Best iPhone 13 Cases – Here’s What to Expect!

Written by Novak Bozovic
Last updated September 14, 2021

The launch of the iPhone 13 lineup is imminent. We won't have to wait too long, as Apple’s 'California Streaming' event will take place on September 14, 2021. Of course, we're sure you are eager to learn more about the upcoming smartphone(s), including whether your existing accessories will still be compatible. So, let's talk about what to expect from the best iPhone 13 cases, soon to be available for purchase. 


Make sure to bookmark this page, as we’ll make sure to update it once the iPhone 13 lineup is announced. We’ll be here to help you pick the best iPhone 13 cases, based on your needs and budget, as soon as possible.

iPhone 13 Case Compatibility – Will You Get to Use Your Old Phone Case? 

Unfortunately, it looks like you'll need to buy a new case. That's because the iPhone 13 lineup will come with small physical changes that will make old cases incompatible.

That applies to all four iPhone models that we expect to see unveiled: the iPhone 13, 13 Mini, 13 Pro, and 13 Pro Max. Even though their design won't be drastically different in comparison to the 2020 iPhone generation, those changes should be significant enough to make old iPhone cases obsolete.

Will the iPhone 13 Lineup Be Physically Different From the iPhone 12?

The iPhone 13 lineup won’t be physically different from the iPhone 12 lineup in a drastic way. But, there will still be subtle changes found throughout the upcoming smartphones.

Based on iPhone 13 dummy units and molds, the upcoming iPhone lineup will look close to identical to the iPhone 12 lineup in any of its aspects. However, even a couple of millimeters can have a profound impact when it comes to accessories and their compatibility.

With that said, know that Apple plans to slightly change the position of various buttons, which is why iPhone 12 cases won’t be compatible with the latest iPhone generation. And also, when it comes to its display, we expect to see a smaller notch this year. So, if you’ve bought a bundle of screen protectors last year, you’ll now need to buy a new set. 

Where to Find the Best iPhone 13 Cases? 

All major brands will update their websites as soon as the iPhone 13 is unveiled, showcasing their offers. So, let’s talk about where you’ll find the best iPhone 13 cases. 

Of course, your search should start with Apple’s online store, which is perhaps the best place to search if you want an iPhone 13 case as soon as possible. Then, brands such as SpeckOtterBox, and Casetify are known for a wide range of smartphone cases – everything from slim and colorful iPhone cases up to those that provide extra protection for your smartphone. 

If you’re looking for something more sophisticated, we recommend turning to Native UnionNomad, and Mujjo. Those three brands are known for using high-quality materials for their iPhone cases, and they also offer luxurious leather-based cases. 

And lastly, many of you might be looking for rugged iPhone 13 cases. So, if you need the most robust possible protection, you should turn to Spigen and Under Armor

That would be all when it comes to the best iPhone 13 cases for now. Make sure to bookmark this page and return after September 14, 2021, to get additional information. Thanks for reading – and see you again!

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