Internet – What to Know About This IP & How to Access It?

By Novak Bozovic / April 10, 2021

In case you want to know how to access the IP address, you’ve come to the right place. We're here to explain what this IP address can do, as well as how to use it to access your router's admin panel. So, here's everything you need to know.

'' Is an IP Address - What Does That Exactly Mean?

In case you didn’t know, every device that is connected to the Web has an IP address. That is an important requirement since that's how data is transferred from a remote server to your device and vice versa. However, there are two types of IP addresses, as explained below.

Is the '' IP Address a Private or Public IP Address Then?

When it comes to the Web, data always needs to have its start and endpoint. Every router that is connected to the Web has an IP which is an important piece of information for IT experts. They need to know different public and private IPs to make sure a certain network works across a number of devices.

When it comes to your home, things are much simpler. In many cases, IP addresses like '' are used to access home routers. You can do that to change your network’s name or its password. Advanced users can also enable or disable certain Web protocols, fine-tune different Wi-Fi frequencies, and more.

It should also be noted that not all Web users rely on '' to connect to their routers. That's because different companies that make routers use a certain IP range in their products. Take a look below.

What You Can Do Using the '' IP Address?

Even though the majority of people use it only to change their network’s password, there are other things you can do. Here are some of the possible uses of your router’s admin panel.

How to Access Your Router Using the '' IP Address?

Now that you know more about the possible uses of your router’s admin panel, let’s talk about how to access it. Here are the steps you need to take.

Router Manufacturer Default Username Default Password
2Wire None (leave blank) None (leave blank)
Aztech admin, user, or blank admin, user, password, or blank
Billion admin or admim admin or password
Motorola admin or blank password, motorola, admin, router, or blank
Netopia admin 1234, admin, password, or blank
SparkLAN (leave blank) (leave blank)
Thomson (leave blank) admin or password
Westell admin or blank password, admin, or blank

Can’t Connect to '' Try This!

In case you fail to connect to your router’s admin IP (using the IP), here are a few possible fixes.

Here's How to Find Your Router’s IP Address

In case you keep failing to connect to your router using the IP, it's time to check if your router is set to use a different address. That can be done on just about a Web-connected device.

In terms of desktop platforms, here's our guide to finding a router IP on Windows and on Mac (macOS) computers. However, you rely on your handheld device as well. Check our guide for iOS devices and Android.

Dear readers, this is where we conclude our article on the IP address. In case you have any questions, make sure to post your comment below. And lastly, thanks for reading!

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