Best Cord-Cutting Streaming Services – Alternatives to Cable & Satellite TV

Just a decade ago, it was almost impossible to watch TV without a cable or satellite subscription. Thanks to technological advancements, however, things have changed dramatically. There are now numerous alternatives for people to enjoy TV services without a cable subscription. However, what are the best cord-cutting streaming services? Let's find out.

What's The Deal With Cord-Cutting?

Before looking at these alternatives, it is important to look back at the various changes that now permit you to continue watching your favorite TV content even after canceling your cable TV subscription.

High-Speed Internet Connection

Improved internet connectivity is one major technological advancement that today enables Americans to get TV content after cutting their cords. A few decades ago, when cable TV was still the source of TV entertainment, the internet was mainly used to send emails and very compressed audio files. At that time, the internet was quite expensive. It was also very slow (1Mbps) to handle basic bandwidth requirements for today's average internet users.

Best Cord-Cutting Streaming Services

These days, however, people can easily get internet speeds of up to 100 Mbps. This has prompted entertainment companies to exploit smarter ways of sending their TV content to their consumers. With many more people able to access fast internet connections that transmit high-quality videos with relative ease, millions of Americans are now preferring streaming services over traditional cable and satellite TV. This situation has led to the emergence of some of the best cord-cutting streaming services you can imagine. So, make sure to pick the best type of cord-cutting Internet connection and you're ready to go!

Improved Gadgets For Video Display

Today, it is common to see gadgets such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones with very capable processors. This is quite different from the big mainframe computers of the past. These gadgets can easily process the streaming of very high-quality videos. They are equally portable and can be used on-the-go, granting the user much more flexibility to use with streaming services as opposed to traditional cable TV.

Best Cord-Cutting Streaming Services

Also, TV sets are bracing up with new technologies. Most televisions are now “smart”, equipped with modems that allow them to communicate over the internet. Consequently, television sets can easily connect to streaming services and provide amazing TV programs on request. They can also broadcast your preferred sporting event live, after cutting the cord. And thanks to these, we now have some of the best cord-cutting streaming services you can ever imagine.

Cheaper Equipment For TV Programming

You might actually be wondering how acquiring better equipment for TV programming encourages the use of streaming services over Cable TV? Well, let’s take a more objective look. Most TV stations have only 24 hours a day to showcase their best programs; movies, live games and events, adverts and other sponsored content. Before now, cable TV stations spent many hours scouting for content fit for their viewers. That was not only expensive, it was hard to find some of these content.

Today, however, there is just so much amazing content available for broadcast. Most people now have the right tools to create professional content for TV. TV stations also have better equipment to churn out quality content; they keep working on doing so as fast as possible. The bottom line is; there is just too much content out there to be consumed. If we had to rely mainly on cable TV to view them all, there would be such a long queue in the broadcast programming, that fresh content may never be consumed as early as desired.

Best Cord-Cutting Streaming Services

With a wide variety of content available to viewers, alternative means of airing these content had to be sought. Streaming services fit in that position perfectly. From live TV to blockbuster shows, movies, series, news and educational content, internet streaming is exactly what Americans need today to enjoy the wide range of entertainment content at their disposal.

The Best Cord-Cutting Streaming Services

There is quite a number of streaming services that offer great cord-cutting deals nowadays. If you need help choosing the best cord-cutting streaming services for your specific needs, we're discussing that right ahead. Just pay close attention to them all and see which best suits your requirement.

Streaming Services For Casual TV Viewers

Not everyone watches TV every time of the day, but most people at least watch TV occasionally, every day. The streaming services in this category are for people who do not have a particular TV preference, but just need to keep themselves entertained for the short time they have to spend on their TV screens. They offer a good number of channels specialized in movies, news, lifestyle and other TV shows.

Amazon Prime Video

Best Cord-Cutting Streaming Services

This streaming service provides its subscribers with an impressive list of original shows, movies, and other types of programs. With Amazon Prime Video, you can easily gain access to most of the shows and movies that air on cable TV channels. You can also stream live channels like MTV, HBO classics, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, AMC, and ESPN. The service costs a monthly subscription of $9 and you can get 1 month extra by paying $99 for 1 year.

Sling TV

Best Cord-Cutting Streaming Services

Sling TV is one of the most popular streaming services available in the entertainment industry. This is probably because of the impressive list of channels it offers its clients. Sling TV offers a comprehensive list of channels that broadcast contents in various domains; sports, cartoons, movies, lifestyle, entertainment etc. The beginner package is priced at $20 with an impressive list of channels to its credit. Enjoy channels like AMC, Comedy Central, ESPN, CNN, and History Channel with Sling TV.

To get even more exclusive channels, subscribe to a more advanced package. Sling TV gives you the possibility to add extras to personalize your viewing experience. Extras include services ranging from a Cloud DVR, additional channels for Sports (Sports Extras), Comedy Extra, Kids Extra, and more, all for $5 a month each. You can also add the HBO extra for $15.

Direct TV Now

Best Cord-Cutting Streaming Services

This streaming service is owned by AT&T and offers over 150 channels at the entry package. For the first three months of subscription, you can stream 10 channels on the HBO network, 7 channels provided by the STARZ network, and 8 premium channels from the SHOWTIME network. You can also access other premium movie channels. Direct TV Now's streaming service is a great alternative to cable TV; it offers almost the same great channels. The beginner package costs $35. If you really need some of the best cord-cutting streaming services in the entertainment industry today, Direct TV Now is one of them.

PlayStation Vue

Best Cord-Cutting Streaming Services

If you enjoy watching more of local TV stations, then the Sony-owned PlayStation Vue should be your priority streaming service. The Access (basic) plan is offered at $39.99 and gives you the opportunity to add more channels to your bouquet by adding more plans at an additional fee. You can add channels from the HBO and Showtime networks. You can also choose from a list of sports channels to add to your TV lineup.

YouTube TV

Best Cord-Cutting Streaming Services

This streaming service offers over 40 channels for $35 per month. The channel list includes CBS, ABC, FOX, NBC and many others. Just like many other streaming services, you can add more channels to your list by subscribing to additional packages. Youtube TV is no doubt among the best cord-cutting streaming services available today.


Best Cord-Cutting Streaming Services

With a small fee of $5.99 a month, Hulu grants you access to a bunch of great shows and movies. The beginner package does not come with Live TV, but you can subscribe to Hulu with Live TV (currently in BETA) for $39.99. Hulu with Live TV offers over 50 live and on-demand channels for news, sports, and entertainment. There are also add-ons for CINEMAX, HBO, and SHOWTIME. Hulu is a very popular streaming service because it is compatible with many devices such as Apple TV, Chromecast, Xbox, Fire TV, Android, and iOS. Looking for one of the best cord-cutting streaming services, Hulu is here for you.

Streaming Services For Movie Lovers

Do you watch TV mainly to enjoy new movies, series, and TV shows? Then you’ll definitely not need a comprehensive subscription that has many channels which may not be important to you. The following streaming services are customized for movie fans who will love to discover new and trending movies, as well as find their favorite movies and shows organized in one place and ready for viewing on demand.


Best Cord-Cutting Streaming Services

This is one of the most popular movie streaming services available today. Netflix is available in more than 190 countries worldwide and claims to serve more than 140 million hours of TV shows and Videos per day. The service does not offer live TV but serves its viewers with all the latest movies and shows airing in all the popular TV stations without the inconveniences of enduring long commercial breaks.

There are mainly three levels of subscription; Basic, Standard and Premium service levels. The basic level costs $7.99 and subscribers to this plan can only view non-HD shows and on 1 screen at a time. The standard and premium level subscriptions offer shows in HD and Ultra HD respectively, and also the options to watch on 2 and 4 simultaneous devices respectively. Never can you talk about the best cord-cutting streaming services and deals without talking about Netflix.


Best Cord-Cutting Streaming Services

HBO is a streaming service from the original HBO Cable Company. With it, you can enjoy a good number of original series, movies, documentaries and other interesting content. The service costs $14.99 and can be used as a standalone add-on to many of the already existing streaming services like Hulu, and Sling TV.

Best Sports Streaming Services

Sports streaming services are tailored mainly for the sports lover. If you didn't know, the best cord-cutting streaming services also have some mouthwatering sports content for you. Therefore, you can continue watching sports after cord-cutting just like you did before.

Fubo TV

Best Cord-Cutting Streaming Services

Sports lovers who have cut the cord will most probably have heard about this streaming service. If you haven't, then you are yet to experience the full potential of sports online streaming service. Fubo TV offers a little something that will satisfy almost every sporting discipline. You have channels such as NBA TV, beIN Sports, the CBS sports network, the NFL NETWORK, and many more sports channels. The service can be used on connected devices like Android iOS, Roku TV, Chrome Cast and many others.

Currently, Fubo TV runs a promotional offer that lets you get the service for $19.99 for two months. After the promotional period, the normal rate of $39.99 per month applies. If you are still not satisfied with the many available sports channels in the bouquet, you can add up to 15 more sports channels (Sports Plus) at a monthly rate of $8.99.

Can’t Choose A Streaming Service Just Yet?

It is quite understandable if you find it difficult deciding on your preferred streaming service. If you find yourself in such a situation, here is some advice to help you make the right choice;

  • Decide on your budget as you could be tempted to stack up many add-ons to a subscription that might turn out not to be necessary. This is one of the reasons why cord cutting costs less than cable - so take advantage of that.
  • Finally, here's an article that talks about pros and cons of cord-cutting. This resource could be helpful if you're still unsure whether to make this jump

Final Thoughts

Whether we agree or not, TV streaming has taken over a considerable portion of the entertainment industry in America. It is therefore wise to flow with the trend to benefit from what online TV offers. And if you decide to cut the cords, you will definitely need the best cord-cutting streaming services out there. Start by subscribing to a service that offers channels that span through many different TV networks. Services like Sling TV and Direct TV Now offer quite a good number of channels from varying niches. This is most important especially when you have difficulties choosing your desired TV streaming service.

You may want to do a little research on the streaming service(s) you plan subscribing to. Find out if they have free trial offers. If they do, test their services for a short period of time and decide if it will make a good deal for you. Use services that are well-renowned and boast of some great feedback from previous clients. By so doing, you will be sure you are not running into a streaming service with a lot of downtimes, thereby preventing you from enjoying the full benefits of a great cord cutting streaming service.

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