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How to Watch Bachelor in Paradise Canada Season 2 Online from Anywhere

Written by Lore Apostol
Last updated October 31, 2023

Bachelor in Paradise Canada Season 2 is here, and you’ll be able to stream the episodes online from anywhere in the world you may be. We have the premiere date, cast, episode guide and release schedule, and all the other important details, so keep reading to find out everything. 

Bachelor in Paradise Canada promises to bring another steamy season filled with OMG plot twists, juicy drama, and passionate romances. The show is set in a brand new location and features a mix of 27 Canadian and US Bachelor alumni, as well as Bachelor Nation singles. The "romantic hopefuls" range in age from 22 to 34, and ten are from Ontario. 

Decorated Soprano by day, Bachelor alum, long-time franchise recapper by night, and an Ontario local, Sharleen Joyn is joining as a new host of Bachelor in Paradise Canada in Season 2. Bachelor in Paradise Canada’s fan-favorite bartender Kevin Wendt is back for another summer of love, serving up cocktails and friendly advice.

With this said, let's see where, when, and how to easily watch Bachelor in Paradise Canada Season 2 online, be it from home, on the go, or even while traveling abroad.

When and Where to Watch Bachelor in Paradise Canada Season 2

Bachelor in Paradise Canada Season 2 premiered on Monday, May 8, 2023, at 8 pm ET on Citytv. The show will also stream on the Citytv and Citytv Plus platforms (only available in Canada) the following day.

How to Watch Bachelor in Paradise Canada Season 2 Online from Anywhere

Geo-restrictions are a common trait of the many streaming services out there that make it super easy to use to watch content online in your home country nowadays. Citytv and Citytv+ are only available in Canada, so you will need a workaround to lift geo-blockades while abroad. The solution is to use a VPN subscription to watch Bachelor in Paradise Canada Season 2 online from anywhere since this tool helps you change your IP address.

NordVPN is one of the best VPNs on the market right now, and it works with lots of popular streaming services in an instant, including Citytv, Citytv+, Prime Video, Hulu, Netflix, HBO Max, Crave, and several more. You get thousands of VPN servers worldwide, fast and stable connections, and great encryption protocols. The best part is that you can even try NordVPN RISK-FREE for 30 days via the 30-day money-back guarantee policy.

The annual plan has a huge discount when you subscribe to NordVPN (69% discount & get 3 months FREE) on the company’s website. To get started, enter your details and pay on the signup page. Next, download and install the VPN app version for you. Then, launch the VPN app and turn on the VPN app via a server from a location with no geo-restrictions. Lastly, access the streaming app to stream Bachelor in Paradise Canada Season 2.

How to Watch Bachelor in Paradise Canada Season 2 in Canada

Canadian fans of the show will be able to watch new episodes from Bachelor in Paradise Canada via Citytv, where you can watch content for free by logging in with your TV provider credentials. 

You can also add Citytv+ to Amazon Prime Video as a Prime channel for $4.99 a month on top of the $9.99 Prime fee, and both services have a generous 30-day free trial for newcomers. 

If you're traveling away from Canada, know this streaming platform is geo-restricted. This means you will need to use a VPN to access it. You just need to select a server located somewhere in Canada where the platform is not blocked and turn on the VPN before loading the service.

Can I Watch Bachelor in Paradise Canada Season 2 Online in the US, Canada, and Australia?

At the moment, the new series was not confirmed to premiere outside the UK. However, we suggest you turn to a good VPN app to unblock Citytv Plus and watch Bachelor in Paradise Canada Season 2 live stream online for free in the US, Canada, Australia, and anywhere else in the world. For this to work, just pick a UK server and run the app before loading the platform.

Bachelor in Paradise Canada Season 2 Cast

  1. Tessa (Age: 27, Job: HR Strategist, Hometown: Brooklyn, N.Y.) - An indie musician who marches to the beat of her own drum, Tessa says she’s put in the time to fully love who she is and is ready to introduce the world to her “disco cowboy” era.
  2. Sam (Age: 33, Job: Entrepreneur, Hometown: St. John’s, N.L.) - An east coast beauty mogul with infectious energy, Sam has always had a penchant for blazing her own, non-traditional path. 
  3. Shaz (Age: 24, Job: Yoga instructor/model, Hometown: Toronto) - Self-described as calm, refined, and curious, Shaz can often be found on the yoga mat, curled up with a good book, or spending quality time with her closest friends.
  4. Rianna (Age: 27, Job: Registered nurse, Hometown: Mount Pleasant, Texas) - When she’s not riding her horses, hiking, and enjoying the outdoors, this Texas girl loves to whip up a home-cooked meal and create new recipes as a way to relax and unwind.
  5. Paige (Age: 31, Job: Director of talent acquisition, Hometown: Toronto) - Paige says those closest to her would describe her as “wild, crazy, and nuts!” Suffice it to say, she comes by her “Party Paige” nickname honestly.
  6. Nithisha (Age: 26, Job: Insurance company manager, Hometown: Stouffville, Ont.) - Nithisha describes herself as empathetic, creative, and intuitive. She’s looking for a romantic, adventurous, and emotionally vulnerable man to sweep her off her feet.
  7. Meagan (Age: 28, Job: Interior designer/actor, Hometown: Vancouver) - Described by those who know her best as kind, deep, and someone who marches to the beat of her own drum, Meagan is a very giving, loving, and loyal partner but isn’t afraid to communicate what’s on her mind, even if it’s uncomfortable.
  8. Marilyn (Age: 26, Job: Executive assistant, Hometown: Toronto) - Goofy, passionate, and down to earth, she loves to spend time at home watching reality TV with her cats and is looking for someone honest, funny, empathetic, and emotionally mature.
  9. Maria (Age: 30, Job: Apparel and textile designer, Hometown: Toronto and Cartagena, Colombia) - She is the type of partner who craves harmony and is looking for someone with a thirst for knowledge, a positive outlook on life, and empathy towards others.
  10. Lisa (Age: 29, Job: Cosplay artist, Hometown: St. Catharines, Ont.) - Self-described as “still single and ready to mingle,” Lisa has established a name for herself in the world of cosplay, modeling jaw-dropping costumes that she makes from scratch.
  11. Linda (Age: 23, Job: Construction worker/model, Hometown: Yellowknife, N.W.T.) - Happiest by the water and described by those who know her best as a kind-hearted free spirit, Linda is looking for love in the form of someone goal-oriented, caring, funny, and active.
  12. Krissy (Age: 27, Job: Model, Hometown: Vancouver) - Having “kissed enough frogs to last a lifetime,” Krissy is ready to find her ambitious, kind-hearted, funny, and adventurous Prince Charming. 
  13. Chelsea (Age: 29, Job: Model/content creator, Hometown: Brooklyn, N.Y.) - Whether it’s walking in Paris Fashion Week or on the streets of New York City, Chelsea’s life is a runway, and she knows how to own it.
  14. Céline (Age: 25, Job: Flight attendant, Hometown: Winnipeg) - As a proud Indigenous woman, overcoming obstacles has always been a part of Céline’s life. Self-described as loud, spontaneous, and loyal, she believes in love at first sight.
  15. Ana (Age: 27, Job: Talent agent, Hometown: Montreal) - She’s back on the beach in search of someone family-oriented, with emotional depth, who can teach her new things and engage in stimulating conversation.
  16. Austin (Age: 26, Job: Real estate agent/personal trainer, Hometown: Orange County, Calif.) - Self-described as limitless, resilient, and present, he’s always making moves and isn’t afraid to speak the truth or have tough conversations.
  17. Connor (Age: 30, Job: Musician, Hometown: Nashville, Tenn.) - A singer, songwriter, and regular at his local “dueling pianos” night, the only thing missing in Connor’s life is someone to share it all with.
  18. Cole (Age: 28, Job: Adventure guide, Hometown: Los Angeles) - An adrenaline junkie through and through, Cole is ready to find someone open-minded, authentic, and who will embrace and share in his adventurous lifestyle.
  19. Josh (Age: 29, Job: Filmmaker, Hometown: Vancouver) - Josh describes himself as the kind of partner who always strives to support his partner in their goals, struggles, and self-growth ambitions.
  20. Joey (Age: 32, Job: Actor/model, Hometown: Redcliff, Alta.) - Always the life of the party, Joey is bringing his signature style (Speedo and all) to the beach in search of an open-minded, down-to-earth, family-oriented, and fun-loving woman who can keep up with him.
  21. Jake (Age: 22, Job: Holistic nutritionist, Hometown: Toronto) - With a maturity that extends way beyond his 22 years, Jake is open to discovering all that life has to offer.
  22. Juan Pablo (Age: 32, Job: Fitness coach, Hometown: Toronto) - Dividing his time between Canada and his native Columbia, Juan spends his time reading, meditating, and exercising – when he’s not chasing the true love that has always eluded him.
  23. Godfrey (Age: 29, Job: Boxing trainer, Hometown: Toronto) - An undefeated boxing champion and self-described “King of Finesse,” he will keep you on the edge of your seat and says you’ll either fall deeply in love or swear him off forever.
  24. Garrett (Age: 34, Job: Tech CEO, Hometown: Salt Lake City, Utah) - Self-described as an adventurer, lover, and achiever, Garrett is an adrenaline junkie to the max.
  25. Edward (Age: 28, Job: Fitness coach, Hometown: Los Angeles) - Edward has remained open, honest, and emotionally vulnerable.
  26. Quartney (Age: 28, Job: Supplement brand owner, Hometown: Dallas) -  He wants to leave behind a legacy and yearns for a family of his own that he can nurture and cherish.
  27. Matia (Age: 28, Job: Fitness coach, Hometown: Toronto and Miami) - He describes himself as an affectionate and loving partner and says his significant other would never have to second guess how he feels about her. 

Bachelor in Paradise Canada Season 2 Episodes

Bachelor in Paradise Canada Season 2 Trailer

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