Irish Blocklist Now Blocks Over 250 Domains

Written by Deepak Parihar
Last updated July 14, 2021

After the Irish court issues a formal restriction against the pirate content, Internet providers in Ireland continue to block sites which are now well over 250 domains. This injunction from the court allows copyright holders to block all types of mirror sites and proxies. The Motion Picture Association (MPA) hopes that this blocklist will eventually become the end of the piracy in Ireland.

In the last few months, we saw the entire EU uniting to fight against piracy. And Irish Blocklist is like any other list from Europe which has officially released a set of Pirate sites to be blocked. Among the other big names that were targetted in the past, Pirate Bay was the first to face the threats. Right from 2009, as per a Voluntary agreement between Local ISP Eircom and Copyright holders, a set of pirated sites was blocked, which was later followed by MPA that expanded its list to the other major sites.

These movements against pirated sites were on behalf of the major Hollywood studios, which targetted the most popular torrent and streaming sites. These sites included some of the popular names in the torrent community like,,,, and more.

The recent order from 2018 annoyed many users who lost the access to their favorite sites and have to later settle for the alternative mirror sites and proxies. But now, even the alternatives are facing the same fate of their older cousins with the expansion of the Irish blocklist.

These injunctions from the court allow copyright holders to keep updating the targetted domains with the newer proxies and mirror sites on the web. This is the same routine that Dublin High Court follows, which regularly expands its blocklist and include major proxies and domains. The latest update on this list was done at the start of this month that frustrated many torrent users, which now again have to look for another alternative. If users want to keep their pirate torrent sites, 'keep switching' is what is still remained of the trick.

A recent article from TF states that the MPA has recently expanded their blocklist to over 250 domains and will continue to do so. While we think that these mere blocking exercises are effective to a degree, a determined pirate can easily work around these new updates. Anything from new proxy servers or VPNs could easily solve the issue.

At Technadu, we do believe that MPA is aware of the inefficiency of blocking sites, but as long as it keeps frustrating torrent users and keeps a significant number of people away from it, Hollywood funded groups will continue this blocking expansion.

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