How to Remove Titles From “Continue Watching” on Disney Plus?

Disney Plus has so many cool titles that you'll want to watch them all. In the meantime, you may be stuck with a full list of Continue Watching of movies you may not want to watch right now or which you started playing just to see what they were about. Let's see what we can do about removing these titles from your Continue Watching list.

With a growing list of titles that you have to go back to, you may want to prune that list a bit.

Unfortunately, you won't be able to remove titles from "Continue Watching" just by pressing an "x" somewhere. That would have been entirely too easy, but it's a feature that you can't really find on any streaming services.

However, you can still get rid of the items on your list that you do not want.

Here's How You Can Remove Movies From Continue Watching on Disney Plus

  • Scroll down to the "Continue Watching" movie carrousel.
  • Tap on the movie you want to take off your Continue list. Once it's playing, forward to the end of the movie by moving the playback line.
  • You need to make sure the playback line goes down to zero. This will not happen when the video minimizes - it's still playing in the small window, so tap on it to bring it back to full screen. Wait for it to finish completely.
  • In this way, Disney Plus will recognize that you've finished watching the series or movie, and you're good to go.
  • When you're back to the main screen, make sure you refresh the page. You'll notice the movie or series has disappeared.

We know that many people have issues with this, but the method absolutely works. When you want to remove a movie, move the playback line as close to the end of the video as possible. If the video goes small, click on it and follow the progression - allow it to go to the very end of the line before exiting. Once you find your way back to the main page, hit refresh as it will otherwise keep showing you the movie.

Here's How You Can Remove Series from Continue Watching on Disney Plus

  • Go down to the "Continue Watching" carrousel.
  • Choose the series you want to remove from your list.
  • Open the series and go to the last possible season and most recent episode. Forward to the end of the episode.
  • Make sure the playback line goes down to zero. Even if the video minimizes, it's not done yet, so click on it to bring it up again. Watch as the seconds go down and even help it out by skipping 10 seconds ahead. For the last stretch, just wait.
  • Once you're back on the main Disney Plus page, hit refresh.

When it comes to removing a series, you have to go to the very last season and episode there's available. If you mistakenly started streaming The Simpsons for instance, you'll need to go to Season 31, episode 22 (the latest one available in January 2021). Play the video, move the playback line to the very end and wait for it to end. Do not hurry through this.

It's not the most elegant trick in the book, but it's something that will help you out until there's a better way to do this. Netflix recently introduced a way to eliminate titles from their Continue Watching list from the mobile app, so maybe Disney will follow next.

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