Good Old Downloads to Release Retro Nintendo Games

Written by Nitish Singh
Last updated July 14, 2021

Nintendo has been targeting emulation websites recently, and it has definitely raised a lot of controversies. Popular piracy website Good Old Downloads revealed that retro games from Nintendo and other publishers would be released on the website in the near future.

Playing retro games is a popular pastime for many veteran gamers but with Nintendo aggressively taking down the ROM and emulation websites, things have been getting increasingly difficult. While it is true that piracy should not exist, there are no official channels for gamers to play their favorite old games. Even if users did purchase physical copies of old games, it would be through third-party resellers of pre-owned games that would lead to no revenue generation for Nintendo or the developers behind the retro games.

Goodoldgames Home Page

GoodOldGames Home Page

Nintendo has tried to revive retro gaming with the Super NES Classic being relaunched with modern hardware and a pack of thirty games. However, other consoles from the Japanese game company have not been revived, and the NES catalog of games is also quite appalling considering hundreds of games were released on the platform. Some NES games will be making it to the Switch Online service that releases later this year, and it will allow subscribers to play retro titles on the Switch.

Torrent websites with Nintendo ROMs are still up and running, and users can always download the emulators to play on their PC. However, the ability to simply fire up a browser and start a game is just not possible anymore. Good Old Downloads has already listed its Retro Games section on the website with a “coming soon” banner to indicate that the games will be added quite soon to the website.

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