that average clients do not need cable TV to enjoy their favorite show. And with massive initiatives like Netflix's plan to invest upwards of $8 billion, you can be sure that streaming services are right on course to take over the TV entertainment world. The end of cable TV seems to be approaching faster than many can imagine.

What Consumers Say About Cable TV Services?

You Don't Need Cable TV Anymore, And Here's Why!

If you are not certain about cutting your cable service, the latest consumer report has spelled out in clear terms the fate of traditional cable and satellite services. The quest for a better deal is on the rise, and Americans are on the search for what serves them better. The latest trend has shown that new streaming services can offer better shows at an affordable rate. According to a Moffett-Nathanson research, about 800,000 Americans in the last three months ditched traditional pay-TV packages for streaming services.

One disturbing issue about the cutting cable phenomenon is that it connotes a consumer can drop the cable company completely. Most users believe that there are many options for them with Netflix and other streaming options from HBO, Sling TV, etc. The exorbitance of the services rendered by cable TV firms like Comcast, Charter, Direct TV, and Dish, gives clients another great reason to turn their back on cable TV. So while some people may be having a hard time deciding on which option to take, others are quite certain of the fact that they do not need cable TV for whatsoever reason.

The choices available from Internet-based services seem better and affordable even with premium offers. This means that consumers can use the single channel website apps to watch their best-loved shows without necessarily signing up for large TV packages. The subscription streaming options from Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, etc., offer better options and flexibility since you can watch your favorite shows on your laptop, mobile device and smart TV.

Before Cutting the Cord Read This!

You Don't Need Cable TV Anymore, And Here's Why!

Freeing yourself from the clutches of greedy cable companies sounds like a good deal, and it is! However, like any major decision in life, it’s important that you don’t simply jump in with both feet without knowing some of the risks and pitfalls. If you’re used to getting your TV fix through a dedicated delivery channel such as cable or satellite, you might never stop to think that it matters how the pictures and sounds get to your TV.

Streaming services are known as OTT or over the top services. This means they are sent to you using infrastructure that the media company does not own. The service provider can mess around with your quality of service in various ways and worst of all, third-parties can snoop on your activities.

At TechNadu we really believe in the importance of privacy and the right not to have companies and governments snooping on your online activities. If you’re a cord-cutter it means that all your viewing habits and activities are open to your ISP and the websites you visit. That’s why we really, really recommend that you pair your use of online streaming services with a good virtual private network (VPN) service. Why? Let’s break it down:

It’s for these main reasons we think every cord-cutter should have a good VPN in their arsenal. It’s better to be safe than sorry! Which VPN should you choose? There are many on the market and they all have their pros and cons. For streaming and robust unblocking of services such as Netflix, we recommend ExpressVPN as an all-round winner, but especially as a cord-cutter’s ideal choice.

ExpressVPN with No Logs

ExpressVPN with No Logs

With good speeds, affordable rates, and simple controls, ExpressVPN impressed us mightily and get’s the TechNadu seal of approval for cable-free viewing and complete peace of mind.

How To Watch TV Without Cable or Satellite?

Imagine browsing through the hundreds of channels available on your cable service only to realize that there's nothing on. That's frustrating, isn't it? But this is a reality with many individuals today. And while many clients get subjected to this frustration every day, the bitter truth remains; you can actually watch TV without subscribing to cable services. You do not need cable TV to enjoy great content available that is available online. Subscription Video-On-Demand (SVOD) and the Over-The-Top (OTT) TV watching are gradually becoming the thing of the present.

Cut The Cable Service; Connect Your TV to a Streaming Device

You Don't Need Cable TV Anymore, And Here's Why!

If you are currently going through the stress of paying around $100 every month for cable TV, its time to call your provider and cancel your subscription. When you do that, get your TV reconfigured so that you can start watching great entertainment content online. Feel free to connect your TV to a video streaming device linked to the wireless Internet. This should grant you access to spectacular content, and it will help you to understand that indeed, you do not need cable TV to watch your favorite TV programs.

If you make up your mind to go streaming, there are a good number of devices and services you can exploit. You just need to identify what meets your needs. You could try Roku, Chromecast or Apple TV. If these do not meet your requirements, there is also Amazon Fire TV.

Go For Suitable SVOD Services

Over-the-top (OTT) or Subscription Video-On-Demand (SVOD) services are highly affordable. Being priced less than $10, you can have a basic subscription for most of the services. Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Amazon Prime are some of the options. With these, you are granted access to quite some interesting services. Some of them will even provide free content for a couple of days.

You might think that because these services are much cheaper than cable TV and satellite subscription, they are less effective in satisfying your needs. That is not exactly true! Over-the-top services provide some of the most popular TV channels you can ever find in America. They also make available some of the most attractive TV content in the entertainment industry.

From sports to news, talk shows, magazine, drama, comedy, and TV series, you are guaranteed top quality content when you subscribe to them. So if you were still doubting how true it is, doubt no more; you may not quite need cable TV to enjoy your favorite shows and entertainment content.

Watch Free Cable TV - Legally

With the cost of cable and satellite TV pushing people to other options like streaming, there is a high probability that these alternatives to Cable TV could themselves witness a price hike. Perhaps we can consider going back to free-to-air content provided by cable TV. Avoid the huge cable or satellite TV bills but still, enjoy great TV content provided for free by cable services. You will certainly be limited to few channels, but you are sure to enjoy some great TV programs... at no cost and legally.

If you go for the free cable TV option, you will need an HDTV antenna. With that, you can capture contents provided any major TV outlet around you, and its local network affiliates. You might not need cable TV to enjoy channels like CBS, FOX, PBS, ABC and even Telemundo. With an HDTV antenna, these could be brought to you at no cost. And if you want free streaming of basic TV content, you can get hold of Crackle. It offers free movies. Crackle is not the only service provider of free streaming entertainment channels; PopcornFlix.com is equally a good option.

Watch Cable or Satellite TV Online (For Free)

While OTT and SVOD gradually conquering the TV industry in America, there is another great and simple option available for people who want to enjoy TV content without dealing with cable or satellite bills. Today, many TV channels are making their content available for free streaming. Perhaps, if you visit the website of your favorite TV service, you may be able to find a link that will lead you to watch the channel online for free. Even if that is not the case, other online services are known to capture the signals of some very popular TV stations and make them available for free streaming. With a proper search, you just might be lucky to find your favorite programs on such platforms.

Frequently Used Live TV Streaming Services

It is certain that you do not quite need cable TV anymore to enjoy great TV content. Millions of Americans are abandoning cable and satellite TV services for live streaming which offers cheaper and more flexible options. But how do you get access to the service? What must you do to be able to stream TV content live? Which streaming service will best meet your needs? These are some vital questions you need to answer before you can engage in streaming TV content on the internet. Sling TV, DirecTV Hulu, Amazon Prime PlayStation Vue and Netflix are some of the most popular options. Let us briefly look at some of them.


You Don't Need Cable TV Anymore, And Here's Why! - Directv

Want to enjoy the TV you love on your own terms? DirectTV offers more than 120 live channels and 25,000 on demand titles. Catch every moment of breaking news, sports, and other live events. With DirectTV, stream live anywhere; on any screen, and with any device (Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV). Pick premium channels you can’t live without like HBO®, CINEMAX®, SHOWTIME®, or STARZ® from $5/month! If you want to enjoy the service even when on the move, download the DIRECTV NOW℠ app on your tablet or phone. You can also go to directvnow.com to start streaming. At this moment, DirectTV is celebrating its birthday with a limited time offer of $25 discount on the first month of subscription. The service normally costs $35 a month. You do not need cable TV to enjoy great TV content; you need DirectTV or some other alternative.

Hulu TV

You Don't Need Cable TV Anymore, And Here's Why! - Hulu
There is only one service that can provide all your TV in one place; Hulu TV. With thousands of shows and movies, and plans starting at $5.99/month for a limited time, Hulu is sure to make your time entertaining. Stream on your favorite devices, with unlimited access to the Hulu streaming library and with limited or no commercials. Enjoy full seasons of exclusive series, hit movies, Hulu Originals, kids shows, and more. Spice up the experience with HBO®, SHOWTIME®, and CINEMAX® available as add-ons. With Hulu, TV just got a lot more exciting.

Sling TV

You Don't Need Cable TV Anymore, And Here's Why! - Sling TV

Who can talk about the fact that you do not need cable TV and not mention Sling as an alternative? Sling TV is a streaming service that provides live TV online. It is an intelligently packaged service with over 150 channels. Sling TV allows you customize your own channel lineup by choosing your favorite Extras? It makes that possible for you by introducing “A LA CARTE TV.” Essentially, Sling TV packages put you in charge of the channels you pay for. It is another service that perfectly demonstrates why you do not need cable TV. You can get started with Sling TV for free, and then decide if you'd like to join full-time.

So, Do You Really Need Cable TV?

After going through the various options, it is clear that while cable TV does a great job of entertaining its users, it is probably not the source of the best kind of entertainment; not anymore. Streaming services have taken over the entertainment world, and they seem to be winning the hearts of many  Americans. If you have been struggling to get cable or satellite TV, you may want to consider exploring your options. Things have drastically evolved. Today, you do not need cable TV to be fully entertained.

The era of cable TV is gradually coming to an end, and streaming services are being embraced by millions of Americans. The choice is yours to make whether or not to ditch your cable and satellite services. Should your service provider notice that you are considering to leave, they might attempt to keep you by offering to upgrade your service. Whatever choice you make, a change might be inevitable.

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