The Best New Games of 2018: The No-Miss List

By Dev Gupta / January 1, 2018

We can all agree that 2017 was eventful. Electric cars traveled between states, we found new planets in far space, and a robot was granted citizenship. In the meanwhile, lots of video games were released throughout the year. And we played all of them pretty happy. As the year slowly slides into history, we cannot wait to play the new games of 2018.

The great thing about 2018 is that it is set to be a grand year for gamers. Developers from around the world will release titles in partnership with big shot publishers like Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo. As these brands compete for market space, we have a total feast on our plates. How big is that feast? We find out below!

Best New Games of 2018: Only the Cherries

Like movie and travel buffs, gaming enthusiasts tend to have a bucket list for every year. If you have the bucket, we are rolling out the list. Fill fast and do not miss an item.

A Way Out

Developer Hazelight Studios
Releasing March 23, 2018
Available for PC, Xbox, PS4

Two tough men meet in prison and pick up each other’s ire. The exchanges get tougher till the point both of them realize they share a common objective – escape! A considerable portion of the game deals in the two protagonists breaking away from prison.

After the prison heist is complete, your characters must fight off whatever comes in their way. E3 2017 went abuzz with the concept of another prison heist game visiting us in 2018. The element of wit in the game is both mature and necessary.


Developer Sony Interactive Entertainment
Releasing 2018
Available for PS4 only

Spider-Man is coming back in 2018 and he’s coming back big. The PS4-only version of Spider-Man shall be one of the highest-flying games of 2018. Insomniac Games have developed the gameplay. More or less, it is set to be modeled after the older Spider-Man games.

You will still be fighting different gangs of enemies. The technologies you use to fight get more advanced. Stealth will still play a major role in completing battles and missions successfully. The graphical components of the game are pretty amazing as well.

Shadow of the Colossus

Developer Sony Interactive Entertainment
Releasing February 6, 2018
Available for PS4 only

The legacy of Shadow of the Colossus dates back to the release of the original title for PlayStation 2. The graphical display for more layered when the game was adapted for PlayStation 3. For PlayStation 4, the game is receiving a total facelift.

You will still need to deal with the same colossi that were present in the last few versions. For the most part, even the game stays true to the preceding versions. The game is adapted to 60fps to make sure you do not lose any frames during intense battle scenes.

Monster Hunter: World

Developer Capcom
Releasing January 26, 2018
Available for PC, Xbox, PS4

We cannot mention the top new games of 2018 without dropping a mention of Monster Hunter: World. The cross-platform game is available for PC, PS4, and Xbox. You will need to ward off a slew of monsters in an unknown world.

The new Capcom release will show us bigger monsters than what we have seen in the previous games of the series. You will also get some new ability tweaks to fight off the monsters better. At heart, the game still stays an open-world adventure where you have lots to explore.

Sea of Thieves

Developer Rare
Releasing March 20, 2018
Available for PC, Xbox

We do not know what it is about pirate games that always draw us closer to playing them. It could be the adventure of the sea or simply the smell of loot. Speaking of loot, do not be surprised if you do not find plenty of it in Sea of Thieves.

The game is more about romantic storytelling than a smearing bloodbath. That is just the impression we got when the trailer was unveiled at E3 2017. We hope this one from Rare is remembered for a long time after the release.

God of War

Developer Sony Interactive Entertainment
Releasing 2018
Available for PS4 only

We have to say that Sony has scored a major plus by managing to make God of War a PS4 only release. This time, Kratos is older and has his son, Atreus with him. The setting moves from Greek mythology to Norse mythology this time.

We are expecting some changes in the gameplay pattern. Kratos is not alone anymore and we understand that the mother of the child has passed away. What is a mission that the father and son have set out on? We are already interested in the new GOW!

Far Cry 5

Developer Ubisoft Montreal
Releasing March 27, 2018
Available for PC, Xbox, PS4

If there is one game that will give God of War a serious run for the money, it has to be Far Cry 5. The developers of the game are currently trying to hide every single detail about the game. But we do know that the game is available for multiple platforms.

Far Cry 5 will make use of the co-op playing mechanism. Only superior coordination can take down the villain. You get what it takes – lots of weapons, vehicles, and even canine assistance!

State of Decay 2

Developer Undead Labs
Releasing TBA
Available for PC, Xbox

State of Decay 2 could well prove to be the biggest title by Undead Labs. The game is designed around the central human emotion of survival, and the ambition that settles in once survival is ensured. Plus, you get a sweet dose of action and horror too.

State of Decay 2 is different from the original State of Decay in that the co-op component in heavier in the second installment. The game-makers have reportedly bettered on several other aspects of the game. We hope Undead Labs gains more exposure and experience from this installment.


Developer EA
Releasing 2018
Available for PS4, PC, Xbox One

Anthem is another highly anticipated title among all the new games of 2018. It is a co-op based game that happens in another world setting. You and your friends get powerful javelin exo-suits that are capable of performing various mission-defining tasks.

Effectively, the suits give you superhuman abilities like flying the air, diving inside water and firing rockets at monsters and rogue creatures. Anthem is based on heavy open-world gameplay and there is a passing undertone of zombies too.

Crackdown 3

Developer Reagent Games
Releasing 2018
Available for PC, Xbox One

Crackdown 2 was released almost a decade back. And now we have Crackdown 3 joining other new games of 2018. Reagent Games are rather tight-lipped about their new game. But we can already see it is more on the violent end of the spectrum.

An elaborate selection of weapons awaits you on the other end of the game release. The gaming universe allows you to train guns at simply any object inside the game. And the squadron leaders are dropping quite a few lines of motivation along the way. In time, we should be able to comment on the mission statement as well.

Detroit: Become Human

Developer Quantic Dream
Releasing 2018
Available for PS4 only

There are quite a few lines of narration working simultaneously for Detroit: Become Human. The thriller is molded in the neo-noir formula and has a futuristic setting. You can control the actions (and their consequences) for three characters in the game. All of these are androids who have escaped production centers.

Connor, Markus, and Kara are differently oriented droids. One of them wants to wage a war on humans. From here, we feel like the game will be a lot about the kind of choices you make.

Metro: Exodus

Developer 4A Games
Releasing TBA
Available for PC, Xbox, PS4

While the zombie apocalypse thingy is thoroughly hackneyed, there is always space for the Metro franchise. Metro 2033 was one post-apocalyptic game that left all of us in a dark and depraved world full of despair. We hope Metro: Exodus repeats some of those elements.

There are blood and gore aplenty in Metro: Exodus. 4A Games have promised they will give gamers the kind of action they deserve throughout the game. As a zombie-survival game, Exodus will also demand top class inventory management along with health maintenance.

Red Dead Redemption: 2

Developer   Rockstar Studios
Releasing 2018
Available for Xbox One, PS4

Rockstar Studios have created plenty of magic in the past. And there is no reason why they should not be able to do the same with Red Dead Redemption: 2. This is the second game title of the franchise. Red Dead Redemption had already given us plenty of chills back when it was released.

Red Dead Redemption: 2 will be eagerly received by gamers; more so because of the cow-boy and gunfight themes of the game. While we do not clearly understand the mission statement, there is a lot of room for imagination!

Death Stranding

Developer Kojima Productions
Releasing 2018
Available for PS4 only

For a while, the split between Hideo Kojima and his former employer, Konami Studios, had left all of us in awe. Thankfully, Kojima stuck to the gaming industry and floated his very own Kojima Productions. The team has drawn first blood with Death Stranding.

The production and publishing teams are overtly clandestine about the release and gameplay of Death Stranding. The hype for this game is both because of its undisclosed themes and Kojima’s first independent venture.  We can already see elements like death, magic, loneliness, and survival in the trailer.

Days Gone

Developer Sony Interactive Entertainment
Releasing 2018
Available for PS4 only

The game Days Gone is a complex action-adventure narrative.  The story starts in an era after an apocalypse. You are doing the role of St. John, a bounty hunter! Slowly, everyone you knew is either dead or a zombie. As the environment becomes increasingly hostile and unforgiving, John has to kill lots of zombies!

Since the gameplay is open-world (again!), any given task can be tackled in a number of ways. So far, there is no set date of release for the game. But we can definitely tell you the game is coming out in 2018.

Final Words

That is that then. These are the most exciting games coming for you in 2018. Some of them are cross-platform dynamic games. And some others like Spider-Man and God of War are made of the PlayStation 4 (nice time to buy one, eh!).

If you're looking for something else, make sure to check out top upcoming horror games and well as most exciting survival games.

Some of the games you just read about may be functioning with placeholder titles for the moment. We will keep this space updated should there be a change of titles for any of these. Which is your favorite among these? Think about it while we write on more games for you. Till then, keep well and keep gaming.

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