Top Upcoming Horror Survival Games of 2018

By Dev Gupta / December 23, 2017

The year is about to pass. And it has been a rather pleasant year for the lovers of horror games. We had big releases like Outlast 2 and Resident Evil 7. And then, there were lots of smaller releases like Observers and Little Nightmares. Even beyond these, we have been treated to some unexpectedly eerie horror titles. However, some strange voices tell us we have an even scarier year coming. In a new year full of demons and monsters of all makes and models, you have only one chance to survive in the top upcoming horror games. From here, we are looking at tons of amazing games. So, let's take a look at the top upcoming horror survival games of 2018.

7 Best Upcoming Horror Survival Games: What’s In Store?

The horror games we have on our plate range from simpleton adventures to major emotion-evoking and bed-churning tales. There are some sci-fi gaming flicks and others that deal with “hard science”. And when we sit a tad easy, a demonic hellscape rushes toward you. Watch out for these games if you have or want a taste of the world beyond.

Ad Infinitum

Developer StrixLab
Release 2018
Available for PC, Xbox One, PS4

The World War I was as disastrous as one could imagine. It left many of our previous global generations with a lot of trauma. Ad Infinitum gives us a first-person perspective into the horrors of the first global war. And it does with a pinch of Lovecraftian horror.

The infamous trench warfare has enough potential to give you the goosebumps. If the game stays true to its name, players might be subjected to an infinite loop of horror that it potentially impossible to escape.

In this teaser, you can see a man meeting (and later escaping) what looks to be a product of the war. There are not many clues into who is fighting whom. But we are pretty sure that the game is not another “army versus army” platform.

The cyclical loop of bones, topped by the tangential skull could be way more than just a teaser element. The sound effects stay true to the horror genre and the background voice is as heavy as it gets. There is definitely plenty that the game might be hiding – all for us to explore. This surrealistic horror game set in a maze of trenches definitely deserves more attention than what it is getting.


Developer Madmind Studio
Release 2018
Available for Xbox One, Windows, PS4

There is dark hell breathing beneath your existence. And you cannot escape it even if you try. The only way to do it is to meet the hell goddess who seems to be bent upon creating a wreck. The hellish environment is covered with half-dead-half-alive creatures that are doomed to suffer an eternity of torture. For a brief moment inside the trailer, all of us tend to believe that the game has been exclusively shot in hell.

The game gives you a dosage of both survival and horror genres. The background sketch of the game might feel addictive to some and overbearing to others. And that might include even seasoned horror game players. The flashy color contrast of the game might or might not be the ideal way to know about the game around you.

As you get a hang of the environment around you, the power of controlling simple monsters will be bestowed upon you. That might get you through short levels of the game. But you will definitely require a lot more when trying to escape the depths of infernal trenches. Agony seems to be one of those games that give players a thin chance of survival when the err by the slightest of margins.


Blasphemous Top Upcoming Horror Survival Games
Developer The Game Kitchen
Release 2018
Available for Windows, Mac, Linux

After a long while, a 2D side-scrolling game seems to have taken us by the storm. Already picked by quite a few gaming enthusiasts around the world, Bloodborne seems like it is an adventure from another world. And who in the gaming universe could say no to that? You can already expect a lot of brutal violence and some interesting boss fights.

We must tell you that the attempt to make a standout horror 2D game is not new. Several developers have attempted to make a good 2D game that gives players nightmares. While we have come across some great titles, blasphemous looks to be the best of the lot. It has some blood-animated graphics and the fight scenes might shape up to be epic.

How much of traction will a 2D game receive in 2019? We are not really sure about that. But a community of tough gamers has been waiting for a long while. And if the game delivers what it promises, those gamers might be in for a surprise.

It does not matter whether you are a seasoned gamer or a new enthusiast. Blasphemous gives you a unique opportunity to revise the past of gaming.

Close to the Sun

Developer Storm in a Teacup
Release 2018
Available for PC

There is an air of serendipity about game developers who seem to be inspired by philosophers. We are not mumbling that Close to the Sun seems like a game out of those boxes; we are demanding it is. From what we have already seen in the trailer, they are planning to build something huge.

The background is set at the turn of the 20th century. The setting is a ship complex surrounded by some strange mysteries. It is said to be created by Nikola Tesla and was developed for advanced research and development. The scientific breakthroughs achieved in the center have already shaped a lot of science.

You play as a young journalist who is looking for his sister in the complex. Very soon, you realize that something is terribly wrong inside the complex. You have more on your hands than what it appears to you from a distance. The graphical element in the game looks like a tad mellowed down.

If not anything else, watch out for that killer of a background score. The techno-nautical setting looks custom-made for the survival horror platform. And the camera perspectives of the shots tell us the developers have a movie gem among them.


Developer Ebb Software
Release 2018
Available for Windows

Scorn promises to be the blend of survival and horror genres that could freeze your veins. The graphical element in the game is so strong that you are left wanting for more. The immersive and rather seductive environment created by the game teaches us what can be done if developers give their best into the making of a game.

There are different dimensions in which the gameplay of Scorn is set. You are playing at a particular level and you might suddenly be required to address a challenge from another dimension. The game makes liberal use of weapons. But these weapons are nothing like anything you see in the real-world games. Whether we will like the spooky weapons used in the games or not is a totally different question though.

Both the beauty and horror of Scorn are defined by the kind of environment it lets gamers enjoy. Heavy on both horror and cinematic displays, Scorn is one game that could define the essence of the horror-survival genre of 2018.

Nothing is dead in the gameplay of Scorn. The entire environment that you find yourself is living. You will be challenged to negotiate any of them coming to life at any point.

Dead Matter

Developer Quantum Integrity Software Inc.
Release 2018
Available for Windows

The world just cannot have enough of zombie games. And Dead Matter is one game that has been waiting in the wings for a really long while now. Just like Blasphemous, Dead Matter is a game that is built right from the scratch. Right from the character sketches to the elaborate camera angles, the developers have worked on everything.

The Kickstarter for the game has already given us a lot of insight into the insides of the game. For example, you can track your health with a number of available options including scratches, bites, blood pressure, blood loss, and even broken bones. Even trauma features in the game!

The intelligent gameplay uses an informative night and day cycle. The world inside the game is inspired by the world around you. The weather and lighting change depending on the month of the calendar and time of the day.

As you fight blood-thirsty zombies, the weather plays a significant role too. Depending on where your character is placed and just how intense the weather is around you, you will need to take a set of precautions to avoid health hazard. You also get an inventory system that throws you the challenge to conserve and plan your next move.

There’s a lot of scavenging opportunity as well. If you find any can or safe or even a home that you feel is promising, just break in without creating too much of a noise!

Allison Road

Developer Far From Home
Release 2018
Available for Windows, Linux

Gamers across the world hailed Allison Road as the spiritual adaptation to P.T, a playable teaser for the game Silent Hills. Silent Hills received the developers’ boot in June 2016. But it was re-commissioned for development in August the same year. Nevertheless, Allison Road promises to be an adventure of another level thanks to its tremendous fan base.

You play Allison Road from a first-person perspective. The gameplay requires you to uncover challenges that lie hidden beneath a shady property where your family once lived. While not much is known about the unfurling of the plot, we are sure there will be more news in the days to come. It looks like the family of the protagonist was wronged by a crime or accident.

The supernatural element in Allison Road is so strong that you might not want to play this game at night. We think the player's own family comes back from the afterlife to haunt him. That might or might not be true. But you can definitely expect a lot of symbolic stuff. At the moment, all we hope is the game turns out to be as good as it promised to be.

Final Words

The horror survival genre is looking to get a big boost in 2018 and beyond. Furthermore, our team is totally looking forward to trying out the best upcoming survival games. Which games are hot on your priority list? Did we miss out on anything? Tell us in the comments.

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