IPVanish Deals | 72% Off – $3.33/month – Offer Valid Upto Feb 25

By Aravindhsriram / February 23, 2018

IPVanish VPN network is celebrating 6 years of service after conquering tough time these days which is more than half a decade now. To bring more love and joy to the customer, IPVanish offers a new 2-Year deal for just $3.33/month (Billed $79.99 Annually) until Feb 25, 2018. From this offer, you save nearly 72% bill amount.

IPVanish VPN 2-Year Deal

According to TechNadu, this is a great deal for the VPN user who still hasn't purchased the service. Keep in mind, you can't be safe without using a VPN.

In case, if you are not comfortable with a 2-Year plan, then you'll have to go either with 1 Month or 1 Year plan deal.

Make use of this IPVanish VPN services in the following devices - Windows, iOS, Android, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Router, and Apple products. It is also possible for you to protect your five devices at the same time.

Keeping the importance of privacy in mind, IPVanish is consistently improving their service and expanding their business. They strongly believe that they have empowered people to regain control of their online freedom. And they are proud to do this service for you.

When compared to other VPN, IPVanish takes your online privacy more seriously and provides you with more powerful features than before.

As per the official report, IPVanish has 950+ servers (In 60+ countries) with no-zero logs policy. Take a look at the following image for more details.

VPN comparison table

In general, IPVanish VPN keeps your internet connection safe considering your privacy, freedom, and security.

  1. Privacy - No one can track your online activity even your ISP when you have a VPN with you.
  2. Freedom - Using a VPN, you'll have a freedom to access the geo-restricted content and bypass any kind of blocks across the web.
  3. Security - Public Wi-Fi connectivity is unsafe for use especially when you access your bank account and other sensitive information. During that period, it is advisable to use a VPN.

When you get connected to this top tier service, the followings are the benefits you'll get.

You’re just one click away from the best VPN offer available online. Sign up the IPVanish VPN now to surf the web anonymously and access the unrestricted internet every corner of the globe.

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