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How to Use iPhone X (Face ID) in the Dark?

By Novak Bozovic / November 6, 2017

Apple's Face ID is a new technology that, naturally, captures tech enthusiasts' imagination. Now that many of you have the iPhone X in your hands, you can finally check out for this technology works in practice. However, we still have a lot of questions. One of those is how to unlock iPhone X (FaceID) in the dark?

How Face ID Scans Your Face?

First, let's take a closer look at this technology. This will help us to better understand how Face ID works in different conditions.

This biometric system works through a front-facing camera on your iPhone X. It's consisted of a series of incredibly small components, where the crucial one is a Dot Projector. As you can see from the visualization below, the Drop Projector fires up 30,000 invisible dots on your face and creates a unique 3D map. This is why it's almost impossible for someone else to unlock your phone. In addition, this is why your iPhone X can't be unlocked with a picture of you, which is the case with some Android phones.

How to Use iPhone X (Face ID) In The Dark

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How iPhone X's Face ID Works in the Dark?

Let's imagine that you're in the dark and you want to unlock your phone. If you think about this for a second, you'll realize that your iPhone will always have a source of light - even in the complete dark. However, Apple didn't want to take any chances with this.

Face ID uses infrared sensors to scan your face. This means that this technology is fully usable even in low-light conditions. In fact, the TrueDepth camera illuminates your face in the dark and provides a way for Face ID to scan it. Thanks to a combination of infrared sensors and the Dot Projector, there's no need to ask yourself how to use iPhone X (Face ID) in the dark.

How to Use iPhone X (Face ID) In The Dark

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As numerous early reviews have pointed, Face ID is indeed a highly reliable method of locking and unlocking your phone. It is almost impossible to fool it, even if you get incredibly creative. On top of that, it works in the dark as well.

Before we conclude this article, we'd like to refer you to other sources on TechNadu. You can learn how to set up Face ID, as well as how to disable Face ID on your iPhone X.

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