Torrentz2 Adds Google to its Index and Gets 82 Million Torrent Hashes

Written by Bill Toulas
Last updated July 14, 2021

Torrentz2, the popular torrent search engine has added Google to its index, and this move brought more than 82 million new torrent hashes into it. We knew that Google was indexing torrent pages, but the exact amount was a question, and the tech giant made it hard to find those through their search tools. Torrent meta-search engines work similarly, by indexing what’s out there and offering links to the people, but without storing any content on their own platform. Although they are facilitators of piracy, they do not break any laws directly. By adding Google, Torrentz2 got a fresh set of results that come from places they didn’t, or couldn’t search.

torrentz2 google result

Torrentz2 is the most successful torrent meta-search engine right now, starting after the original “Torrentz” closed its doors due to reasons unknown. Although a different team of people is now behind the wheel, the familiar branding, simple to use interface, and amazing work in enriching the results has quickly taken Torrentz2 to number one. Up until last year, Torrent2 was indexing a bit more than 60 million torrent files, so this latest addition of Google brings a significant amount of fresh stuff for the peer-to-peer community.

Now, this is not to say that Google is a suitable search engine for torrents. For this purpose, we still suggest that you pick one of the many available torrent meta-search engines that are specialized for the job. However, Google is a powerful indexer, so adding it into Torrent2, or any other engine such as the Snowfl, or Veoble, or TorrentSeeker makes perfect sense. The question in finding the most suitable is which ones are not blocked in your country, or blocked by the ISP you are using. For example, Torrentz2 is blocked in India, and it’s impossible to access it without a VPN.

Speaking of which, only 1% of torrent files out there concern legal content, so if you want to take the risk of downloading copyright-protected content, you should only do so through a VPN. If you’re still looking for a reliable solution on that part, check out our list with the eight best VPN tools for torrenting, and grab one before you connect to the swarm. Remember, VPNs will not just protect your identity from copyright holders, but they will also protect your system from possible malware infections that very often come with torrent files. Please note that we still recommend that you use a dedicated AV tool to check files that ended up on your system through P2P networks.

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