How to Watch Judge Me Not Online from Anywhere

By TechNadu Staff / July 19, 2023

Life as a judge is never easy, your decisions will always lay heavy on everyone’s life in your courtroom, and it’s up to you to make the right and just choice. If you want to see the hardships this kind of life brings, watch Judge Me Not, a series based on the life of a real-life judge. Read on to find out more.

Judge Me Not isn’t your typical courtroom drama series. Instead of following a lawyer defending his clients, viewers now take a hard look at the judge's life in the room. The series is said to be loosely based on the life of the famed Judge Lynn Toler, who has been part of the network producing the show for some time. She even gave her hand in writing this drama herself.

Viewers follow a newly appointed judge named Zelma Jay Johnson, who is lauded for her brilliant mind and skills. However, behind her strong exterior is a woman who struggles with mental health issues, family problems, and a turbulent love life. With her new position as judge, will she finally break under pressure or rise above the challenge?

In the courtroom, she tackles case after case full of people with outrageous characters both in front and behind the bench. Aside from the stress at work, she also has to face trouble with her live-in partner when she reaches home. The new judge finds herself in a psychological thriller and puts her life at risk.

If you’re interested in following this not-so-ordinary life of Judge Zelma, keep scrolling below because we have all the information you need to know to watch Judge Me Not in any part of the world.

When and Where to Watch Judge Me Not

Judge Me Not premiered on Thursday, May 25, 2023, on ALLBLK (available only in the US). Currently, the series is said to have a total of 8 episodes.

How to Watch Judge Me Not Online from Anywhere

Judge Me Not is an ALLBLK original, meaning you can only watch it on that platform. This becomes a problem when you travel abroad, and the platform becomes unavailable. However, you can always unblock ALLBLK when you use a VPN subscription to watch Judge Me Not online. With the help of the VPN tool, you can easily change your IP address to your home country, making it seem like you are streaming from home despite being miles away.

With the many choices of VPN in the market, we only recommend the best VPN, which is ExpressVPN. This service has thousands of servers in over 90 countries, making it the perfect tool to unblock popular streaming platforms like Hulu, Netflix, HBO, ALLBLK, and more. The VPN has a fast and stable connection, the best encryption protocols, and unlimited bandwidth. In addition to all these amazing things it offers, it also has 24/7 live chat support that you can contact for any software problems. Thanks to its generous 30-day money-back guarantee, you can try ExpressVPN for 30 days RISK-FREE.

When you visit their official website, you can subscribe to ExpressVPN (49% Discount + 3 Months free). You’ll need to create an account by filling in the details and seeing the payment through. When your account is set up, you can download and install the app into your device or system. After installing it, you can launch the app, select a server from your home country and stream Judge Me Not online from anywhere.

How to Watch Judge Me Not Online in the US Without Cable

Folks in the US can watch Judge Me Not on ALLBLK streaming service on the premiere date. ALLBLK features many original shows, movies, and other content created for Black TV and film. A subscription to the service costs $5.99 monthly and comes with a 7-day free trial if you are a new customer.

You can also add ALLBLK as a Prime channel on Prime Video for $5.99 a month on top of your Prime Membership fee of $14.99 a month. You’ll get a 7-day free trial on the channel if it’s your first time adding it. Meanwhile, if you are new to the platform, you’ll be given a generous 30-day free trial.

ALLBLK is also available in other services. Here’s a list of how you can get ALLBLK.

If you’re traveling abroad, remember that the services mentioned above are all geo-blocked. You must use a capable VPN to stream Judge Me Not without problems. Run the VPN and select a server from your home country to unblock the services. Then, launch whatever platform from the list above to watch Judge Me Not from anywhere.

How to Watch Judge Me Not Online in Canada

In Canada, you can watch Judge Me Not online by adding ALWAYSBLK on Prime Video as a Prime channel. To add it as a Prime channel, it will cost you $5.99 monthly on top of your Prime Membership fee of $9.99 monthly. If you’re a new platform user, you will be given a 30-day free trial.

When you travel abroad, Your Prime Video library may look different, or you might lose access to the platform. When you experience this, we recommend using a powerful VPN to unblock your streaming platform. Just run the VPN and select a server from your home country. Once you’ve completed these steps, you can access your usual streaming platforms.

Can I Watch Judge Me Not Online in the UK or Australia?

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find a streaming service that will air the show in the UK or Australia. Your best option is to use a reliable VPN to watch Judge Me Not online on ALLBLK. You just need to pick a US server when running the VPN to gain access to the required streaming platform. 

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