How to Watch Upright Season 2 Online From Anywhere: Stream the Milly Alcock and Tim Minchin Series

By Lore Apostol / December 26, 2022

There's a lot to look forward to when it comes to Season 2 of the Upright series, which is set to land on small screens around the world extremely soon. The best thing is that it will be extremely easy to stream the Milly Alcock and Tim Minchin series online, even on the go or while traveling, so you can safely add it to your streaming list.

Upright is an Australian drama series that follows the story of Lucky and Meg, who are trying to get an upright piano across the country. Upright started to air in 2019 and is now returning three years later with a sophomore season written by Chris Taylor, Tim Minchin, Kate Mulvany, and Leon Ford.

The debut episode of the new season will show the misfit duo reunited after four years. Lucky and Meg trade the desert for the steamy tropics of Far North Queensland on a new mission when Meg turns up unannounced - to find her mother. Throughout the season, Lucky reluctantly finds himself in Cairns, where he tries to lay low, but Meg ruins this plan. She ditches him to continue the search herself, and after Lucky escapes his old mate Duncan hunting him, the duo continues north, but he's wounded from his confrontation and fading fast.

They discover that Meg's mum may be living at a spiritual Wellfullness Commune out in the middle of nowhere. They are separated in the middle of the rainforest but are reunited at an old bush camp where the quirky inhabitants attempt to heal Lucky's wounds. After being treated for his wounds and partaking in spiritual cleansing ceremonies, Lucky's mocking of their hippie rituals comes to a halt when Meg finally finds her mother, and Lucky also recognizes a familiar face.

When and Where to Watch Upright Season 2

Upright Season 2 premiered on Tuesday, November 15, 2022, with a double episode in Australia on Foxtel's Showcase at 8:30 pm AEDT, and on November 22, 2022, in the US, the UK, and Canada. The season has 8 episodes, and we will get two new episodes simultaneously once a week, every other Tuesday.

How to Watch Upright Season 2 Online From Anywhere

Nowadays, the many live TV and streaming services available out there make it super easy to stream your favorite series and movies online. However, the US, the UK, Australia, and Canada each have a different streaming service that hosts this series, and each applies geo-restrictions abroad. If you cannot access your subscription or this show while traveling, you will be able to easily overcome this problem by using a VPN subscription to watch Upright Season 2 online because VPNs change your IP address and easily lift geo-blockades.

We recommend ExpressVPN to unblock popular streaming platforms such as Binge, NOW, Sundance Now, Gem, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and others. This is one of the best VPNs on the market right now and has thousands of servers placed in over 90 countries worldwide, no bandwidth caps, fast and stable connections, and the best safety and privacy features out there. Plus, the no-questions-asked money-back guarantee lets you try ExpressVPN for 30 days RISK-FREE. 

Besides, you can also get a significant price cut with the annual plan when you subscribe to ExpressVPN (49% discount and get 3 months FREE) on their website. To get started, fill in the required details and see the payment through to be able to download the app for your device or system. Next, launch it after the installation is complete and switch it on using a server from an area where the streaming service is not blocked. Lastly, load the streaming platform to watch Upright Season 2 online.

How to Watch Upright Season 2 Online in the US

The show is broadcast in the US on the Sundance Now streaming service, which has two subscription options: the monthly plan costs $6.99, and the yearly plan is $59.99. However, there's a weeklong free trial that new customers can take advantage of. You can also access this streaming service via Spectrum On-Demand.

If you live in the US, you have other options, such as several live TV streaming platforms. Let's see which these are right now.

Traveling away from the US? You should remember these streaming platforms apply geo-restrictions in some countries. A safe and capable VPN set to a server from a region where the service is available will let you watch the series, though.

How to Watch Upright Season 2 Online in the UK

In the UK, you will be able to see Upright Season 2 via Sky on November 22, 2022, at 9 pm on Sky Comedy, and this means you can also stream the episodes via Sky's NOW platform. The subscription prices start at £9.99 per month for the NOW platform, and there's a 7-day free trial for all new customers.

You will not be able to access these streaming services while traveling since they are geo-restricted, so you will need to rely on a capable VPN while abroad and run it using a VPN server from a region close to your home area.

How to Watch Upright Season 2 Online in Australia

Upright is a Foxtel original title, so Season 2 will air weekly on Foxtel's Showcase channel in Australia starting November 15. You will also be able to stream the new season via Binge, where all episodes drop on November 15. Subscription prices here start at $10 a month, and a 14-day free trial is advertised.

Traveling away from Australia? You will need to use a trustworthy and powerful VPN solution to lift the geo-restrictions you may encounter, and it's as easy as running the VPN via a server located in an area back home.

How to Watch Upright Season 2 Online in Canada

If you live in Canada, you will be able to stream Upright Season 2 Online on Gem (the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's CBC streaming service). This streaming service's free tier won't let you watch the title, so you need to have a Premium membership, which is $4.99 per month. With CBC Premium, you can get ad-free on-demand episodes and live stream access to the CBC News Network, and there's also a 30-day free trial for new clients.

This service is geo-restricted outside Canada, so you won't be able to access it while traveling abroad without a top-tier VPN app to unblock it. You just need to set it to a server from a region back home for this to work.

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