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God of Games: The Seven Best Gaming Chairs of 2018

By Dev Gupta / July 11, 2018

As exciting as it might sound and look gaming is a very physically strenuous hobby. If you are a gamer that values the hobby, you will have to invest a lot in the kind of software you use. The kitty includes graphics cards, consoles, and other peripherals. Honestly, so much attention goes into these pieces that we have little time to choose where to park our bottoms. That is when we start speaking of best gaming chairs in the business.

For the longest stretch, we were pretty happy to be sitting on office chairs and doing all kinds of gaming. But now, office chairs come in a variety of shapes and sizes that are built exclusively for office work. And there’s a full range of chairs best for gaming.

Ideally, you would like to settle down with a full-blown gaming chair and skip anything that could be uncomfortable or boring. Whether you are into hardcore computer gaming or playing PUBG casually on mobile, there’s a chair for you in this list. Read on to find out which is the best gaming chair for your kind of gaming.

1. X Rocker II

X Rocker II

Best suited for Long gaming hours and long legs
Prominent Features Wireless audio transmission, headphone jack, side control panel with volume and bass control
Pros Very comfortable; Simple ergonomic design; Good sound effects
Cons Not meant for PC gaming
Price $134.99
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The X Rocker II has been specially designed to give you a never-before audio control when playing games. You get a booming subwoofer and two forward-facing speakers pre-fitted into the chair. You can also control the sound easily with a handy panel. The panel gives you access to bass control, volume, and even a headphone jack if you want to preserve the calmness around the house.

The subwoofer creates an engrossing experience that allows you to live the audio and music experience. In addition, reviewers have praised the comfort of the chair inside out. The ergonomic design gives you full support for the back. This becomes especially relevant when you are invested in long hours of gaming.

The vinyl cover on the chair is both strong and comfortable. You can spend long hours playing games and clinging onto it. The better news is that you can clean it just as easily (unlike the pesky mess chair cleaning). The rocking form and the tall back will allow you to lean back a bit and rest your head when you like to.

2. SL4000 Gaming Chair


Best suited for True-blue computer gaming, racing
Prominent Features Effortless assembly, steel frame with resilience foam, arm-shaped cushioning
Pros Great headrest; Medium firm cushioning; Adjustable height
Cons Not the best rollers
Price $339.99
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The SL4000 looks old-school but packs a punch. You can basically think beyond gaming with this chair. This one suits gaming, YouTube and even Twitch streaming without any hiccup. There are a number of color options that you can choose. You will definitely like the details on this chair in terms of the aesthetics.

The price point might appear to be a bit on the higher side. But the more you explore the SL4000 the more the chair does justice to your money. Everything is delivered to you in prime condition. So how does this one compare to the other racing chairs out there? It beats all of them, we say.

The cushioning on the SL4000 is slightly firmer than what we find on other chairs. But we’d rather have a chair that has a solid cushion and are not exactly mushy. The one and the only thing that people find a problem with this chair is the assembly. That’s where you might need the help of a brother.

3. X Rocker 51396 Pro

X Rocker 51396 Pro

Best suited for Gaming dens with multiple gamers
Prominent Features Multi-fabric build, multi-chair connectivity, built-in wireless receiver, ergonomic design, gunstock arms
Pros Wireless sync; adjustable elevation; built-in subwoofers
Cons Poor customer service
Price $197.88
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Here is one for Xbox lovers – you will not find a better chair for Xbox gaming than the X Rocker 51396 Pro. It comes with generous passing and the built-in audio system is terrific. For one, you will realize how sweet it sounds from behind the head compared to a soundbar that’s placed in front of you.

If you are a long-term gamer, this chair will definitely suit you irrespective of your size. That’s right. This one holds your frame securely if you are anywhere in the range of 5’+ or 6’+. Some major credit goes to the arms of the chairs in this regard. They are strong and supportive without being pokey.

The wireless syncing is the big takeaway for this chair. If you have some kind of a ‘gaming den’ where a bunch of gamers teams up to fight through thick and thin, you can order these chairs at large. The fabric of the chair is also quite comfortable. Assembling the actual chair takes lesser time than setting up the sound!

4. Noblechairs Epic Real Leather

Noblechairs Epic Real Leather

Best suited for Racing
Prominent Features Soft and thick leather, 135-degree reclination, 265 lbs max weight
Pros Made with real leather; Closest to luxury chairs
Cons Quite expensive
Price $339.9
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The Noblechairs Epic real leather chair is one of the most comfortable chairs for gaming, and particularly for racing. In fact, it feels so plush that it is actually marketed more like a luxury chair. In addition, it is the first racing game chair that is made of real leather for a change.

While it is definitely on the expensive side, Noblechairs have left no stone unturned to make sure this chair stands out from the rest in terms of aesthetics and designs. The height and tilt mechanism on the chair is also done delicately. This allows you to fine-tune the reclining to your own comfort.

There are also some accessories that come along with the chair. These include two coordinated pillows (along with the straps) that support for the lumbar and neck regions. There is a polyurethane coating on the rollers of the chair that minimize the impact of movement on the flooring. The assembly could take some time but you will not need any instruction outside of the setup manual.

5. Homall Executive Swivel Chair

Homeall Executive Swivel Chair

Best suited for Casual gaming
Prominent Features High-density foam, 300 lbs load capacity, 360-degree swivel seat
Pros Great suspension; Relaxing build; Suited for long hours
Cons Nothing too wrong with this model
Price $94.99
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The Homeall Executive Swivel Chair is a great option if you are a casual gamer that does not want to spend a fortune. For starters, it strikes a fine balance between value and performance. The chair itself is so versatile that you can use it for a number of things including gaming, office work, or even casual book reading.

Like most chairs on our list, the chair does well to fit in guys of all kinds of frames. The suspension holds tightly even if you weigh over 220 pounds. The padding on the chair is typically great for a racing chair. Sure, you do not get a sofa-like feel on it. But it definitely suits long hours of gaming.

The tilt on the chair boasts of super-flexibility with up to 180 degrees of adjustment. Put simply, this means that you can tilt back as much as you want without losing a single angle of adjustment. The rollers are so solid that you can actually move around the room and swivel across the floor.

  1. Steelcase Gesture

Steelcase Gesture

Best suited for Gaming and tasking
Prominent Features Human body construct, Neocon Gold 2013 Award, 9.25 inches lumbar height
Pros Very comfortable chair; Several color options
Cons Very expensive
Price $1036
Buy from  Amazon

The Steelcase chair is easily one of the top chairs we have in just about any category. Even a couple of years ago, it was the best office chair we had. And it’s not the only reason why we love this chair. For one, it feels so good to sit on that you will not want to get off it.

Yes, the Gesture has the price of a mid-range gaming PC. But we can tell you this: as much as we have seen and enjoyed the other chairs around here, the Gesture beat them all when it comes to sheer comfort. At one point, you’d even forget that there’s anything below your butt.

You can spend hours on this chair without getting tired in the slightest. If you spend more than 8 hours of your day sitting on a chair, this is the chair that you should be after. That is if you have the budget for this one. On the plus, you’ll get a lifetime warranty for the price.

  1. Herman Miller Embody

Herman Miller Embody

Best suited for Gaming, tasking, and everything else
Prominent Features Dynamic pixel design, Health and focus improving features, Spine oriented back design
Pros Stimulate blood flow and regulate body oxygen; best back support
Cons Crazy expensive
Price $1495
Buy from  Amazon

If you do not care about how much you spend, the Herman Miller Embody is the best chair money can buy. The Embody rises beyond mundane classifications like gaming and tasking. You can use it for pretty much anything out there. The makers claim that the chair is advanced enough to reduce the heart rate and relieve stress by controlling the oxygen flow.

While we cannot test and confirm that claim. But what we can tell you is that the chair offers excellent support to the lower back. The higher part of the backrest adjusts to whatever posture you have. The puckered fabric stays rather composed during extensive hours of gaming.

The Embody is the best chair you will find if you have suffered lower back problems in the past. Again, the price of this chair could be more than that of your actually spend on your PC. But we say it’s worth the shot if you have the money to spend.

Final Words

Finding a good chair for gaming is not an easy draw. You need to mind the budget, the comfort, and in this case, even the audio output. In this list, we have included both chairs that are custom built for gaming and chairs that qualify by the sheer value of comfort. Depending on your budget and requirement from the chair, you can choose the one that’s best for you.

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