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How to Watch Love Island Australia Season 4 (2022) Online from Anywhere

Written by Ipsita Kabiraj
Last updated November 13, 2023

Love Island Australia's current season has concluded. You can watch more action from the Love Island series on Winter Love Island 2023.

One of the hottest reality TV shows is returning with a brand new season, and we're excited to watch all the episodes online. We have everything you need to know, including the release date, host, location, cast members, and more - so keep reading to find out where, when, and how to watch Love Island Australia Season 4 online from anywhere in the world.

The dating reality show, which is based on the global Love Island franchise, includes hot, 20-something Aussie singles who must pair up and stay together in order to win the viewers' hearts and votes, all while residing in a secluded luxury villa. This time, the show is headed to Mallorca, Spain, as the Islanders hope to find love amidst a ton of drama, partner swapping, romance, tensions, and temptations, all while being isolated from the outside world. The winners are chosen by the public through a voting system, and a grand prize of $50,000 is up for grabs, which they can either split with each other or keep for themselves.

Love Island Australia 2022 premiered on 9Now in Australia on October 31, 2022, and new episodes were released from Monday to Thursday at 6 p.m. AEDT.

How to Watch Love Island Australia Season 4 Online from Anywhere

If you are in your home country and have a subscription to a live TV or streaming service that offers it, it is now rather simple to watch your favorite TV episodes and movies online. If you travel abroad, geo-restrictions will keep you from accessing your streaming library. To circumvent this issue, you can use a VPN to watch Love Island Australia Season 4 online. This tool will alter your virtual location to make it appear as though you are at home.

Looking for a reliable VPN service? We recommend employing NordVPN because it can unblock the majority of streaming services and has servers spread out throughout the globe. By applying top-notch encryption techniques, the tool safeguards your security and defends your online privacy. Try NordVPN for 30 days RISK-FREE and use the tool's no-questions-asked money-back guarantee to your advantage.

You may get a nice discount and save some money if you go to its website and subscribe to NordVPN (49% Discount + 3 Months FREE). You can log in using an activation code or a sign-in link supplied to your email address after downloading the native app for your device. To watch Love Island Australia 2022 online from any location, activate the VPN and select a server in your country of residence, and then access a streaming service.

How to Watch Love Island Australia Season 4 in Australia for FREE

Folks in Australia can easily watch Love Island Australia 2022 on the 9Now streaming platform. The content is entirely free to access on this site, and all you have to do to access the episodes is log in or sign up for a free account. One account will give you access to free entertainment, news, sport, lifestyle, and radio across all your devices.

Out of Australia? Access 9Now from abroad using a VPN that will bypass geo-restrictions, allowing you to watch Love Island Australia Season 4 while traveling. Simply choose an Australian server when you activate the VPN, and you're good to go.

How to Watch Love Island Australia 2022 in the US

In the US, Love Island Australia is usually available on Hulu, and since all previous seasons are available on the platform, we're hoping that the latest installment will land there soon. However, a release date hasn't been announced yet, so we have to wait and keep an eye out.

Meanwhile, we should let you know that a Hulu subscription costs $7.99 per month (ad-supported plan) or $14.99 monthly (ad-free plan), and both come with a 30-day free trial. And if you don't want the standalone service, you can get the Disney bundle, which includes Disney Plus, ESPN Plus, and Hulu, at a discounted price. The Disney Bundle with the ad-supported Hulu plan will cost you $13.99 per month, and if you want to watch Hulu with no ads, you need to dish out $19.99 per month. 

As you may know, most streaming services are geo-restricted, so if you're traveling abroad, you need to use a capable VPN to watch Love Island Australia on the go. Just remember to choose a US server when you turn on the VPN tool.

How to Watch Love Island Australia 2022 in the UK & Canada

Even though release dates and further details have not been announced yet, you may be able to watch Love Island Australia 2022 on ITV Hub in the UK and on Hayu in Canada. While ITV Hub is free, Hayu offers three recurring plans: $5.99 for one month, $28.99 for six months, and $52.99 for 12 months. You can also add Hayu to your Prime Video subscription for $5.99 monthly, on top of the CA$ 9.99 monthly Prime membership fee.

You can watch the show while traveling overseas with the use of a reliable VPN that can eliminate geo-restrictions. Once the VPN is running, all you have to do is choose a server from your home country to watch Love Island Australia from anywhere.

Love Island Australia 2022 Islanders

Below are the cast members who entered the villa in Love Island Australia Season 4.

Love Island Australia 2022 Eliminations

  1. Claudia Bonifazio was eliminated in episode 1 when Holly decided to steal Jordan when left without a partner. Although Claudia was the first contestant to leave, it was later discovered in episode 2 that she wasn't actually sent home. She re-entered the villa with Callum and Tak.
  2. Andre Coutinho was eliminated in episode 5 when Stella decided to leave him and recouple with Jordan.
  3. Holly Oakes-Ferguson was eliminated in episode 9 when Jordan and Austen, the boys from the couples with the highest votes, dumped Holly and chose Maddy to stay.
  4. Conor Howard was eliminated in episode 9 when Claudia and Stella, the girls from the couples with the highest votes, chose to send him home and save Tak.
  5. Layla John was eliminated on episode 13 of the show. When Phoebe H and Vakoo were given the chance to steal someone's partner, they chose Jordan and Callum, respectively, which meant that Stella and Layla were now single. After that, new bombshell Ben went on a date with both single ladies and chose Stella to couple up with, thus sending Layla home.
  6. Ben Gleeson left the villa two days after he entered it, as he was eliminated in episode 15. Jess and Al had to choose a couple that was least likely to fall in love, and they chose Ben and Stella; when they had to decide who among the two would be eliminated, they chose Ben.
  7. Vakoo Kauapirura was eliminated in episode 16 when her partner Callum chose Maddy during the Recoupling. She hoped that Tak would pick her, but he ended up choosing Stella, thus sending Vakoo home.
  8. Jason Shtjefni decided to leave the villa during episode 19 just 24 hours after arriving. He had come to the show to rekindle his romance with ex-girlfriend Claudia, but when she made it clear that she was only interested in Austen, he decided to leave.
  9. Maddy Gillbanks was eliminated from the villa in episode 20. After a Superfans vote, the three ladies that had the least votes were Maddy, Phoebe H, and Jessica. Their partners - Al, Jordan, and Callum - had to decide whom to send home, and they chose Maddy.
  10. Tak Chipangura was dumped by Stella during the Recoupling Ceremony in episode 21. After that, Tina had to decide whether she would like to pair up with Tak or Callum, and she chose Callum, thus sending Tak home.
  11. Phoebe H was eliminated in episode 23 after she got the least number of Superfans' votes.
  12. Jordan Dowsett was eliminated in episode 25 after he was left with no one to pair with at the final recoupling of the season.
  13. Stella Hutcheon was eliminated in episode 26. Phoebe, Al, and Tina received the most votes from the Superfans, they had to pick one couple who would be sent home. They chose Stella and Hugh.
  14. Hugh Wilcox was eliminated in episode 26 after Phoebe, Al, and Tina voted to dump him and Stella from the villa.
  15. Tina Provis was eliminated in episode 27 after the Islanders had to choose the couple that would probably not be together outside the villa. They chose exes Tina and Mitchell, thus sending them home.
  16. Mitch Hibberd was dumped in episode 27 after the Islanders voted him and Tina to be the least likely to make it work outside the villa.
  17. Jessica Losurdo was eliminated after she and Al got the least amount of votes by Superfans when they were asked to pick their favorite couple.
  18. Al Perkins was eliminated from the villa when he and Jessica received the fewest number of Superfans' votes.

Where is Love Island Australia 2022 Being Filmed?

Season 4 of Love Island Australia will be set in Mallorca, Spain. The first season was also filmed in Spain, the second in Fiji, and the third season in Byron Bay.

Who Will Host Love Island Australia 2022?

TV personality Sophie Monk will return to host Love Island Australia Season 4. She said, "I'm so excited to be returning as host of Love Island Australia, and with overseas holidays finally coming back into view, I can't wait to return to beautiful Mallorca to see what's in store for our brand-new Islanders."

Who is the Narrator of Love Island Australia 2022?

Stephen Mullan, once again, will be the narrator of Love Island Australia as he replaced Eoghan McDermott in Season 3.

Love Island Australia Previous Winners

The winners of Love Island Australia Season 1 were Grant Crapp and Tayla Damir; Josh Packham and Anna McEvoy won the second season, and the third season's winners were Mitch Hibberd and Tina Provis.

Who Won Love Island Australia 2022?

Austen and Claudia were crowned the winners of Love Island Australia 2022. They won $50,000, which was split between the couple.

Mitchell and Phoebe and Callum and Madeline were the runners-up.

Love Island Australia 2022 Trailer

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