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Why Does Hulu Keep Buffering?

Written by Aparna Jayan
Published on July 14, 2021

Hulu is regarded as one of the best streaming platforms when it comes to affordability, quality, and collection of shows and movies. For anyone looking for a comprehensive TV experience, Hulu would be the ultimate recommendation. But it is not completely error-free. Subscribers have complained that their content keeps buffering. Read on to find out why Hulu keeps buffering and how to solve this problem.

There can be several reasons why Hulu might be buffering. Sometimes the problem could be on the service provider's side, and on some other times, the users are at fault.

An unstable or fluctuating internet connection can lead to buffering of videos on Hulu. Unlike Netflix and some other streaming platforms who adjust their streaming quality according to the internet speed, Hulu tries to maintain the same level of quality all the time.

An error in the network settings or device configuration can also lead to this issue. Make sure that the application is correctly loaded and that there are no corrupted caches present. Using an old and outdated system is another reason why your videos keep buffering. There can be cases where Hulu might not even play any videos when outdated devices are used.

If none of the above-described problems are causing your videos to buffer, Hulu recommends the following steps to resume proper streaming:

Keeping aside these tiny glitches, Hulu still maintains its reputation as one of the most loved streaming platforms available. Now that you have solved your buffering problem, you should check out the latest shows and movies added to their streaming library!

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