What is the Best Type of Cord-Cutting Internet Connection for You?

By Novak Bozovic / December 21, 2017

Are you tired of exorbitant prices, hidden fees, and the terrible customer service that many cable and satellite companies offer? What about the awful programming packages filled with channels you don’t really want? Then, it may be time to cut the cord. But do you know the best cord-cutting internet connection to keep you going? If you don't, just read on.

Cord-Cutting: The Basics

Simply put, cord-cutting refers to individuals who choose to cancel their subscriptions to cable and satellite subscription TV and watch programs using a different option. Instead of paying for TV channels, they turn to programming that is available over the Internet.

The main driver for this change is the fact that Internet programming is usually free or much cheaper than more traditional options.

Cord-Cutting Internet Connection

Cord-cutting isn’t a new phenomenon. In fact, it has been revolutionizing the broadcasting industry for more than a decade now. That’s because it lets the viewer choose what they want to watch, as well as how much they want to pay for it.

Today, cord-cutting is much easier than you might think. Recent statistics show that TV viewership has dropped dramatically over the past three years. More people are embracing this new wave for various reasons. By 2021, it is estimated that only ten percent of American viewers will still be subscribed to the traditional TV.

The Increasing Popularity of Cord-Cutting

For years, huge broadcasting and cable TV companies have had exclusive rights to carry premium channels. As a result, they were the only way for viewers to access their favorite shows. But that’s no longer the case.

Today, you don’t need a cable subscription to get these channels. If you want content for free, you can go the YouTube route. And if you want regular TV shows for a cheaper price, you could simply choose one (or more!) online services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video among many, many more.

Cord Cutting Options

There are three types of cord-cutting options available for you. Let's take a closer look what each of these options includes.

Option #1: Antenna

Cord-Cutting Internet Connection

In the world of cord-cutting, TV antennas are back in style. It allows you to receive TV programs from over-the-air channels. You simply have to connect an outdoor or indoor antenna to your TV to get shows from any local or network-affiliate channels.

If you want to get free shows from your favorite networks, this is the best way to do it. It’s also one of the simplest cord-cutting methods out there. But it’s important to note that you might have to use a digital converter box for older analog TV sets.

Option #2: Streaming

Cord-Cutting Internet Connection

Streaming basically means that you can access movies and TV shows over the internet. With this method, you don’t need to have cable or satellite services, or an antenna. But you do need to have a very fast cord-cutting internet connection to watch your shows without too much buffering distracting you.

For this to work, you need to have a smart TV or a media streamer box (we’ll get more into that later). You’ll also need to subscribe to a streaming service like Netflix or Hulu.

Option #3: Antenna + Streaming

This is the most extensive option for many cord-cutters. It lets you access local channels without paying any fees, while still allowing you to get more content over the internet. However, this is also the most reward option since it brings a huge amount of content that you watch on-demand.

Getting A Cord-Cutting Internet Connection

It’s clear that the explosion of programming options has shifted the traditional TV viewing model. These changes have happened so fast that many viewers can hardly keep up. Now, cord-cutting isn’t just about getting rid of large cable bills anymore. It has also become about getting the best cord-cutting Internet connection for you.

You’ve probably seen all the opinion pieces about how dumping cable won’t necessarily help you save money. The experts suggest that cable providers will simply respond by making the cost of your internet subscription much pricier.

While there may be some merit to that argument, it doesn’t mean that you have to roll over and accept it! A lot of people have been able to get a fast cord-cutting internet connection that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg – and you can too.

How to Find & Pick a New Plan?

When people start talking about getting rid of cable TV, the most common issue that pops up is how to find an affordable cord-cutting internet connection. How do you get Internet access without also paying for the cable TV bundle?

Here is a three-step plan that you can follow to get the best type of cord-cutting internet connection

Lower Your Internet Bill

Before starting the process of cord-cutting, you need to lower your internet bill first. Hate to break it to you, but you might be operating under some misconceptions.

First, they don’t own the Internet. Sure, you might have been a loyal customer for many years. You may even live in a region that is served by only one reliable cable or Internet provider. Dealing with customer service reps when asking for a lower deal also might end with a load of frustration.

Cord-Cutting Internet Connection

But that shouldn’t deter you. Turns out that cable companies don’t want to give you a lower price just because you asked. They’ll use every trick in the book to keep your business when you start talking about canceling your cable subscription. It’s sneaky and a bit unethical, but that’s their whole business model. After all, this is what makes them money!

But that doesn’t mean that you can’t negotiate a better deal. You just have to know how. All you have to do is go into the call as confidently as you can. Your goal isn’t to threaten them with canceling your subscription. It’s actually being willing to do it if there isn’t a better deal in sight. Unfortunately, that seems to be the only way to get someone at the cable company to take you seriously.

Then, you have to make sure that your cord-cutting Internet connection is fast enough to handle the new demands. If you want to stream HD content, you should have between 5 to 7 Mbps. Based on this, it is recommended to have connection speeds of 10 Mbps at a minimum. This will let you stream without encountering any headaches with buffering.

Choose The Best Streaming Service

Everyone has their own criteria when it comes to choosing a streaming service. Which one is the most affordable? Which option has the best shows? And on and on… So, it is almost impossible for online reviews to tell you what the best option would be for your home. You’re the only one who can decide that based on your specific needs.

That said, we can give you some things to keep in mind when making your choice. First, stop moaning about how “a la carte” cable or TV would solve all our problems. The truth is, it’s already here. It might not be in the exact form that you always pictured, but it is here.

That means you can subscribe to as many streaming services as you want, or stick with just one. It all depends on what you want to watch and how well your bank account can support it. So you could technically pay for Netflix and Amazon Prime, while still watching free content from services like YouTube.

Cord-Cutting Internet Connection

Or, you want to watch less live channels but still get your favorite shows like Game of Thrones, then subscribing for a free trial from Sling TV may be a better option for you. Channel bundles from DirecTV also offer a pretty good deal

But if you don’t want to buy into these streaming services, you could simply get Pluto TV. This is an awesome way to get access to on-demand movies and free live channels.

And that’s the great thing about online streaming. You can spend time surfing the web to find some pretty great (free!) apps and services. You can even find some genre-specific options that will ensure you get great choices in your favorite categories at any time.

Find The Best Streaming Device

If you want to take advantage of these streaming services, then you’ll have to find a way to get them to show on your TV set. And if you recently bought your set from a major manufacturer, you might not have to do anything at all. That’s because smart TVs usually have the right apps built in to enable you to stream directly from your TV.

But if you have an older model, you can set up your TV for streaming in a simple and affordable way. All you need is a set-top box, streaming stick, or even game console. The options are not really endless, but they are pretty close. In general, your choices come down to streaming devices from: Roku – Roku Ultra, Amazon – Fire TV, Apple – Apple TV, Google – Chromecast Ultra.

Cord-Cutting Internet Connection

Many people prefer the Roku Ultra because it gives you thousands of channels, offers a 4K resolution, and has a very user-friendly, interactive interface. But the Fire TV and Chromecast Ultra also offer you 4K resolution. The Apple TV is the best option for people who already have lots of Apple devices. If you’re also planning on adding a bit of gaming to the mix, the Xbox One or PS4 is the best option for you.

The cheapest option is to use your desktop or laptop. You can simply plug in your computer to your TV set using an HDMI, VGA, DisplayPort, or DVI cable. The choice here depends on which ports you have. With this setup, you’ll have a quick, easy access to any video and music streaming service on the net.

Additional Helpful Tips

Once your setup is complete, you can start enjoying thousands of channels, shows, and movies for a fraction of the price. The tips above will help you make it easier to find the best cord-cutting internet connection. But you should also keep a few other things in mind for the best results:

Using Static IPs For Smart DNS

As more people embrace cord-cutting, cable companies are starting to step up their game. For example, they began putting up full shows on their websites. That’s just a legal way to get people to see their shows online. It’s meant to combat piracy, which means that networks lose out on ways to make money from their content.

But moves like these shouldn’t fool you. Most of these content is hidden behind geo restrictions. This means that you can only view the shows in countries that the website has approved. So, what happens if you live somewhere that’s geo restricted? Enter Smart DNS.

Smart DNS replaces the standard DNS servers that are usually provided by your ISP. This is meant to handle name resolution on the Internet. But Smart DNS acts as a kind of proxy. It heads off the information that is used to determine your location. Instead, it proxies that information through the right region and allows you to access the hidden content.

And even better? It does all this without compromising performance. A Smart DNS also lets you use less bandwidth, which means that you’ll get your cord-cutting Internet connection at a more affordable price.

Internet Throttling

Since you get to ditch the high cable bills, cutting the cord is a great idea. And – judging from how popular the practice has become – many people seem to think so too.

But more ISPs have also started taking note. They have started placing caps on data usage for data-heavy streaming services. In some cases, they’re also choking off the Internet during peak hours. That’s Internet throttling.

Such internet throttling practices can make cord-cutting more frustrating than it needs to be. It can also make your cord-cutting Internet connecting just as expensive as subscribing to cable TV. And with the recent FCC vote on net neutrality, it might just get a bit harder for cord-cutters.

Cord-Cutting Internet Connection

If you think you’re experiencing Internet throttling, start by measuring your Internet speeds over time. Focus your tests particularly on peak hours. You can use a free online speed test to do this. And if you find that there really is an issue, here are some steps you can take to fix it:

Final Thoughts

Before getting rid of your cable or satellite package, it is important to ensure that you have the best cord-cutting Internet connection for whatever streaming service you go for. Check your internet speeds, ISP fees, and streaming service options. Also, confirm that your equipment and setup is adequate for your needs.

Simply put, make sure that you run the numbers to ensure that you’re actually saving money every step of the way. With the right cord-cutting internet connection, this should be easily achieved within a short while.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to post them using the comments section below. We'd gladly assist you in finding the best cord-cutting option.

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