NordVPN to Launch the ‘NordLocker’ File Encryption Service

  • NordVPN has announced their plans to launch a file encryption service called “NordLocker”.
  • The new tool will be straightforward to use even by people who understand little about encryption.
  • NordLocker will work both with local storage and cloud services.

NordVPN has just announced that they are planning to launch a new file encryption service this summer, called the “NordLocker”. The renown and trusted VPN provider aims at offering something that their users will cherish when dipping their toes outside the safe environment of the VPN service itself. NordLocker promises to keep you safe by securing your local or cloud files with end-to-end encryption. Whether it is vacation photos that you don’t want to share with anyone, or financial details and highly-sensitive user credentials, everything will remain appropriately secured with the power of AES-256 and 4096-bit RSA.

For the cloud functionality, you won’t have to pick a plan from NordLocker as the tool is only adding a layer of encryption, so it plays well with most cloud storage service providers right now. Whether you choose the cloud or just your local filesystem, encrypting your files is a breeze, and requires no specialized technical knowledge whatsoever. With NordLocker, you get a folder that encrypts everything that’s placed in it automatically, so simply drag and drop a file or another folder inside it will do the trick right away.

nordlocker folder
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If it’s work files that you care about protecting, but you still need to share them with your collaborators, NordLocker still has your back. You may grant people access to your files after you have encrypted them, by sending them a secure link to your cloud storage or directly attaching the files on email or any other app that supports attachments. For the decryption of the files, you will be the only one able to do that by providing the master password, so even if a computer is used by multiple people, your sensitive files remain inaccessible when inside NordLocker’s folder.

nordlocker share
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As we mentioned in the first paragraph, NordLocker is expected to become widely available this summer. However, if you are interested in giving it a spin right now, you may sign up for early access and give the new tool a try while at the same time helping NordVPN squash any bugs that lurk in the beta stage.

Will you be using NordLocker, or are you already satisfied by another file encrypter? Let us know in the comments down below, and share your thoughts on our socials as well, on Facebook and Twitter.

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