NordVPN Introduces the ‘NordPass’ Password Manager

  • NordVPN completes its product range with the introduction of a password manager called “NordPass”.
  • This new password manager features the user-friendly features that are to be expected by the company.
  • With strong encryption, a trust system in place, and a special “private notes” location, NordPass looks good on paper.

Say hello to NordVPN’s latest addition to its product portfolio, which is a password manager called “NordPass”. The utility has not been fully released yet, but you can give it a spin as it entered its testing phase and there are about 2500 beta tester spots left. If you don’t want to try it out, you can buy it now and benefit from an early-adopter 75% discount. This launch comes in less than a month after the announcement of the NordLocker file encryption service, so NordVPN is really covering the full usability needs spectrum with the addition of a password manager.

The NordPass is coming with an easy to use modern graphical interface that NordVPN offers across the full range of its products, so it’s a user-friendly tool. Like most tools of this type, it can generate complex passwords that you could not possibly remember, store them for you and then auto-fill the login forms with the credentials when you visit a website that requires it. The only thing that you will need to remember is the master key, which is a password that authenticates you on NordPass, activates the tool and allows it to run in the background. The tool even checks your passwords on the fly and informs you if they have been exposed by any known breaches.

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The encryption that is used for the passwords is of the strong “AES-256-GCM” format, with Argon2 for key derivation. Strong encryptions like this one are practically impossible to break even if stolen, as they would require the use of supercomputers to brute force them. NordVPN claims that they don’t store anything on their servers and that even if they wanted to use your passwords, they would have no way of getting their hands on them. This “trust” system is based on cloud syncing technologies, combined with the fact that the encryption is taking place on the local level, keeping the key locally as well.

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If you are already using a password manager or your browser’s password storing tool, NordVPN promises a hassle-free importing procedure. Finally, NordPass is also offering a “Private Notes” feature, which is basically a place to write down classified information and keep them safe and protected. Things like WiFi passwords, or software license keys that have nothing to do with login credentials could be kept there, hidden behind the AES encryption.

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