How to Watch Dalglieish Season 2 Online Free from Anywhere

By TechNadu Staff / May 6, 2023

Fans of Dalgliesh will be pleased to know that the premiere date for Dalgleish Season 2 is right around the corner, and the series has already been given the green light for a third season before the start of the second one. Keep scrolling down this article for more information about Dalgleish Season 2. 

The hit crime drama series follows the talented detective Adam Dalgliesh from the novels made by the late PD James. In the second season, Adam is already considering quitting his life as a crime investigator to pursue his lifelong passion for poetry and writing. However, it seems like quitting is not an option, as England needs a detective of his talent during the difficult times of the mid-1970s

The second season unravels the events of three of the novels, notably Death of an Expert Witness, A Certain Justice, and The Murder Room, and each novel will be given two full episodes.

This season is set to show how unique of a detective and interrogator Dalgliesh is as opposed to your regular cops, even a person he was interrogating gave him that compliment.

Are you as excited to see the different crimes Adam will solve for Dalgliesh Season 2? Scroll down because we have the answers to where and when you can watch the series.

When and Where to Watch Dalgliesh Season 2

Dalgliesh Season 2 premiered in the US on Monday, April 24, 2023, on Acorn TV (available in the US, The UK, Canada, Australia, and more) and on Thursday, April 27, 2023, at 9 pm GMT on Channel 5 and My5 for the UK. According to sources, the crime drama will have 6 episodes.

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How to Watch Dalgliesh Season 2 Online from Anywhere

Watching your favorite shows and movies becomes easy thanks to the many live TV and streaming services. However, streaming platforms like Acorn TV and My5 are geo-restricted in other countries due to content licensing. If you want to use that platform abroad, you can use a VPN subscription to watch Dalgliesh Season 2 online from anywhere. The tool will help you change your IP address and lift all the geo-blocks.

We highly recommend ExpressVPN because it is the best VPN on the market. It is popular for unblocking numerous streaming platforms such as Acorn TV, Prime Video, Netflix, Hulu, and more. The VPN has thousands of servers worldwide, fast speeds, stable connection, no bandwidth limit, and the best encryption policies. You can even contact their 24/7 live chat support to help troubleshoot problems. In addition, thanks to its no-question-asked money-back guarantee, you can now try ExpressVPN for 30 days RISK-FREE.

You can even enjoy a discount by selecting the annual plan when you go to their official website and subscribe to ExpressVPN (49% Discount & Get 3 Months FREE). First, fill in the required details, pay, then download and install the app. Once installed, you can run the VPN, select a server from your home country, and stream Dalgliesh Season 2 online from anywhere.

How to Watch Dalgleish Season 2 Online in the US Without Cable

Folks in the US can watch Dalgliesh Season 2 on Acorn TV when they subscribe to the platform. A monthly subscription fee costs $6.99 and comes with a 7-day free trial.

US citizens also have the option to add Acorn TV as a Prime channel on Prime Video for $6.99 a month on top of their membership fee of $14.99 a month. In addition, the platform comes with a generous 30-day free trial.

Acorn TV may be available in several countries, but it is still geo-blocked in many parts of the world. If you find yourself locked out of the platform, use a capable VPN to change your IP address. Just run the VPN and select a server from your home country to watch Dalgliesh season 2 online on Acorn TV from anywhere.

How to Watch Dalgliesh Season 2 Online in the UK for Free

UK folks can watch Dalgliesh Season 2 on Channel 5 on Thursday, April 27, at 9 pm GMT or stream the crime drama on its streaming platform My5. If you want to stream Dalgliesh Season 2 on My5, you can register a free account to access its content.

If you plan on traveling abroad, we recommend using a reliable VPN to stream Dalgliesh Season 2 on My5. Just turn on your VPN tool, then select a server from your home country. Once you are done, you should have access to the streaming platform again.

How to Watch Dalgleish Season 2 Online in Australia in Canada

So far, official dates for an Australian and Canadian release of Dalgliesh have yet to be announced. However, the first season is already available on Acorn TV, so it will likely drop there once a release date has been confirmed.

You can also add Acorn TV on Prime Video as a Prime channel if you wish to use your Amazon Prime Video to watch the series. A membership costs $7.99 monthly in Canada and $6.99 monthly in Australia.

Moreover, folks in Australia can find the first season on AMC+, so the second installment may land there soon. A subscription will set you back by AU $6.99 per month for the annual plan. Alternatively, you may add AMC+ on Prime Video for AU $8.99 monthly after a week-long free trial.

You can also watch the series at the same time as the US if you use a powerful VPN to unblock Acorn TV. While season 2 may not yet be available on Acorn TV Canada and Australia, it will already be released for US citizens, so all you need to do is change your IP address. For this to work, you need to run your VPN and then select a US server to get access to Acorn TV’s US library, allowing you to stream Dalgliesh Season 2 online.

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