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6 Best Ergonomic Office Chairs in 2020 – The Top Seats of Productivity When Working from Home!

Written by Dev Gupta
Last updated April 13, 2020

'Ah! My back hurts.' How many times have you heard that from your colleagues? Or worse, how many times have you said that to yourself? The lack of an ergonomic office chair has a lot to do with poor back health and bad body posture. Furthermore, while so many of us are excited about expensive (and often much-needed) work gear like PCs, tablets, and monitors, not much thought is allocated to the very seat of productivity.

Unfortunately, most of us have settled down to a tacit deal with that same old office chair despite mild to severe discomfort. That’s really a shame because a solid office chair that takes care of your posture doesn’t have to be any more expensive than your classiest pair of sneakers.

An ergonomic mesh chair is not a replacement for back surgery. But it plays a significant role in keeping you away from most known back problems that stem out of incorrect sitting postures. And that’s just half the good news. The best part is you do not need to spend any more than a couple of hundred dollars for premium quality, high-end office chair!

In this article, we will rally you through a well-put selection of comfortable office chairs. Most of these are as high on comfort as they are on affordability. But more importantly, they include long-term benefits for your posture and your back health.

Sit back and relax for this one, if your present chair permits. Here’s your definitive list of the 6 best ergonomic office chairs in 2020.

1. Duramont Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair

When was the last time you came across the expression 'marvel of modern engineering' in the context of an office chair? Not in this lifetime, most probably. But that is precisely how verified Amazon purchasers are describing this product. We dug in to find out what exactly makes this chair such a marvel. Comfort seems to be the overwhelming factor here. But the comfort itself is brought about by a string of adjustable features on this chair.

Here’s what you can adjust on this chair to ensure maximum comfort: the headrest height and angle, the lumbar support, its depth and height, the height and distance of the armrest, the tilt tension, and the seat height. The breathable mesh keeps your back comfortable and cool at the same time. Even among other genuinely good mesh chairs, the Duramont Ergonomic is the leader when it comes to cool air circulation.

The area where the Duramont Ergonomic truly owns the game is back support. There could be those of you recovering from backache - or, maybe you have no intention of getting involved with back issues in the first place. This chair does the trick for both.

2. Smugdesk 1388 Ergonomic Office Chair

The Smugdesk 1388 Ergonomic Office Chair goes beyond comfort and ergonomics. It also completes the home office feel with subtle aesthetics and distinctively attractive design. That said, the 1388 model still places comfort first. This starts with breathable fabric on the seat. The ventilation and mesh padding of the seat prevent your back and your legs from retaining excess moisture.

The adjustable headrest makes use of the lift-and-rotate mechanism. It might sound like a simple adjustment but is mighty effective coupled with the spine-hugging lumbar support. The padding, mesh, and sheer shape of the back of the seat create excellent lumbar support even during long sitting hours. The armrests are generously padded and shaped with extreme convenience for added comfort.

A clothes hanger right behind the headrest makes sure your suits and coats are wrinkle-free. Most users of this chair approve of the scratch-less wheels as well. They don’t leave the floor tainted with scratches irrespective of the kind of wood on the floor. In all, the Smugdesk 1388 seems like the perfect marriage between beauty and comfort.

3. Smugdesk 1500 Ergonomic Office Chair

The worthiness of an ergonomic chair is measured in how closely it imitates the shapes and curves of the human sitting form. The Smugdesk 1500 scores lots of points by doing just that. First off, it comes with 3.5 inches of seat padding. That’s impressive purely because most other manufacturers choose to ignore seat padding beyond a few layers of fabric. The breathable mesh circulates cold and fresh air and keeps the body free from heat even after long sitting sessions.

There is a string of adjustable features that help you find the perfect position on the seat. Together, these features help you adjust the height of the seat by simply using the handle below the seat. That is powered by a stable base that powers the chair to lift up to 300 lbs. The wheels driving the chair are sturdy enough to ensure a lifetime of seamless movement.

Whether you plan on using the Smugdesk 1500 chair on wood, carpet, or hard floor, you are in for a no-marks experience. With adequate height adjustment, the overall height of the chair can vary between 42.7” and 46.6”. The backrest helps maintain the natural shape of the body. Moreover, you can rock the chair back and forth using the same handle.

4. Furmax Office Chair Desk Leather Gaming Chair

Furmax is known globally for making state-of-the-art gaming chairs. With this fusion racing/office chair, Furmax specifically targets people who spend long hours at the office or playing video games. For the start, the assembly is as easy as it gets. The chair comes already assembled, for the most part - so the entire process should take very little time. Once assembled, you cannot overlook how cool this chair looks. The material feels fairly high-quality without the typical stench of a new leather chair.

You can move freely across the floor with the Furmax Office chair thanks to its casters made to prevent marking and scratching. However, it has a max load capacity of 280 pounds. That is 30 to 50 pounds less than what our other recommendations can support. So, you may find it slightly tricky if you have a few extra pounds to manage on the chair.

Despite being firm, the backrest does not bite your back like a brick wall. Moreover, the seat is pretty wide and deep. The armrests come with decent padding, too. On the whole, the chair suits both gamers as well as sport-inspired workaholics who spend long hours on their seats.

5. BestOffice Ergonomic Desk Chair

Many of us have small corners for our home offices. Naturally, we cannot afford to fit a huge office chair there. At that, the BestOffice Ergonomic Desk Chair is a great fit for small home office spaces. The breathable mesh back is great for air circulation and keeps your back reasonably cool while you are working.

The padded seat of the BestOffice Ergonomic Desk Chair brings home the comfort factor. However, it is not just as fancy as our above-mentioned recommendations. But you will notice that it does just about enough to power through long sessions without any visible discomfort month after month. There is the standard up-and-down motion level for seat height adjustment. In addition, there’s another knob for tension control.

The Class-3 gas lift, just like in all the other chairs, is a true workhorse. The easy installation process doesn’t take more than 15 minutes. It comes with a handy set of Allen wrenches and screws that make it super easy to assemble without an extra pair of hands. The best thing about the chair is the classic look that goes with any environment.

6. SmugChair Leather Desk Chair

Looking for a well-rounded and cost-sensitive office chair outside of the mesh-universe? Welcome to this beauty from SmugChair with a number of effective features. The leather seat, along with custom padding reinforcement, makes for a great sitting experience. And unlike popular narratives that seem to link leather chairs with body heat entrapment, you hardly break a sweat in this. The pneumatic controls let you comfortably lean back on the seat as well as vertically adjust the height of the seat.

The five-claw chrome casters on this chair are both smooth and durable. You can depend on the scratch-free wheeling of the chair to glide through any surface. The real deal-winner is the quality of its upholstery, though. It makes use of high-quality bonded leather that prevents heat build-up over time. Besides, the texture of the fabric all around the chair has a real plush feel to it. The armrests are curved ever so slightly to lend extra support.

The mid-back chair from SmigChair is classy enough for a home office. But it is an excellent option for gamers, too. It has enough adjustments to facilitate your individual convenience. But unlike other super-expensive options, there aren’t seemingly fancy, yet unnecessary features. With easy installation, you can be up and working with this chair in fewer than 15 minutes.

So that was our list of the best ergonomic office chairs in 2020. Remember, once you find a chair that matches your comfort expectations, you can use it for just about any purpose. That purpose could be 8-hour office shifts, hardcore gaming, or just leisurely book-reading.

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