If You’re Brave Enough, Here are the Best Dark Web Sites

By Sydney Butler / June 5, 2019

The Dark Web is a pretty wild place! Since no one actually controls the content or knows who is putting it out there, you can find almost literally everything you can imagine and some things you really couldn’t. So what Dark Web sites are worth visiting?

If you want to take a foray into this weird, wonderful yet potentially dangerous world, where should you start? Which sites are worthy of a first stop? That’s what we’re aiming to answer right here and now.

Just a word of warning, none of these sites are explicitly illegal, but some may contain content you’ll find shocking or may link to other sites that are in fact pretty illegal.

The Hidden Wiki

The Hidden Wiki Screenshot

The Hidden Wiki is often the first stop when newcomers use the Dark Web. It’s a massive collection of community-maintained onion links. While the contributors try to make sure that all the links are active and valid, the shifting nature of the Dark Web obviously makes this a tough task.

The Hidden Wiki contains plenty of useful and interesting links, but of course, there are also many links to sites that scam, are illegal or otherwise dangerous. Make sure you know what you are clicking on first before just wandering around the Dark Web! It can, however, be challenging to actually find the current onion address of the Hidden Wiki because it keeps changing.



DuckDuckGo is, in many ways, the anti-Google. Where Google gives you excellent search results, it also captures information about you for its own benefit, mainly to target ads and other services at you. DuckDuckGo absolutely does not capture or remember any information about you, while still providing excellent search results. You don’t have to use DuckDuckGo through Tor, but accessing it using the onion domain provides a strong extra layer of privacy.



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Sci-Hub is like the Robin Hood of the Dark Web. It takes from rich, bloated academic publishing companies and gives to the poor, science-deprived public. It costs thousands and thousands of dollars to get access to original research papers, which is OK for universities and other research institutions, but members of the public often only learn of science breakthroughs via a distorted media lens. Sci-Hub ruthlessly strips away those paywalls and frees knowledge so that everyone can be properly informed.

Hidden Answers

Hidden Answers Screenshot

Have a question that’s burning you up inside, but can’t dare to ask in public? Hidden answers are one place on the Dark Web you can go to ask absolutely anything without worrying about the consequences. Of course, just as with surface sites like Quora or Yahoo Answers, you may get snarky, incorrect or trolling answers.


Flashlight Dark Web

Every community, no matter how small, can benefit from some form of a newsletter. Flashlight is just such a site, where you can read news about the Dark Web community by the Dark Web community. Of course, that means you have absolutely no idea who wrote any of the content or whether it's true. So take everything with a healthy pinch of salt.

Jotunbane’s Reading Club

Jotunbane Dark Web

Jotunbane’s Reading Club started out with a very clear philosophy. They didn’t like the formatting or digital rights management aspects of modern eBooks. Surely there must be a better way to do things? So the folks behind this site started taking eBooks, stripping away the DRM and improving the formatting. Is that illegal? Well, yes it is, but you can't deny that they do a better job in general than the official eBook makers. I like to think that Jotunbane has actually pushed legit eBook sellers to provide a better product. Nonetheless, there's lots of neat content on here, but you're responsible for your own copyright conduct.

Strategic Intelligence Network

Despite the fact that it spells "SIN", there's nothing particularly sinister about the Strategic Intelligence Network. In fact, the site aims to be a useful depository of information, although you'll have to decide for yourself if what you read is accurate or true. There's information on how to survive various ways the world can go wrong, so it's a prepper's dream. Just be sure to read what you need before the end comes since the internet probably won't be up afterward. Unfortunately, when we tried to visit the site for this article, it seemed to be down. Which is sort of ironic, given the circumstances.

Surely there are many sites we've never even heard of. Do you have any excellent sites to suggest? Let us know in the comments. Lastly, we’d like to ask you to share this article online. And don’t forget that you can follow TechNadu on Facebook and Twitter. Thanks!

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