iphone 11

Apple has just announced their new line of iPhones, with iPhone 11 targeting the “budget” segment, iPhone 11 Pro bringing all the current technological awesomeness into a single device, and iPhone 11 Pro Max offering some hefty real-estate on the screen. The question that Apple fans have to ask themselves now, is whether the new devices are worth the upgrade? This question is especially valid for the owners of the previous generation. Here comes our effort to help you with that by summarizing the new phones and highlighting their differences with the previous generation.

iPhone 11 Presentation

Starting with the cheaper, iPhone 11, this device comes as a replacement for last year’s best-seller, the iPhone XR. Design-wise, they’re pretty much the same, having the same dimensions and weight. What differentiates their bodies is the waterproofing rating going to IP68 for the iPhone 11, allowing submersions of up to two meters for 30 minutes, wheres the XR could only handle 1-meter depths.

iPhone 11 Color Variations

Inside the iPhone 11 beats the heart of the brand-new A13 Bionic chip, which is 20% faster than the A12 that is used by the XR, as well as 30% less power-consuming. This means that you’ll get to use your device for more, and it’s going to run faster while you do it.

Another major divergence is the camera, which is now a dual system sporting an ultra-wide lens, and also a dedicated “Night Mode” that really makes a huge difference in low-light conditions.

iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max Appearance

Going up a step on the 5.8″ models, the comparison between iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone XS is more straightforward. The new generation comes with a whole new three-lens camera system with a telephoto. This camera also incorporates the Night Mode of the “plain” iPhone 11. Also, the front camera resolution is bumped to 12MP from the 7MP that the XS had. Besides that, we have a better display here as well (called “Super Retina XDR”), with double the contrast ratio, and approximately 20% higher brightness compared to the XS.

iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max Features

The new Bionic also enables the phone to capture videos of 4K resolution at 60 fps, while the XS was limited to 1080p/60 fps max. Finally, the waterproofing rating remained the same, but Apple says the new generation is good to go down 4 meters deep, while the previous should stop at 2 meters.

Finally, there are the 6.5″ iPhone 11 Pro Max and the iPhone XS Max. For the “big ones,” we see the exact same differences that apply for the 11 Pro and the XS, so we have incremental upgrades on all levels.

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