Discovery Plus Watchlist Disappeared? Here’s What to Do

Discovery Plus users have been reporting various issues with the service. For instance, they’re having issues trying to save shows to their watchlists so they do not lose track of them and then finding that nothing actually saved. Let’s see what we have to do here. 

As we’re browsing Discovery Plus, it’s easy to discover a lot of shows we love from the many networks included with the service. Whether we’re going to add all our favorites to the list and try to catch up later on or look for new things we may be interested in seeing, it’s up to every one of us.

However, some folks are reporting that their shows aren’t getting saved to the watchlist. In fact, enough people have been signaling this problem that Discovery Plus has addressed the issue.

What to Do When Shows Are Not Saving to My List?

If your watchlist comes up empty, there are a few steps you can take to fix the problem. 

  • First, make sure you’re using the right profile. Personalize the profile with a name and picture to make it easier to tell apart from the others. 
  • Close the Discovery Plus app or the browser window where you have it loaded up. 
  • Then, you should clear out the device’s cache and data. 
    • Web Browser – Go to the Privacy and security area, tap “Clear browsing data,” and choose cookies, site data, and cache. 
    • Android – Go to Settings -> Storage -> Tap Clean Up -> Clear any cached information.
    • Roku TV or Roku Stick – Roku devices do not have a cache, but you can uninstall the app and install it back again.
    • Fire TV or Fire TV Stick – Press the Home button -> Settings -> Applications -> Manage installed applications -> Choose Discovery Plus -> Clear cache. 
  • Once the process is done, relaunch the Discovery Plus app or load the site in your browser, go to My List, and try again. 

If the problem persists, you may want to contact the Discovery Plus Customer Support team. Installing and uninstalling the app should also be on your to-do list if the problem doesn’t fix itself, as it may very well reset whatever issue there was that was messing things up for you. 

Discovery Plus is proving to be a pretty reliable app, but there are some issues that are popping up. Thankfully, there’s nothing too serious on the list. 



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