The Official Kodi Website Goes Offline – Now Temporarily Redirects to Kodi’s Community Forum!

By Novak Bozovic / September 26, 2019

By now, we’ve learned that Kodi is often associated with piracy as well as malware-ridden repositories. From time to time, we also hear about popular Kodi repositories being taken offline. However, we’re now facing something entirely else – as the official website of this application went through turbulent 24 hours. First, it appeared that the website had been taken down, leaving millions of Kodi users without the possibility to download the latest available version of this application. However, things started to clear up a bit soon after.

Sometime yesterday, those who wanted to access the official Kodi website faced the following message: “Sorry, we could not find any content for this Web address. Please check the URL." In simple terms, it looked like the website isn’t online, which isn't something that has happened before. Considering that many associate Kodi with piracy, this was certainly the first thing to come to mind. However, this isn’t a piracy-related, but a hosting-related problem. As soon explained via Kodi’s official Twitter account, the culprit for this situation was Kodi’s hosting sponsor – Acquia.

As the official statement says, Acquia has identified Kodi as being a resource-hungry website, which doesn’t seem far-fetched. After all, millions of individuals use Kodi, and one of the safest ways to download this application is by visiting its official website. Therefore, Acquia is currently asking Kodi’s developers to pay for a dedicated server. Unless that happens, Kodi’s official website will remain offline. This is why the team behind this application is currently looking for another Drupal host willing to help.

Right now, if you visit the official Kodi website, you will be redirected to Kodi’s community forum. Luckily, this page also provides a way to download various versions and editions of Kodi, which means that the problem has been temporarily resolved. With this said, here’s how to download Kodi while its website if offline:

Kodi Website Redirect

Kodi Mirror Folders

Windows Kodi Mirror

Kodi Mirror Links Windows

We sincerely hope that Kodi’s developers will soon find a new hosting provider. Even though you can download this application without any problems even right now, this can be an unneeded complication for many. Lastly, remember that Kodi is made by a non-profit organization and that this software is free of charge. The only way to support this team directly is by getting the official merchandise from its online store, which is not available at the moment (being a part of the official website).

So, have you managed to download Kodi? What do you think about this problem; Will it be temporary? Let us know in the comments section below. And don’t forget to follow our Facebook and Twitter pages. Thanks!

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