How to Watch Influencer Online: Stream the Horror Movie from Anywhere

By Lore Apostol / May 26, 2023

Influencer is a new title to add to the list of horror movie fans, and all the essential details were announced, such as the premiere date, cast, plot, and more. What’s more, it will be extremely easy to stream the film online from anywhere in the world, be it from home, on the go, or while traveling abroad, so keep reading to find out everything.

Influencer follows Madison, a popular social media influencer who is having a lonely and uneventful trip in Thailand and secretly cursing her boyfriend Ryan for ditching the trip last minute, despite what she tells her followers on Instagram. At the hotel bar, she meets a fearless and enigmatic traveler called CW. 

They share authentic meals and drinks with locals, discussing the differences between Madison’s online presence and CW’s lack of one. After showing Madison all of the amazing sights, CW brings her to a surprise location — a deserted island that is completely off the grid. You can see in the trailer how things go from here as the mysterious CW seems to hide something.

“Influencer is a thought-provoking and suspenseful exploration of the world of social media, and we are thrilled to share it with members this spring as part of an already exciting lineup of some of the best in horror filmmaking,” said a representative of the streaming service that produced the movie.

This is the latest title from Kurtis David Harder, whose credits include being a producer on V/H/S/94. This being said, let's see when, where, and how to easily watch Influencer online.

When and Where to Watch Influencer

The 2023 Influencer movie will premiere online in the US on Friday, May 26, 2023, and it will become available for streaming on Shudder (only in the US, Canada, the UK, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand) and AMC Plus (United States, Canada, Australia, Spain, India, and New Zealand only). 

New content usually becomes available on streaming platforms right after midnight PT (3:01 am ET).

How to Watch Influencer Online from Anywhere

Nowadays, there are tons of live TV and streaming services available in your home country that let you watch your favorite movies and series online, but these services are geo-restricted. Shudder is only available in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand, and AMC Plus adds India to the availability list. This means you will need a workaround to regain access outside these territories, and you can achieve that if you watch Influencer online with a VPN subscription since this tool helps you change your IP address.

ExpressVPN is extremely easy to use, even for beginners, and it can easily unblock several popular live TV streaming platforms like Shudder, AMC Plus, Prime Video, Hulu, Netflix, Max, and others. This is the best VPN on the market right now and provides thousands of servers worldwide, high speeds, stable connections, strong encryption protocols, and 24/7 chat support. You can even try ExpressVPN for 30 days RISK-FREE via the 30-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee policy.

Go for the annual plan to get a hefty discount when you subscribe to ExpressVPN (49% Discount and Get 3 Months FREE). You need to create an account on the official website to get started, so fill in your details on the signup page and pay. Next, download and install the specific VPN app that suits you best. Then, launch the VPN app and run it via a server from a location with no geo-restrictions. Lastly, load the streaming service of choice and stream Influencer from anywhere.

How to Watch Influencer Online in the US Without Cable

In the US, you will be able to stream Influencer on Shudder since the movie is a Shudder original title. The AMC-owned on-demand streaming platform offers the largest, best selection of horror films and series, with new exclusive premieres every week. This streaming platform costs $5.99 a month (or $56.99 a year), and new customers get a 7-day free trial on Shudder.

A subscription with the AMC Plus streaming platform is $8.99 per month or $83.88 annually, and it offers ad-free, on-demand original content from Shudder, AMC, and more. You can also add AMC Plus to your TV plan with Xfinity or Dish, and there's also a 7-day free trial for new customers.

Of course, several live TV and streaming services let you also add Shudder or AMC Plus as premium add-ons. Let's see what options you have right now.

Keep in mind the mentioned streaming platforms are geo-restricted, but a safe and powerful VPN set to a server located back home will unblock them while traveling abroad. Just run the VPN in the background before accessing the streaming platform.

How to Watch Influencer Online in Canada, the UK, and Australia

Horror fans in the UK, Canada, and Australia will be able to watch Influencer on Shudder in several ways, including adding Shudder as a channel on Apple TV or The Roku Channel.

The first option is to subscribe directly on the official Shudder website for CA $5.99 a month (or CA $56.99 per year) / £4.99 a month (or £47.88 a year) / AU $6.99 per month (or AU $69.99 per year), and there’s 7-day Shudder free trial for new customers. You can also add Shudder on Prime Video as a Prime channel for CA $4.75 / AU $6.99 / £4.99 per month, with a 30-day free trial in Canada and a 7-day free trial in the UK and Australia for first-timers. The Prime membership costs CA $9.99 / AU $6.99 / £8.99 a month and comes with a generous 30-day free trial.

In Canada and Australia, you can subscribe to AMC Plus via the website or the AMC Plus app to get Shudder, and there's also a 7-day free trial available if you're new to the service. The subscription fee is CA $8.99 per month (or CA $83.88 per year) / AU $8.99 per month, and Acorn TV is also included with the subscription for people in Australia.

In Australia alone, you can add AMC Plus as a Prime channel on Prime Video for AU $8.99 a month with an AMC Plus 7-day free trial.

If you are traveling abroad and cannot access this title or the entire platform, we recommend you use a secure and capable VPN tool set to server from a location close to your home area to bypass the geo-restrictions.

Influencer Cast

Influencer Official Trailer

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