Are Curved Monitors Good for Office Work?

Written by Alex Dulcianu
Last updated April 29, 2022

Curved monitors are no longer a novelty in 2022, and neither are ultra wides that push the boundaries in terms of diagonal size. In fact, you can get a curved monitor for a very low price if you are not aiming too high in terms of resolution or refresh rate.

But what are they actually good for? We can all agree that a higher resolution makes for sharper images and that having a higher refresh rate makes the action appear smoother in video games. On the other hand, opinions are split on what curved monitors bring to the table in terms of real-world benefits.

Many people are also interested in getting a curved display for their office computers, usually in the hopes that it will help with productivity somehow. As it turns out, there is some merit to these claims. Before we go any further here are our top 3 recommendations for curved monitors:

Let’s first take a look at the possible benefits of a curved monitor in the context of office work:

What are the Benefits of Using a Curved Monitor for Office Work?

What Are the Drawbacks of Using a Curved Monitor for Office Work?


So are curved monitors good for office work or not? The simple answer is yes, they can indeed be a good choice for your office. This is mostly because they come in ultrawide aspect ratios, which helps a lot with productivity and multitasking. It’s actually pretty hard to find flat ultrawide, and those come with their own set of issues anyway.

On the other hand, you must keep in mind the fact that you are going to pay a lot more for a curved monitor versus a flat one - and it’s not always because they are curved. Instead, most of the extra cash will go toward gaming features that will largely go unused in an office environment.

We can only hope that curved office monitors are going to become more widespread in the future, especially since many people are very interested in purchasing one.


Are Curved Monitors Good for AutoCAD Work?

Since CAD software usually involves precision and many straight lines, curved monitors can introduce a few problems. You can still use them for this purpose if you are careful about how you position yourself in regards to the screen, but you may want to stick with a flat panel to avoid any extra headaches.

Are Curved Monitors Good for Excel?

Curved monitors do not affect Excel in any way in terms of functionality. On the other hand, you cannot use a curved panel in portrait mode, which can be a bit of a drawback if you are used to rotating your display to deal with long spreadsheets.

Is a 24-inch Curved Monitor Worth It?

Not really, no. The curvature is barely noticeable at that size, and you are also paying a lot more for it while receiving no benefits. A curved panel usually makes the most sense on ultrawide monitors.

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