How to Watch Fallout Online from Anywhere

By Isha Das / April 11, 2024

Fallout is based on a video game in which citizens of a post-apocalyptic Los Angeles, devastated by nuclear war, are forced to live in underground bunkers to defend themselves against radiation, mutants, and bandits. It will premiere on Prime Video worldwide on Thursday, April 11, 2024, including in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia.

However, if you live in areas where Prime Video is not accessible, such as Mainland China, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria, geo-blocks will prevent you from viewing this series. The platform will show an error message after it reads your physical location through your IP address. Don’t worry, as we have a solution. 

You can launch a VPN to bypass geo-restrictions. This step removes the error message by altering the IP address to the US one. Once you run the VPN app in the background via a US server, your physical location will be read as US, so you can stream the show easily from anywhere. 

Let's see when, where, and how to watch Fallout online. We have also included why you need a VPN, the series preview, cast details, an official trailer, an episode guide, and more.

How to Watch Fallout Online With a VPN

You can watch Fallout online on Prime Video by connecting a VPN to a US server. Here’s how:

  1. Subscribe to a VPN that can unblock Prime Video (we recommend NordVPN).
  2. Download and install the VPN into your device(s).
  3. Launch the VPN app and connect to a US server.
  4. Access Prime Video and stream the title. 

Why Do You Need a VPN to Watch Fallout?

You need a VPN to watch Fallout because Prime Video is restricted in several countries, such as Cuba, Iran, China, Syria, North Korea, etc. Even though it is available in over 240 territories worldwide, the content library differs from region to region. 

Due to licensing constraints, you can't access Prime Video content in locations such as Cuba. Without a VPN, an error message will appear on your screen, saying, "Service area restriction. The availability of Prime Video and its content differs by country or region, including compliance with applicable laws. You're in a location where we're unable to offer our service." 

If you try to stream anything unavailable in the Prime Video library at your location, an error message like "This video is currently unavailable" can appear.

Prime Video geo block error msg

A VPN helps you bypass the geo-restrictions by making it seem like you’re in a no-block area. Since this title is available worldwide, including the US, UK, Canada, and Australia, you can remove this error message by connecting the app to a server. This will change your IP address to match a US one and unblock the series from anywhere worldwide. 

We recommend NordVPN, which is widely known as one of the best VPNs for unblocking geo-restricted platforms such as Prime Video, Peacock, Sling TV, and many more. It offers thousands of servers to choose from and is completely safe.

Where to Watch Fallout

Fallout will premiere on Prime Video in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia on Thursday, April 11, 2024. It will consist of 8 episodes. Here's where you can stream Fallout:

Streaming Service Pricing Starts At Available Locations
Prime Video $8.99/ £8.99/ CA $9.99/ AU $9.99 per month US, UK, Canada, Australia, and more

How to Watch Fallout in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia

Fallout will stream exclusively on Prime Video in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia on Thursday, April 11, 2024. A subscription will cost $8.99 per month in the US, £8.99 per month in the UK, CA $9.99 per month in Canada, and AU $9.99 per month in Australia. New subscribers will also get a 30-day free trial.

If you're traveling outside the countries mentioned above, use a trustworthy VPN connected to a US/UK/Canada/Australian server to bypass Prime Video's geo-restrictions and watch Fallout from anywhere.

Can You Watch Fallout Online Free?

Yes, you can watch Fallout for free by getting a Prime Video subscription and taking advantage of the 30-day free trial in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia.

Fallout Preview

Fallout takes place in 2296, 219 years after the Great War of 2077, which resulted in the apocalyptic death of most humans. A few pre-war Americans survived the war by hiding in Vaults, the vast fallout shelters built nationwide by the Vault-Tec Corporation.

Lucy lives in one of these vaults, Vault 33, in the ruined city of LA. She has lived underground her entire life, but she must travel to the surface to save her father, Hank. She meets other characters as she gets used to the perils of the wasteland, such as Maximus, a young soldier in the Brotherhood of Steel, and the Ghoul, a ghoulified bounty hunter. 

The protagonists' paths cross while they search for an “artifact from an enigmatic researcher” that can alter the wasteland’s entire power structure. Cooper Howard, the Hollywood star who became the Ghoul, and the story of Vault 33’s occupants after Lucy departs on her journey will be told from different points of view.

The Caswennan, an airship constructed and utilized by the Brotherhood, Filly, a town resembling a junkyard in the greater LA area, and the backstory of Vault-Tec Corporation’s mascot, Vault Boy, are among the other known details about the series, Three Vault–including Vault 33—will be featured in the series, all of which have an as-yet-undefined connection. 

Fallout Cast

Fallout Episode Guide

Fallout Official Trailer

Final Thoughts

You can stream Fallout using a VPN set to a US server, which allows you to bypass geo-restrictions and gives you full access to the show on Prime Video, no matter where you are.

Ultimately, we recommend NordVPN, a premium VPN with best-in-class encryption protocols, to safeguard your data online. With a kill switch, DNS leak protection, and a stringent no-log policy, NordVPN ensures a secure and private viewing experience. The bonus is NordVPN's 30-day risk-free trial, supported by a money-back guarantee, allowing users to explore its features confidently.

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