Top Upcoming Survival Games of 2018 – Our Top Picks!

By Novak Bozovic / December 20, 2017

2018 will be with us before we know it. As gamers watch out for games that are to come, we give you a heads up. Right from upcoming survival games to horror and open-world games, we are listing down everything that is going to be big in the gaming world. To start with, we will tell you of some of the best survival games expected to be released in 2018.

In survival games, the one thing that matters is desperation. After all, someone will try to hunt you down - and you will have to be desperate to survive. If you are still willing to give it a go, you will come out as a better gamer (and a stronger person) on the other side!

6 Best Upcoming Survival Games of 2018

In our list of upcoming survival games, we have penned down all survival games that deserve your attention. If survivalism appeals to you, these games will appeal as well. Here are our best picks.


Scorn Upcoming Survival Games
Developer Ebb Software
Platform PC
Release Date October 2018
Trailer Watch Here

If there is one survival game that you must play in 2018, Scorn should be the one. Made with the most vivid graphics we have seen in a while, Scorn creates an immersive environment. The blood-rich, muscle-toned graphics never fail to mesmerize you. And you are taken from one level of the character to another in virtually no time.

Even the weapons that you get to use in the game are totally oriented to the environment which you are in. Akin to other upcoming survival games, Scorn uses a set of grotesque creatures to create an eerie environment. But unlike other survival games where you get to see gore, blood, and grime, Scorn gives players a healthy dose of weaponry too.

Scorn Upcoming Survival Games 2

There is a reason almost every third gamer is talking about Scorn. The developers have created an environment where everything has a life. However, you do not get a chance to interact with everything at the same time. The approach is more layered – the game environment opens up as you make progress in the game.

Out of the blue, Scorn does not seem to be as gory as a horror-infused survival game should be. But it promises a more emotional ride to users. The intensity level goes ascending from the bottom up. And by the time you are ready to face the final frontiers, there will be a lot on your plate.


Agony Upcoming Survival Games
Developer Madmind Studio
Platform PS4, XB1, PC
Release Date March 30, 2018
Trailer Watch Here

The entire gameplay of Agony has been placed in the hell. As a tormented soul that is trying to escape the powers of an all-powerful hell goddess, survival options are thin. But you will still learn to develop some powers of your own. In fact, you must learn quickly, for the quicker you learn, the better your chances of survival.

The gameplay is dictated by some profound voiceovers and the “grimy-sweaty” background routines. Every other soul burning in hellfire gives you a little push into escaping the clutches of hell. The flash-timings between monochromatic shots and color images are also mostly dictated by the fire. Over time, you can also control some dumb demons to achieve short time goals.

Agony Upcoming Survival Games 2

Like all good games, Agony uses solid psychology to give gamers the blues. The tormented soul does not have any memory of the past. Right when the conditions seem far too extreme to survive, you get the gift of possessing. This will allow you to possess simple-minded and rather strong demons. As you keep trying to escape, you will realize that the surest way out is to meet the red goddess.

What happens next (upon the encounter) is largely unknown. In addition to that, we are not too sure if you can at all reach that far. But if you do manage to make the cut, a lot is in store!

Hunt: Showdown

Hunt Showdown Upcoming Survival Games
Developer Crytek
Platform PC
Release Date 2018
Trailer Watch Here

While the likes of Scorn and Agony give you all the blues, Hunt: Showdown shows you how things are done in a grand survival atmosphere. For once, you are out of hell and in the real world. The setting looks clean until you realize that some monsters from hell are around. Your mission is simple – you hunt them down for gold.

You can play Hunt: Showdown alone or you may hunt in pairs. When you hunt in pairs, you will find other players trying to hunt you down. So that doubles up the challenge. You will have to shoot monsters and other enemy players that come in the way. There’s no mercy for anyone.

Hunt Showdown Upcoming Survival Games 2

At the outset, Hunt: Showdown seems like a game with a conventionally familiar setting. You can choose your characters and weapons based on their skills. It is imperative that different monsters will be slain by variegated weapons.

Since you are the one hunting the monsters here, you do not see them all around. But they can strike when you are the least careful. Additionally, they will be lurking around tight corners and abandoned houses. The sandbox environment, in which the game is set, looks both unforgiving and real.

At Hunt: Showdown, your plan is simple. Banish ravaging monsters back to hell and escape with all the gold!

Allison Road

Allison Road Upcoming Survival Games 2
Developer Far From Home
Platform PC
Release Date 2018
Trailer Watch Here

When we first heard of Allison Road, it sounded more like a horror movie than an upcoming survival game. If you delve into that name a little further, you will realize that it is more than just a game. It is a story with a solid plot and background. And that is what promises to make the game so immersive and successful at the same time.

While playing the game from a first-person perspective, you will have to uncover clues. There is a constant fight with a supernatural entity. We do not yet know of the overall plot mechanism. The developers seem to have reserved the plot for their office. And that is making the plot all the more interesting to the rest of us.

Allison Road Upcoming Survival Games

However, there have been sneaks into the plot. The protagonist moves around his home as we have sensed hints that his family was terribly wronged. When the game moves on, the players will need to fight a rather unnamed force. At the moment, it looks like the force is the family of the protagonist from the afterlife.

Metal Gear Survive

Metal Gear Survive Upcoming Survival Games
Developer Konami Digital Entertainment
Platform PC, XBOX, PS4
Release Date March 2018
Trailer Watch Here

Metal Gear Survive is a survival game straight out of a book on the apocalypse. It might not be the Metal Gear Solid title that you have been looking for but Metal Gear Solid looks interesting nonetheless. This title works on the events between Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes and Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

The trailer shows the exit of the Big Boss from the mother base. Immediately after, you see a wormhole opening up. All the remaining soldiers are absorbed into it. The next scene of action looks like another dimension altogether. This is a place where a battery of unicorn headed and faceless zombies live. Your combat gun soon proves to be a meaningless toy.

Metal Gear Survive Upcoming Survival Games 2

In the new dimension of Metal Gear Survive, new weapons are only as good as the kind of impact they have on your enemies. If that makes a solid metal rod more important than a gun, so be it. In addition to surviving, you may also have to find more potent weapons. This will become especially relevant when your team already has them.

In an environment of blood-craving enemies, your first challenge will be to get back home. That means apart from fighting off enemies, you will also have to find a way back home. Since you have landed into this dimension through a wormhole, that could be a very hard challenge to negotiate.

Moons of Madness

Moons of Madness Upcoming Survival Games
Developer Rock Pocket Games
Platform PC
Release Date 2018
Trailer Watch Here

Shane Newark is an astronaut hero. What does he fight? Hallucinations! When playing Moons of Madness, your first job will be to explore the station called Trailblazer Alpha. The astronaut is seemingly surrounded by supernatural elements and the players need to solve the puzzle around that. The enormity of these puzzles might seem overbearing for the start.

Rocket Pocket Games, the developer of Moons of Madness, has not seemed to announce the date of release. Most estimates suggest that the release date would be sometime in 2018. However, the website gives us a few hints about the kind of story that the game is set to follow. You can tell you there is something about lost love right from here.

Moons of Madness Upcoming Survival Games 2

You can never tell when they throw the “hallucination” word in the mix. We cannot ever be sure if events are really the way they are made to be. But there are a few things that are there for sure. The adventure that we see unfold in front of our eyes is happening on another planet.

The people inhabiting the station are doing their best to solve inexplicable puzzles with “hard science.” But that is when the “survival” instinct jumps in. We are hard-pressed to understand the metric of the Lovecraft-inspired, horror-psycho thriller. All we can do is wait for the release and see if the promises are met.

Final Thoughts

2018 is going to be a big year for lovers of survival games. All of us have been on our toes waiting for a few of these to release and we can't wait to play them.

Which is your survival game of the year 2018? Are there more upcoming survival games that missed our attention? Let us know about them in the comments section below. See you next time.

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