What Original Shows and Movies Will Discovery Plus Have?

Discovery Plus is coming soon, and we're quite curious to see what the platform is all about. What we're rather interested in knowing is what original shows we're going to get and what makes them special. 

We already know that Discovery Plus is going live on January 4th and bringing in a ton of channels, complete with over 55,000 episodes from HGTV, Food Network, TLC, Investigation Discovery, OWN, Animal Planet, Magnolia Network, BBC Planet Earth, A&E, Lifetime, History, Travel Channel, Sci, DIY Network, the Dodo, and Discovery Channel. The Dplay service in several countries across the globe, which will turn into Discovery Plus come January 4th, also feature live streams for the networks, so we expect this feature to cross over too. 

The service will cost $4.99 for the ad-supported version and $6.99 for the ad-free service. 

Discovery Plus has already announced a bunch of original content coming to the service, most of it right on launch day. They've been split by genre. 

Love & Relationships

  • 90 Day Bares All - 90 Day Fiance has been a fan-favorite show for a long time. Now, the most beloved couples expose everything - the lies, the secrets. Shaun Robinson hosts the show. 
  • 90 Day Diaries - We're taking an even more intimate look into the 90 Day couples' lives, especially as they try to navigate the pandemic. 
  • 90 Day Journey - This is a collection of 90 Day Fiance stories that will take viewers through each of the couple's stories from start to finish. 
  • The Other Way Strikes Back! - We're getting footage of these couple's home lives, behind the scenes details that were originally missed, and so on. 


  • Long Island Medium: There in Spirit - We're following Theresa Caputo as she helps deliver messages and readings during the pandemic without always leaving her home. 


  • Bobby and Giada in Italy - Bobby Flay and Giada De Laurentiis go on a food tour of Italy.
  • Cakealikes - This show is bound to be hilarious as it's a competition where constants have to create cakes in celebrities' images. Tregaye Fraser hosts the show, while Natalie Sideserf, Kalen Allen, and a rotating guest will judge the cakes. 
  • Duff's Happy Fun Bake Time - We're getting a cooking lesson from Duff Golfman, alongside a cast of awesome puppets from The Jim Henson company. 
  • Foodways with Carla Hall - Celebrity chef Carla Hall helps us explore the history of the American food culture. 
  • Luda Can't Cook - Ludacris may be famous for his rapping, but he's also a restaurant owner. Even so, he's not doing too great in his own kitchen, but he'll get some lessons. 
  • Mary McCartney Serves it Up - We take a look into Mary McCartney's kitchen in London as she serves up some of her favorite dishes. She'll be joined by other celebs, including Cameron Diaz, Dave Grohl, Kate Hudson, Mark Ronson, Liv Tyler, Gayle King, and Nicole Richie. 
  • What's Eating Sebastian Maniscalco - Maniscalco is a comedian and social observer, but he also loves food. We're going to dive into some of his most pressing questions about the world of food. 
  • Amy Schumer Learns to Cook: Uncensored - Amy Schumer Learns to Cook is a great show, but it's awfully clean. We mean to say that anyone who's ever seen Schumer knows that she's not exactly prim and proper, so we get to enjoy her true self in this uncensored version of her show. 


  • Clipped - We get to enjoy a really cool competition where artists will start trimming up plants and shrubbery, creating impressive topiary. Michael Urie is hosting the show, while Martha Steward, Chris Lambton, and Fernando Wong will judge the results. 
  • Frozen in Time - Some homes haven't had an update in forever, so Maureen McCormick and Dan Vickery start overhauling homes. While Dan updates the structure, Maureen gives the home a refreshed look while still keeping in mind the original era's features. 
  • House Hunters: Comedians on Couches Unfiltered - Much like the Amu Schumer show gets an uncensored version, Comedians on Couches dows too. We're going to see the unfiltered commentary made by Seth Rogen, John Mulaney, Ali Wong, JB Smoove, Chelsea Peretti, Whitney Cummings, Margaret Cho, and Blake Griffin.
  • Home Town: Ben's Workshop - Ben Napier is a master woodworker, and this new show will have him joined by celebrities to build iconic wood projects. 

True Crime

  • Queen of Meth - Lori Arnold is the woman who started cooking up meth in Iowa back in 1984, becoming the Queen of manufacturing and distributing the drug throughout the Midwest. 
  • American Detective with Joe Kenda - Joe Kenda is a highly experienced homicide detective, and he's back for a new series. American Detective will follow Kenda taking on cases that have astonished police and the public.
  • Onision: In Real Life - The world knows him as Onision, but his name is Greg Jackson. We take a look into Jackson's real life, which is, surprisingly, even more sinister. 


  • Route 66 - This show features Kevin Hart hitting the road on Route 66. 
  • Pushing the Line - We're going to follow a bunch of people who are pushing their boundaries, trying to do everything a little differently. 

Nature and Science

  • Mysterious Planet - David Schwimmer is narrating Mysterious Planet, a journey into the world's biggest beauties and greatest mysteries. 
  • Six Degrees with Mike Rowe - We all know Mike Rowe, and this time we get to see him asking some of the toughest questions and looks for the answers. 


  • P.S., Burn This Letter Please - This series gives us a look into LGBT history after a box of letters hidden for nearly 60 years is uncovered. 
  • The Impossible Row - Colin O'Brady, adventurer, tries to complete a human-powered ocean row across The Drake Passage. 
  • My Beautiful Stutter - This show follows kids who stutter meet other kids with the same issue after years of being bullied. 
  • Beyond Borders - We follow pilot Juan-Peter Schulze and travel vlogger Louis Cole while they complete a journey around the world in a 1974 Cessna T210L. 
  • The Parachute Murder Plot - Victoria Cilliers survives the crash after her parachute fails, but she discovers it was her husband's second attempt to kill her. 

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