Top Upcoming PC games of 2018 – The Games You’ll Want to Play!

By Novak Bozovic / December 30, 2017

It could be a tad early to say that 2018 will be just as special for gamers as 2017. But with giants like Sony and Microsoft competing for breathing space in a rapidly evolving 4K future, 2018 is shaping up to a fine year not just for gamers, but for the entire industry. Even Nintendo is trying its best to prove a point with the Switch. This means that we ought to take a look at the top upcoming PC games as well.

The PC gaming market is not sitting back either. There is a constant influx of indie titles and VR gaming. That demands every one of us to throw a decent look at the upcoming PC games of 2018. Of course, the rivalry between platforms will ultimately benefit the games. That itself shows us a lot of promising titles lurking on the horizon. Will they reach the zenith or will they not?

Top Upcoming PC Games: What 2018 Has in Store?

To sum it up, we list the most exciting games available for PC. Almost all the great games available for PC are cross-platform games which are also available for gaming consoles like the PS4. So your PC must be ready with the technical specifications required to play each of these games.


Game Developer BioWare
Releasing TBA
Available for PC, Xbox, PS4

You are a mercenary. There is a society you must protect. There are multiple threats that endanger the people in your world. Either you succeed with your mission or hell breaks loose. While the description sounds generic, the gameplay looks damn impressive. Also, BioWare and EA have been particularly secretive about this game.

Anthem promises to be among the most highly-anticipated cross-platform releases of 2018. It marks an exit of the RPG roots of the studio. There are also talks of the game using online multiplayer of the kind we have seen in Destiny. BioWare could be in for some major glory hunting.

A Way Out

Game Developer Hazelight Studios
Releasing March 23, 2018
Available for PC, Xbox, PS4

A Way Out was kept under tight ribbons until E3 2017. It quickly became one of the most popular games of the show the moment it was unveiled. The op-action is seen almost totally through a split-screen. We are guessing the first few episodes will be an intricate prison break saga.

As you proceed with the levels, the two players may become fugitives. Hazelight Studios have seemingly mastered the art of two protagonists after Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. As the two breakers embark on an all-new adventure, you will find plenty of camaraderies and light-hearted banter.

Code Vein

Game Developer Bandai Namco Studios
Releasing TBA
Available for PC, Xbox, PS4

Code Vein’s director Hiroshi Yoshimura has welcomes the comparisons that have surfaced between his game and Dark Souls. He acknowledges the way Dark Souls totally revamped the action RPG genre. Unlike other directors in the genre, Yoshimura openly conceded that Dark Souls has inspired Code Vein.

Nevertheless, Code Vein is a lot more than just a rip of Dark Souls. The storyline is outlandish and anime-based. The world of the game involves quite a few vampires too! You get elaborate action scenes against big monsters and a lot of sword slashing follows. The combat system seems to be rather satisfying.

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

Game Developer ArtPlay, Inti Creatures, DICO Co. Ltd
Releasing March 2018
Available for PC, Xbox, PS4, Linux. Nintendo Switch, Vita, OS X

Koji Igarashi gets the credit for creating the new genre of gaming called Metroidvania. He did it by fusing the Metroid and Castlevania styles. Over the last two decades, Igarashi has produced a number of Castlevania titles.

The side-scrolling game has a lady protagonist and some intense music. We expect the difficulty level to rise up as the game progresses. You need to find your way to better weapons as well. Even the boss seems to be some kind of a demi-goddess with more magic than power. Fighting her and her web of magic is set to be tough.

Far Cry 5

Game Developer Ubisoft Montreal
Releasing March 27, 2018
Available for PC, Xbox, PS4

We will be honest about this. Far Cry 5 seems a little difficult to comprehend. From the top, we feel it is like other Far Cry games. Since Far Cry 3, all of us have seen a lot of co-op madness and a borderline psycho villain.

There are lots of vehicles and weapons to choose from. The outlaw-ish war becomes another level of grand in Far Cry 5. You need to liberate regions from occupying forces and create more army. As the resistance grows, your army grows. Go out and fight, for the war gets bloodier by the minute.

Dragon Ball Fighter Z

Game Developer Arc System Works
Releasing January 26, 2018
Available for PC, Xbox, PS4

For a moment, no one of us was impressed that another studio is making a Dragon Ball fighting game. Even the thought seemed to be rebellious. But we soon realized that it wasn’t just any other studio making the game. Arc System Works have in the past, made the entire Guilty Gear series.

There is a super roster of characters and the 3-on-3 teaming system is abundantly impressive. This could the Marvel versus Capcom alternative that so many of us were looking for.

Monster Hunt: World

Game Developer Capcom
Releasing January 26, 2018
Available for PC, Xbox, PS4

The Monster Hunt Franchise is as popular as it gets. And the newest entrant, Monster Hunt: World could well be among the best upcoming PC games of 2018. The fan-following the game enjoys in Japan is definitely something that keeps the makers interested.

The lineage of Monster Hunter has been reason enough for the current fans to be happy. We believe Capcom will not be in the mood to tweak the game so heavily as to disappoint the fans. But Monster Hunt: World will have to face upheaval challenges from some other great games of 2018.

Metro: Exodus

Game Developer 4A Games
Releasing TBA
Available for PC, Xbox, PS4

The Metro franchise has routinely brought out some of the best first-person shooter games we have played in years. All of us collectively fell in love with metro 2033. The game gave us a brilliant sneak peek in the post-apocalyptic future in the darkest possible manner. As such, we think this is going to be one of the best upcoming horror games.

The developers have not revealed much about Metro Exodus yet. But they have kept working hard on the game to make sure the game sees the light of the day. If the game is even half as good as Metro 2033, we have lots of variety coming up in 2018 for gamers.

Psychonauts 2

Game Developer Double Fine Productions
Releasing TBA
Available for PC, Xbox, PS4

Again, we do not know much about Psychonauts 2. But we do know that it is the sequel to Psychonauts. Isn’t that reason enough we should be celebrating already? Psychonauts released way back in 2005 and it was hailed as one of the funniest and perhaps the most interesting piece that Tim Schafer ever brought out.

Since 12 years have passed already, we only expect so much more from Psychonauts 2. We already have many graphical masterpieces lined up through the whole year. So we do not mind if humor takes the front seat in Psychonauts 2.

Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire

Game Developer Obsidian Entertainment
Releasing TBA
Available for PC, Linux, Mac

We can safely place our trust in Obsidian Entertainment for RPGs that are both intelligent and deep. Pillars of Eternity took Obsidian back to the kind of glory they were expecting. The result was one of the best experiences in the genre in recent memory.

Obsidian is back with a bang. And Pillars of Eternity II could well be the giant killer that could take on other upcoming PC games in 2018. This time around, you can expect the story to be deeper and the controls to be smoother.

Shenmue III

Game Developer Neilo, YS Net
Releasing TBA
Available for PC, PS4

Shenmue III was announced a long time back to loud cheers from gamers. It has been quite a few months since and there has not been enough official updates from the developers. In conclusion, we are still pretty clueless about the visual style, the story, and the gameplay features of the title.

The first two installments of Snehmue were revolutionary. If Shenmue III has its share of luck, it will turn out to be one epic tale of action, revenge, and kung fu. At the moment, we can only hope it turns out that way.

Sea of Thieves

Game Developer Rare
Releasing March 20, 2018
Available for PC, Xbox

It has been some time since Rare has delivered a hit that is worthy of their tall legacy. And honestly, Sea of Thieves did not look like a game that would do a lot to change that! But we have been singing a different tune ever since the game created the buzz in E3 2017.

The pirate adventure in Sea of Thieves is not conventional; not by a long shot. Instead, the game focuses more on the romance that propelled the seafarers into all of our lives. Johnny Depp would be proud of the imagination!

System Shock

Game Developer Nightdive Studios
Releasing TBA
Available for PC, Xbox, PS4

The System Shock franchise has been away from gamers for a long time now. While games like BioShock and Prey have made illustrious use of suspect, we have thoroughly missed the mastery that was exhibited by System Shock. System Shock 3 is far away. But we can make do with the remake of System Shock.

Nightdive Studios have always made sure that classical games are taken to a new generation of gamers. From what we have seen so far, we are sure there will be a lot to cherish in the new game. You will enjoy this version of System shock if you have never played it before.

State of Decay 2

Game Developer Undead Labs
Releasing TBA
Available for PC, Xbox

We would like to end our list on the upcoming PC games of 2018 on a high. The first State of Decay title was a thrilling take on ambition. Developers at Undead Labs gave preference to survival over both action and horror. The resource management and role-playing aspects of the game were nothing less than intoxicating.

On paper, the biggest change that we say for State of Decay 2 is the availability of co-operational gameplay. That makes it even more exciting. Undead Labs now have the resources and experience that give them the traction to build the game they wanted.

Final Words

So that is our full list of some indispensable games available for PC in 2018. There are lots of impressive upcoming PC games and you should be prepping up your computer already. Till our next list of amazing games, keep your consoles ticking!

In case you have any suggestions, feel free to post a comment below. We'd love to hear from you! Tell us your favorites when it comes to upcoming PC games. 

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