Ivacy VPN + TechNadu Present the ‘Deal of the Year’ – Save Up to 87% on a 5-Year VPN Plan!

By Novak Bozovic / July 7, 2021

Getting a capable and powerful VPN doesn’t have to cost a lot – and Ivacy VPN has always been an excellent example of that. However, Ivacy is also known for offering special deals quite frequently, letting you obtain a VPN subscription at a low cost. With that said, here’s what to know about Ivacy’s currently active 'Deal of the Year.'

At the moment, Ivacy VPN offers its 5-year plan for only $80.00. In other words, the price of this subscription plan comes down to $1.33/month. Considering that Ivacy VPN is priced at $9.95/month (when paying on a monthly basis), this deal lets you save 87%! However, know that TechNadu is here to help you save even more – and here’s how!

Ivacy VPN + TechNadu Deal Details
Subscription Duration 5 Years
Included Extras 2TB of encrypted storage
Money-Back Guarantee 30 days
Price (Total)  $64.00 (when using “Ivacy20” code)
Price (Per Month) $1.06/month 
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While paying for your 5-year Ivacy VPN subscription, our readers can use a promo code to save an additional 20%. In other words, you’ll pay $64.00 instead of $80.00! All you have to do is use the "Ivacy20" promo code

However, keep in mind that you need to use the promo code during checkout. So, once you pick a payment method, you'll see a field at the bottom asking for a promo code. Enter "Ivacy20" there, and the amount you'll need to pay will be reduced from $80.00 to $64.00. 

Ivacy VPN Promo Code 20 Percent Off

You might also be asking yourself – what does Ivacy VPN offer? Well, it offers plenty, especially when we consider its low price. To take a much closer look at this VPN, we highly recommend checking our Ivacy VPN review. However, let’s give you some of the most prominent highlights here:

Intrigued by this offer? We’re sure you are! So, go ahead and check out Ivacy VPN’s special 5-year plan promo – and don’t forget to use TechNadu’s "Ivacy20" promo code (lowering Ivacy’s price by an additional 20%)!

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