How to Delete Your MobiKwik Account Permanently?

By Novak Bozovic / March 30, 2021

Everyone seems to be talking about MobiKwik these days – and not for the right reasons. This digital payment service has suffered a massive data leak, exposing 8.2 TB of highly sensitive data. The full extent of that incident is still unknown, but one thing is sure – many of you will want to know how to delete your MobiKwik account permanently. 

As it turns out, deleting your MobiKwik account isn’t a simple one-button task. The app doesn’t provide the most intuitive method of getting rid of your personal information. However, we’re here to guide you through this entire process, one step at a time. So, let's get started!


To be able to delete your MobiKwik account, you should not have any pending arrangements with this digital financial service provider (such as pending loans, for example). You'll need to resolve those arrangements before asking for your MobiKwik account to be deleted/deactivated.

Delete Your MobiKwik Account Permanently in 3 Steps

Before asking MobiKwik representatives to delete your account, you must delete some of your personal information on your own. In other words, the process of deleting a MobiKwik account consists of the following steps:

Step #1: Withdraw Your Funds From MobiKwik

If you have any money in your MobiKwik wallet, you first need to withdraw those funds to your bank account. If you fail to do so, MobiKwik’s representatives might decline to deactivate your account, often leaving you without an explanation for their decision.

There are different ways to withdraw any available funds in your MobiKwik account, so here’s the fastest available method right now.


You can withdraw your funds using MobiKwik’s website as well. This is done by selecting the 'Wallet Transfer' option in the main menu. Then, make sure to pick 'Send to Bank' and fill out the requested data.  

Step #2: Remove Stored Payment Card Details

If you've stored any payment cards with your MobiKwik account, you need to delete those as well. So, make sure to go through the following steps.

Step #3: Ask for Your MobiKwik Account to Be Deleted

Finally, you can proceed to delete your MobiKwik account permanently. This is done by asking MobiKwik’s representatives to do that for you in the following way. 

MobiKwik Homepage and User Account Menu
MobiKwik Help and Support Segment
Steps to Delete MobiKwik Account
Submitting Customer Support Ticket MobiKwik App

Keep in mind that your MobiKwik account won’t be deactivated in an instant. Instead, you’ll need to wait a couple of days for MobiKwik to respond (this most often happens via email, which is why you had to provide your email address while submitting your support ticket). 


In case of any additional questions, we recommend contacting MobiKwik’s customer care using the app’s helpline number: 011 – 61266930. Also, know that you can contact MobiKwik between 9.00 am and 8.00 pm from Monday to Saturday or contact MobiKwikSWAT on Twitter.

Those would be the steps to delete your MobiKwik account permanently. In case of any questions, let us know by posting your comment below. Lastly, thanks for reading!

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